71 - Gloucester - Tewkesbury

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester


Gloucester - Tewkesbury

Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay K) 07:1508:45then hourly until15:4517:1018:30
Kingsholm, opp St Mark's Church 07:1608:4615:4617:1118:31
Kingsholm, by Rugby Ground 07:1608:4615:4617:1118:31
Kingsholm, after Denmark Road 07:1708:4715:4717:1218:32
Longford, opp Gambier Parry Gardens 07:1808:4815:4817:1318:33
Kingsholm, opp Fairmile Gardens 07:1908:4915:4917:1418:34
Longford, after Fircroft Road 07:2008:5015:5017:1518:35
Longford, after Lewis Avenue 07:2008:5015:5017:1518:35
Twigworth, o/s Primary School 07:2208:5215:5217:1718:37
Twigworth, before Lodge Hotel 07:2308:5315:5317:1818:38
Twigworth, before Orchard Mobile Homes 07:2508:5515:5517:2018:40
Twigworth, before Down Hatherley Lane 07:2508:5515:5517:2018:40
Norton, nr Garage 07:2608:5615:5617:2118:41
Norton, by Caravan Park 07:2708:5715:5717:2218:42
Norton, after Village Hall 07:2808:5815:5817:2318:43
Norton, opp King's Head 07:2808:5815:5817:2318:43
Prior’s Norton, nr Church Farm Turn 07:2808:5815:5817:2318:43
Prior’s Norton, nr Marl House Turn 07:2908:5915:5917:2418:44
Prior’s Norton, after Fieldview Caravan Park 07:3009:0016:0017:2518:45
The Leigh Church Lane (corner of) 07:3109:0116:0117:2618:46
The Leigh, by Blacksmith Lane 07:3109:0116:0117:2618:46
The Leigh Pancake Lane (corner of) 07:3209:0216:0217:2718:47
Coombe Hill, by St Stephen's Mission Church 07:3309:0316:0317:2818:48
Coombe Hill, after Swan Inn 07:3409:0416:0417:2918:49
Deerhurst Walton, opp Walton Hill Farm 07:3509:0516:0517:3018:50
Deerhurst Walton, opp Highfield Trading Estate 07:3609:0616:0617:3118:51
Tredington, opp Odessa Inn 07:3709:0716:0717:3218:52
Tewkesbury, nr Equinox 07:3809:0816:0817:3318:53
Tewkesbury, by Vine Way Path 07:3909:0916:0917:3418:54
Walton Cardiff, on Jubilee Way 07:4009:1016:1017:3518:55
Walton Cardiff, nr Monterey Road Roundabout 07:4109:1116:1117:3618:56
Tewkesbury, nr River Swilgate 07:4209:1216:1217:3718:57
Tewkesbury, o/s The Wheatpieces 07:4409:1416:1417:3918:59
Walton Cardiff, opp Wigeon Lane 07:4509:1516:1517:4019:00
Mitton, after Morrisons 07:4709:1716:1717:4219:02
Tewkesbury Hospital (corner of) 07:4909:1916:1917:4419:04
Tewkesbury, opp Stokes Court 07:4909:1916:1917:4419:04
Tewkesbury, o/s Boots 07:5109:2116:2117:4619:06

Tewkesbury - Gloucester

Tewkesbury, o/s Boots 07:5509:25then hourly until16:2517:5019:10
Tewkesbury, after The Cross 07:5609:2616:2617:5119:11
Tewkesbury, before Hospital 07:5609:2616:2617:5119:11
Mitton, o/s Morrisons 07:5809:2816:2817:5219:12
Walton Cardiff, by Wigeon Lane 08:0009:3016:3017:5419:14
Tewkesbury, o/s The Wheatpieces 08:0209:3216:3217:5619:16
Tewkesbury, opp River Swilgate 08:0209:3216:3217:5619:16
Walton Cardiff, nr Monterey Road Roundabout 08:0509:3516:3517:5919:19
Tewkesbury, opp Mowbray Avenue Path 08:0609:3616:3618:0019:20
Tewkesbury, opp Equinox 08:0609:3616:3618:0019:20
Tredington, after Odessa Inn 08:0809:3816:3818:0119:21
Deerhurst Walton, by Highfield Trading Estate 08:0909:3916:3918:0219:22
Deerhurst Walton, after Cursey Lane 08:1009:4016:4018:0319:23
Coombe Hill, before Swan Inn 08:1109:4116:4118:0419:24
Coombe Hill, o/s Evington Villa 08:1209:4216:4218:0519:25
Coombe Hill, opp St Stephen's Mission Church 08:1209:4216:4218:0519:25
The Leigh, opp Pancake Lane 08:1309:4316:4318:0519:25
The Leigh, opp Blacksmith Lane 08:1409:4416:4418:0619:26
The Leigh, opp Church Lane 08:1409:4416:4418:0719:27
Prior’s Norton, opp Fieldview Caravan Park 08:1509:4516:4518:0719:27
Prior’s Norton, opp Marl House Turn 08:1609:4616:4618:0819:28
Prior’s Norton, by Church Farm Turn 08:1609:4616:4618:0919:29
Norton, by King's Head 08:1709:4716:4718:0919:29
Norton, opp Village Hall 08:1809:4816:4818:1019:30
Norton, nr Caravan Park 08:1809:4816:4818:1019:30
Norton, after Garage 08:1909:4916:4918:1119:31
Twigworth Down Hatherley Lane (corner of) 08:2009:5016:5018:1219:32
Twigworth Orchard Mobile Homes (corner of) 08:2109:5116:5118:1319:33
Twigworth, after Lodge Hotel 08:2209:5216:5218:1419:34
Twigworth, opp Primary School 08:2309:5316:5318:1519:35
Longford Lane (corner of) 08:2509:5516:5518:1619:36
Longford, before Fircroft Road 08:2509:5516:5518:1719:37
Kingsholm Fairmile Gardens (corner of) 08:2709:5716:5718:1819:38
Longford, after Gambier Parry Gardens 08:2709:5716:5718:1819:38
Kingsholm, before Denmark Road 08:2909:5916:5918:1919:39
Kingsholm, opp Rugby Ground 08:2909:5916:5918:1919:39
Kingsholm, nr St Mark's Church 08:3010:0017:0018:2019:40
Gloucester, nr Estate Agents 08:3010:0017:0018:2119:41
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 08:3210:0217:0218:2219:42

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 27 October 2020

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