71 - The Heart - Folkestone Bus Station - Cheriton

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Cheriton - Folkestone Bus Station

Cheriton Post Office (opp) 06:38then every 20 minutes until18:3818:5819:19then every 30 minutes until23:19
Cheriton, opp Taylor Road 06:3818:3818:5819:1923:19
Cheriton, adj Royal Military Avenue 06:3918:3918:5919:2023:20
Cheriton, opp Bowden Crescent 06:4018:4019:0019:2023:20
Cheriton, adj Broadview 06:4118:4119:0119:2123:21
Cheriton, opp Roman Way 06:4218:4219:0219:2223:22
Cheriton, adj Tesco 06:4318:4319:0319:2323:23
Cheriton, adj Hawkins Road 06:4518:4519:0419:2423:24
Cheriton, adj Weymouth Road 06:4518:4519:0419:2423:24
Cheriton, adj Richmond Street 06:4518:4519:0519:2523:25
Cheriton, adj Langdon Road 06:4618:4619:0519:2523:25
Cheriton, adj Woodfield Close 06:4618:4619:0519:2523:25
Cheriton, opp Stanley Road 06:4718:4719:0619:2623:26
Cheriton, adj Stoddart Road 06:4918:4919:0719:2723:27
Cheriton Post Office (adj) 05:5106:5118:5119:0919:2923:29
Cheriton, adj Ilex Road 05:5106:5118:5119:0919:2923:29
Cheriton, opp St George's Road 05:5206:5218:5219:1019:3023:30
Folkestone, o/s Harvey Grammar School 05:5306:5418:5419:1119:3123:31
Folkestone, adj Morrisons 05:5406:5518:5519:1219:3223:32
Folkestone, adj Julian Road 05:5506:5718:5719:1419:3423:34
Folkestone Central Railway Station (Stop A) 05:5606:5918:5919:1519:3523:35
Folkestone, adj Connaught Road 05:5707:0019:0019:1619:3623:36
Folkestone, at Bus Station Arrivals 05:5907:0219:0219:1819:3823:38

Folkestone Bus Station - Cheriton

Folkestone Bus Station (Bay A1) 06:29then every 20 minutes until18:4919:12then every 30 minutes until23:12
Folkestone Central Railway Station (Stop B) 06:3118:5119:1423:14
Folkestone, opp Julian Road 06:3218:5219:1523:15
Folkestone, opp Morrisons 06:3318:5319:1523:15
Folkestone, adj Cemetery 06:3418:5419:1623:16
Folkestone, adj Limes Road 06:3518:5519:1723:17
Cheriton, adj St George's Road 06:3618:5619:1723:17
Cheriton, opp Ilex Road 06:3718:5719:1823:18
Cheriton Post Office (opp) 06:3818:5819:1923:19

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 22 October 2020

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