69n - Dublin City South, Westmoreland Street - Saggart, Citywest Golf Club

A bus service operated by Nitelink, Dublin Bus

Dublin City Aston Quay 00:0002:0004:00
Temple Bar Wellington Quay 00:03s02:03s04:03s
Dublin City South Merchant's Quay 00:06s02:06s04:06s
Liberties Thomas Street 00:0802:0804:08
Liberties Bridgefoot Street 00:1002:1004:10
James's Gate Steeven's Lane 00:11s02:11s04:11s
Kilmainham St James Hospital 00:1202:1204:12
Kilmainham Mount Brown 00:13s02:13s04:13s
Old Kilmainham 00:14s02:14s04:14s
Inchicore Library 00:15s02:15s04:15s
Kilmainham Camac Close 00:16s02:16s04:16s
Inchicore Tyrconnell Road 00:1602:1604:16
Inchicore Tyrconnell Park 00:17s02:17s04:17s
Inchicore Oblates Church 00:18s02:18s04:18s
Bluebell Blackhorse Luas 00:19s02:19s04:19s
Bluebell Lansdowne Valley 00:20s02:20s04:20s
Bluebell Luas 00:20s02:20s04:20s
Bluebell Muirfield Drive 00:21s02:21s04:21s
Bluebell Carriglea Industrial Estate 00:21s02:21s04:21s
Greenhills Long Mile Road 00:24s02:24s04:24s
Fox & Geese Club Road 00:25s02:25s04:25s
Fox & Geese Red Cow Hotel 00:2702:2704:27
Tallaght Red Cow Luas 00:29s02:29s04:29s
Clondalkin Woodford Hill 00:30s02:30s04:30s
Clondalkin Woodford Drive 00:31s02:31s04:31s
Clondalkin Woodford Walk 00:31s02:31s04:31s
Clondalkin Yellow Meadows Dr 00:32s02:32s04:32s
Clondalkin Watery Lane 00:33s02:33s04:33s
Clondalkin Town C 00:3502:3504:35
Clondalkin Convent Road 00:35s02:35s04:35s
Clondalkin Church 00:36s02:36s04:36s
Clondalkin St Joseph's NS 00:36s02:36s04:36s
Clondalkin Fonthill Road 00:36s02:36s04:36s
Clondalkin St John's Estate 00:37s02:37s04:37s
Clondalkin Cherrywood Avenue 00:38s02:38s04:38s
Nangor Alpine Heights 00:3902:3904:39
Nangor Lealand Drive 00:3902:3904:39
Nangor Mill Court Avenue 00:4002:4004:40
Nangor Westbourne 00:4002:4004:40
Nangor Rath Gael Estate 00:41s02:41s04:41s
Nangor Castlegrange 00:41s02:41s04:41s
Clondalkin Grange Castle GC 00:42s02:42s04:42s
Clondalkin Kilcarberry 00:44s02:44s04:44s
Clondalkin Ballybane Green 00:44s02:44s04:44s
Newcastle Clutterland 00:46s02:46s04:46s
Newcastle Peamount Road 00:46s02:46s04:46s
Newcastle The Lodge 00:47s02:47s04:47s
Newcastle Golf C 00:48s02:48s04:48s
Newcastle Peamount Hospital 00:49s02:49s04:49s
Newcastle Peamount 00:50s02:50s04:50s
Newcastle The Beeches 00:51s02:51s04:51s
Newcastle Westmanstown 00:52s02:52s04:52s
Newcastle Cornerpark 00:53s02:53s04:53s
Newcastle Glebe Close 00:54s02:54s04:54s
Newcastle 00:54s02:54s04:54s
Newcastle Orchard Grove 00:55s02:55s04:55s
Newcastle Alymer Road 00:55s02:55s04:55s
Newcastle Manor 00:56s02:56s04:56s
Newcastle Ballynakelly 00:56s02:56s04:56s
Newcastle Road 00:58s02:58s04:58s
Rathcoole Maple Grove 01:01s03:01s05:01s
Rathcoole SC 01:02s03:02s05:02s
Rathcoole Barrack Court 01:02s03:02s05:02s
Rathcoole Village 01:0303:0305:03
Rathcoole School Road 01:03s03:03s05:03s
Rathcoole Holy Family Community School 01:0503:0505:05
Rathcoole School Road 01:0603:0605:06
Rathcoole Holy Family NS 01:0703:0705:07
Rathcoole Hillview 01:0803:0805:08
Rathcoole Village 01:0903:0905:09
Rathcoole Scoil Chronain 01:1003:1005:10
Rathcoole SC 01:1103:1105:11
Rathcoole Maple Grove 01:1203:1205:12
Rathcoole Fitzmaurice Road 01:1303:1305:13
Rathcoole Spring Bank 01:14s03:14s05:14s
Saggart Mill Road 01:15s03:15s05:15s
Saggart Millrace Estate 01:1603:1605:16
Saggart 01:1703:1705:17

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 4 December 2023

Nitelink, Dublin Bus