68 - Trowbridge - Melksham - Corsham

A bus service operated by Faresaver


Corsham - Melksham - Trowbridge

Corsham Newlands Road (N-bound) 16:30
Corsham Newlands Road Co-Op (SW-bound) 16:30
Corsham Primary School (o/s) 16:31
Corsham Dicketts Road (SE-bound) 16:32
Corsham Claremont House (S-bound) 16:33
Gastard Harp and Crown (SE-bound) 16:35
Gastard Village Hall (S-bound) 16:35
Whitley Top Lane (S-bound) 16:39
Whitley First Lane (S-bound) 16:39
Whitley Pear Tree (W-bound) 16:39s
Whitley Cloverleaf Nursery School (W-bound) 16:40s
Purlpit Village Pump (W-bound) 16:40s
Atworth Mount Pleasant (SW-bound) 16:40s
Atworth Court (W-bound) 16:40s
Atworth Post Office Lane (W-bound) 16:41s
Atworth Clock Tower (W-bound) 16:41s
Atworth Post Office Lane (E-bound) 16:41s
Atworth Court (E-bound) 16:42s
Atworth, opp Shell Court 16:42s
Atworth Lowden Garden Centre (E-bound) 16:42s
Whitley Belthane Place (SE-bound) 16:43s
Shaw Lodge (NE-bound) 16:43s
Shaw Church Farm For Church (SE-bound) 16:44
Melksham George Ward Gardens (S-bound) 16:45
Melksham Roundpond (E-bound) 16:46
Melksham, opp Baptist Church 16:48
Melksham, opp The Bear 16:49
Melksham Market Place (S-bound) 16:50
Melksham, nr The Bear 16:50
Melksham Avonside Enterprise Park (W-bound) 16:51
Broughton Gifford Lodge House (SW-bound) 16:53
Broughton Gifford Southfield Nurseries (W-bound) 16:54
Broughton Gifford Norrington Gate Farm (NW-bound) 16:55
Broughton Gifford Bell on the Common (W-bound) 16:56
Broughton Gifford The Fox (S-bound) 16:58
Broughton Gifford St Mary's Church (SW-bound) 16:58
Broughton Gifford Lower Farm (SW-bound) 16:59
Holt Gipsy Lane (SW-bound) 17:00
Holt Post Office (SW-bound) 17:01
Holt, o/s Three Lion Mews 17:02
Holt Toll Gate (W-bound) 17:03
Staverton, opp Old Bear Inn 17:07
Staverton Cottles Barton (SW-bound) 17:08
Staverton Marina Drive (SW-bound) 17:09
Hilperton Thestfield Drive (S-bound) 17:09
Hilperton, o/s Marina Roundabout 17:11
Trowbridge Canal Road Ind Est (S-bound) 17:12
Trowbridge Seymour Road (S-bound) 17:12
Trowbridge Community Hospital (SW-bound) 17:13
Trowbridge Town Hall (Stop B) 17:18

Trowbridge - Melksham - Corsham

Trowbridge Town Hall (Stop B) 17:25
Trowbridge Fore Street (W-bound) 17:26
Trowbridge, opp Community Hospital 17:29
Trowbridge Seymour Road (N-bound) 17:30
Trowbridge Canal Road Ind Est (N-bound) 17:31
Hilperton, opp Canal Bridge 17:33
Hilperton Thestfield Drive (N-bound) 17:33
Staverton Marina Drive (NE-bound) 17:34
Staverton Cottles Barton (NE-bound) 17:34
Staverton, o/s Old Bear Inn 17:35
Holt Toll Gate (E-bound) 17:38
Holt, opp Three Lion Mews 17:40
Holt Station Road (NE-bound) 17:40s
Holt Post Office (NE-bound) 17:41
Holt Gipsy Lane (NE-bound) 17:42
Broughton Gifford Lower Farm (NE-bound) 17:43
Broughton Gifford St Mary's Church (N-bound) 17:44
Broughton Gifford The Fox (N-bound) 17:45
Broughton Gifford Bell on the Common (E-bound) 17:46
Broughton Gifford Norrington Gate Farm (SE-bound) 17:48
Broughton Gifford Southfield Nurseries (E-bound) 17:49
Broughton Gifford Lodge House (NE-bound) 17:50
Melksham, opp Baptist Church 17:53
Melksham, opp The Bear 17:54
Melksham Market Place (S-bound) 17:55
Melksham, nr The Bear 17:56
Melksham Avonside Enterprise Park (W-bound) 17:56
Melksham Roundpond (W-bound) 17:58s
Shaw Church Farm (NW-bound) 18:01
Shaw Lodge (SW-bound) 18:01
Whitley, opp Belthane Place 18:01
Atworth, o/s Lowden Garden Centre 18:01s
Atworth, nr Shell Court 18:01s
Atworth Post Office Lane (W-bound) 18:01s
Atworth Clock Tower (W-bound) 18:01s
Atworth Post Office Lane (E-bound) 18:02s
Atworth Court (E-bound) 18:02s
Atworth Mount Pleasant (E-bound) 18:02s
Purlpit Village Pump (E-bound) 18:02s
Whitley Cloverleaf Nursery School (E-bound) 18:02
Whitley Pear Tree (E-bound) 18:02
Whitley First Lane (N-bound) 18:02
Whitley Top Lane (N-bound) 18:03
Gastard Village Hall (N-bound) 18:05
Gastard Harp and Crown (NW-bound) 18:06
Corsham Claremont House (N-bound) 18:07
Corsham Dicketts Road (NW-bound) 18:08
Corsham Primary School (opp) 18:09
Corsham, opp Mansion House 18:10
Corsham Newlands Road (N-bound) 18:11

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Faresaver Buses/Bus Open Data Service, 9 April 2021

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