703 - Wright Robinson College - Monsall

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Monday to Friday, Manchester school days

Wright Robinson College to Monsall

Abbey Hey, at Wright Robinson Sports College 15:25
Abbey Hey Lane (N-bound) 15:27
Higher Openshaw, adj Ashton Old Road 15:30
Higher Openshaw Ashton Old Road (Stop D) 15:31
Openshaw Lidl (Stop F) 15:32
Openshaw, nr Lees Street 15:32
Openshaw, opp Louisa Street 15:32
Openshaw, opp Victoria Street 15:33
Openshaw, opp Greenside Street 15:34
Openshaw, nr Parkhouse Street 15:35
Openshaw, opp Meech Street 15:35
Openshaw, opp Tarland Walk 15:36
Openshaw, opp Greenside Street 15:36
Clayton Hall Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 15:38
Clayton, by Canberra Street 15:39
Clayton, nr Schofield Street 15:39
Clayton, opp Aldi 15:40
Droylsden Edge Lane Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:41
Sunny Bank Park, opp Derwent Street 15:42
Sunny Bank Park, opp Palm Street 15:42
Clayton, nr Edge Lane 15:44
Clayton, opp Folkestone Road 15:44
Clayton, opp Vale Street 15:45
Clayton Library (opp) 15:46
Clayton, nr Tartan Street 15:47
Clayton, at Ravensbury School 15:48
Clayton, o/s Ravensbury School 15:48
Clayton, o/s City Football Academy 15:49
Sportcity Velopark Metrolink Stop (Stop G) 15:50
Sportcity Ashton New Road (Stop C) 15:50
Sportcity, opp Etihad Stadium 15:51
Beswick, nr Darley Street 15:52
Beswick, opp Hillkirk Street 15:52
Holt Town Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 15:53
New Islington, nr Piercy Street 15:54
Holt Town, nr Butler Street 15:55
Holt Town, opp Cambrian Street 15:57
Holt Town, nr Varley Street 15:58
Holt Town, nr Saxon Street 15:59
Holt Town, nr Hulme Hall Lane 16:00
Miles Platting, nr Bradford Road 16:00
Miles Platting, nr Vickers Street 16:02
Miles Platting Oldham Road (Stop D) 16:02
Miles Platting Oldham Road (Stop A) 16:03
Collyhurst, opp Sedgeford Road 16:05
Monsall Street (Stop E) 16:06

Monsall to Wright Robinson College

Monsall Street (Stop F) 07:23
Collyhurst, nr Sedgeford Road 07:23
Miles Platting Oldham Road (Stop C) 07:24
Miles Platting, opp Vickers Street 07:24
Miles Platting, nr Lord North Street 07:25
Holt Town, adj Hulme Hall Lane 07:26
Holt Town, opp Saxon Street 07:27
Holt Town, o/s Bradford Inn 07:28
Holt Town, nr Cambrian Street 07:29
Holt Town, opp Butler Street 07:29
New Islington, nr Pollard Street 07:31
Holt Town Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:33
Beswick, opp Councillor Street 07:34
Sportcity, o/s Etihad Stadium 07:34
Sportcity Grey Mare Lane (Stop A) 07:35
Sportcity Velopark Metrolink Stop (Stop E) 07:36
Clayton, opp City Football Academy 07:37
Clayton, adj Tartan Street 07:38
Clayton, nr Pioneer Street 07:40
Clayton, opp Tartan Street 07:40
Clayton Library (o/s) 07:41
Clayton, nr Vale Street 07:43
Clayton, nr Folkestone Road 07:44
Clayton, adj Edge Lane 07:45
Sunny Bank Park, nr Palm Street 07:46
Sunny Bank Park, nr Derwent Street 07:47
Clayton Manchester Road (Stop B) 07:48
Clayton, o/s Aldi 07:49
Clayton, opp Schofield Street 07:50
Clayton Hall Metrolink Stop (o/s) 07:51
Clayton Hall Metrolink Stop (Stop C) 07:53
Openshaw, o/s Elrick Walk 07:54
Openshaw, nr Bob Massey Close 07:54
Openshaw, nr Meech Street 07:55
Openshaw, nr Ashton Old Road 07:56
Openshaw, nr Westlake Street 07:57
Openshaw, nr Victoria Street 07:57
Openshaw, opp Lees Street 07:59
Higher Openshaw Morrisons (Stop E) 08:00
Higher Openshaw Ashton Old Road (Stop C) 08:01
Higher Openshaw, nr Ashton Old Road 08:02
Abbey Hey Lane (S-bound) 08:06
Abbey Hey, at Wright Robinson Sports College 08:10

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/GONW/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 22 November 2022

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