683 - Keynsham - Chew Magna - Blagdon - Wells

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Keynsham - Chew Magna - Blagdon - Wells

Keynsham Cadbury Road (E-bound) 09:05
Keynsham Mells Close (NE-bound) 09:05
Keynsham Martock Road (N-bound) 09:06
Keynsham Hurn Lane - East (N-bound) 09:07
Keynsham Minsmere Road (NE-bound) 09:09
Keynsham Cherwell Road (W-bound) 09:10
Keynsham Lambourn Road (N-bound) 09:11
Keynsham Chandag Road (N-bound) 09:12
Keynsham Wellsway (NW-bound) 09:14
Keynsham Memorial Park (NW-bound) 09:15
Keynsham Ship Inn (S-bound) 09:16
Keynsham Albert Road (W-bound) 09:16
Keynsham Stirling Way (S-bound) 09:17
Keynsham Lulworth Road (W-bound) 09:18
Keynsham Farleigh Road (W-bound) 09:19
Keynsham Newlands Road (S-bound) 09:20
Keynsham Holly Walk (W-bound) 09:20
Keynsham Cherry Tree Close (W-bound) 09:21
Keynsham Bilbie Green (S-bound) 09:22
Queen Charlton Poplars Cottage (NE-bound) 09:26
Belluton Lane (SW-bound) 09:31
Lower Belluton Farm (SW-bound) 09:32
Stanton Drew Round House (W-bound) 09:34
Chew Magna Norton Lane (W-bound) 09:36
Chew Magna Post Office (W-bound) 09:38
Chew Magna Sacred Heart (W-bound) 09:38
Chew Magna Highfield House (SW-bound) 09:39
Chew Magna Chew Valley School (SW-bound) 09:40
Chew Stoke Chew Medical Practice (W-bound) 09:42
Chew Stoke Stoke Inn (SW-bound) 09:42
Compton Martin Post Office (W-bound) 09:50
Compton Martin Mendip Villas (NW-bound) 09:51
Ubley Church (NW-bound) 09:55
Blagdon Dipland Grove (W-bound) 09:59
Blagdon Church Street (NW-bound) 10:00
Blagdon Seymour Arms (NW-bound) 10:00
Charterhouse Paywell Farm (SE-bound) 10:04
Priddy, opp Castle of Comfort Inn 10:12
Priddy, opp Harptree Lodge Kennels 10:14
Priddy Mendip Heights Caravan Park (E-bound) 10:18
Priddy The New Inn (SE-bound) 10:20
Priddy The Beeches (E-bound) 10:22
Priddy Hunters Lodge (E-bound) 10:22
Green Ore Hillgrove Farm (E-bound) 10:25
Pen Hill Barrow Cottage (S-bound) 10:27
Walcombe Bristol Hill (SW-bound) 10:28
Walcombe Beryl Farm (W-bound) 10:30
Wells, opp College Road 10:31
Wells, opp New Street 10:31
Wells HSBC Bank (S-bound) 10:32
Wells Bus Station (Bay 1) 10:33

Wells - Blagdon - Chew Magna - Keynsham

Wells Bus Station (Bay 1) 13:10
Wells Chamberlain Street (NE-bound) 13:10
Wells College Road (NE-bound) 13:11
Walcombe Beryl Farm (E-bound) 13:12
Walcombe Bristol Road (NE-bound) 13:14
Pen Hill (N-bound) 13:15
Green Ore Hillgrove Farm (W-bound) 13:17
Priddy Hunters Lodge (W-bound) 13:20
Priddy The Beeches (W-bound) 13:20
Priddy The New Inn (NW-bound) 13:23
Priddy Mendip Heights Caravan Park (W-bound) 13:24
Priddy Harptree Lodge Kennels (E-bound) 13:28
Priddy, adj Castle of Comfort Inn 13:31
Charterhouse Paywell Farm (NW-bound) 13:39
Blagdon Seymour Arms (E-bound) 13:44
Blagdon Church Street (SE-bound) 13:45
Blagdon Dipland Grove (E-bound) 13:45
Ubley Church (SE-bound) 13:50
Compton Martin Mendip Villas (SE-bound) 13:53
Compton Martin Post Office (E-bound) 13:55
Chew Stoke Stoke Inn (NE-bound) 14:02
Chew Stoke Chew Medical Practice (E-bound) 14:03
Chew Magna Chew Valley School (NE-bound) 14:04
Chew Magna Sacred Heart (E-bound) 14:06
Chew Magna Post Office (E-bound) 14:07
Chew Magna Norton Lane (E-bound) 14:07
Stanton Drew Round House (E-bound) 14:11
Belluton Lane (N-bound) 14:13
Publow Gibbet Lane (N-bound) 14:14
Queen Charlton Tyning House (NW-bound) 14:15
Queen Charlton Poplars Cottage (NE-bound) 14:19
Keynsham Bilbie Green (N-bound) 14:22
Keynsham Cherry Tree Close (W-bound) 14:24
Keynsham Holly Walk (W-bound) 14:24
Keynsham Newlands Road (S-bound) 14:24
Keynsham Farleigh Road (W-bound) 14:25
Keynsham Lulworth Road (W-bound) 14:26
Keynsham Stirling Way (S-bound) 14:27
Keynsham Albert Road (W-bound) 14:28
Keynsham Ship Inn (S-bound) 14:28
Keynsham Memorial Park (SE-bound) 14:30
Keynsham The Talbot (E-bound) 14:31
Keynsham Chandag Road (S-bound) 14:31
Keynsham Wellsway School (S-bound) 14:33
Keynsham Lambourn Road (S-bound) 14:33
Keynsham Cherwell Road (E-bound) 14:34
Keynsham Minsmere Road (SW-bound) 14:35
Keynsham Hurn Lane - East (S-bound) 14:37
Keynsham Rhode Close (S-bound) 14:38
Keynsham Mells Close (SW-bound) 14:39
Keynsham Cadbury Road (W-bound) 14:40

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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