704 - Wright Robinson College - Harpurhey

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Monday to Friday, Manchester school days

Wright Robinson College to Harpurhey

Abbey Hey, at Wright Robinson Sports College 15:25
Abbey Hey Lane (N-bound) 15:26
Higher Openshaw, adj Ashton Old Road 15:29
Higher Openshaw Fairfield Road (Stop D) 15:29
Higher Openshaw Ashton Old Road (Stop A) 15:30
Fairfield, opp Gransmoor Road 15:31
Fairfield, opp Peel Street 15:32
Fairfield Court (opp) 15:32
Fairfield, opp Gorseyfields 15:33
Droylsden, nr Manchester Road 15:34
Droylsden Manchester Road (Stop A) 15:35
Droylsden, o/s Football Ground 15:35
Droylsden, nr Medlock Street 15:36
Droylsden, opp Thornhill Road 15:37
Droylsden, opp Strawberry Gardens 15:38
Littlemoss Road (nr) 15:39
Littlemoss Terminus (at) 15:41
Littlemoss, opp Moorside Street 15:41
Droylsden, o/s Strawberry Gardens 15:42
Droylsden, nr Oldham Street 15:43
Droylsden, nr Market Street 15:43
Droylsden, o/s St Stephen's 15:44
Droylsden, nr Springfield Road 15:45
Droylsden, nr Surrey Avenue 15:46
Greenside Lane (adj) 15:47
Greenside, nr Springfield Road 15:47
Droylsden, adj Fiveways 15:49
Droylsden, opp Community Centre 15:50
Droylsden, opp Lewis Road 15:51
Droylsden, nr Buxton Lane 15:51
Droylsden Edge Lane Metrolink Stop (Stop F) 15:52
Droylsden Edge Lane Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:53
Sunny Bank Park, opp Derwent Street 15:54
Sunny Bank Park, opp Palm Street 15:55
Sunny Bank Park, nr North Road 15:57
Droylsden, opp Chatsworth Road 15:58
Sunny Bank Park, o/s Clayton Vale 15:59
Clayton Bridge Assheton Road (NW-bound) 16:01
Newton Heath, opp Daisy Bank 16:04
Newton Heath, opp All Saints School 16:05
Newton Heath Shops (nr) 16:06
Newton Heath Terminus (Stop F) 16:07
Newton Heath & Moston Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 16:07
Moston, opp Williams Road 16:09
Moston, nr Kenyon Lane 16:11
Moston, opp Deanway 16:13
Moston, nr Lily Lane 16:13
Moston, o/s Ben Brierley 16:15
Moston, opp Post Office 16:16
Moston, opp Edward Street 16:17
Harpurhey, nr Hillier Street North 16:18
Harpurhey Asda (Stop C) 16:20

Harpurhey to Wright Robinson College

Harpurhey Rochdale Road (Stop B) 07:07
Harpurhey, opp Hillier Street North 07:08
Moston, opp Mowers Arms 07:09
Moston, o/s Post Office 07:10
Moston, opp Ebsworth Street 07:11
Moston, opp Lily Lane 07:12
Moston, opp Lightbowne Church 07:13
Moston, nr St Georges Drive 07:13
Moston, opp Leyton Avenue 07:14
Moston, o/s Dean Brook Inn 07:15
Moston, nr Williams Road 07:16
Newton Heath & Moston Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:17
Newton Heath Oldham Road (Stop E) 07:18
Newton Heath Shops (o/s) 07:19
Newton Heath, o/s Church Avenue 07:20
Newton Heath, o/s Culcheth Gates 07:21
Clayton Bridge Assheton Road (SE-bound) 07:23
Clayton Bridge, o/s The Bay Horse 07:26
Droylsden, nr Chatsworth Road 07:28
Sunny Bank Park, nr Holly Street 07:28
Sunny Bank Park, nr Palm Street 07:30
Sunny Bank Park, nr Derwent Street 07:32
Droylsden Edge Lane Metrolink Stop (Stop D) 07:36
Droylsden, opp Sunnybank Road 07:37
Droylsden, o/s Community Centre 07:38
Droylsden Cemetery (o/s) 07:38
Droylsden, opp Fiveways 07:39
Greenside, opp Springfield Road 07:40
Greenside, o/s St Martin's Church 07:41
Droylsden, nr Greenside Lane 07:42
Droylsden, opp Surrey Avenue 07:42
Droylsden, opp Springfield Road 07:43
Droylsden, opp St Stephen's 07:45
Droylsden, nr Medlock Street 07:46
Droylsden, opp Thornhill Road 07:47
Droylsden, opp Strawberry Gardens 07:47
Littlemoss Road (nr) 07:48
Littlemoss Terminus (at) 07:50
Littlemoss, opp Moorside Street 07:51
Droylsden, o/s Strawberry Gardens 07:53
Droylsden, nr Oldham Street 07:54
Droylsden, opp Football Ground 07:56
Droylsden Market Street (Stop D) 07:58
Fairfield, nr Gorseyfields 07:58
Fairfield Court (o/s) 08:00
Fairfield, nr Peel Street 08:01
Fairfield, nr Gransmoor Road 08:01
Higher Openshaw Ashton Old Road (Stop B) 08:03
Higher Openshaw Fairfield Road (Stop C) 08:03
Higher Openshaw, nr Ashton Old Road 08:04
Abbey Hey Lane (S-bound) 08:07
Abbey Hey, at Wright Robinson Sports College 08:10

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