710 - Coach Park - WHSmith

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Coledale Car Park - Coach Park

Kelso, adj Coledale Car Park 08:55
Kelso, o/s Shedden Park 08:55
Kelso, at Tweedsyde Cemetery 08:56
Kelso, at Waldie Griffiths Drive 08:56
Birgham, at Highridgehall Rd Jct 09:02
Birgham, at West End Shelter 09:06
Birgham, at Fisherman's Arms 09:06
Birgham, at Appleacre 09:07
Coldstream, opp Fireburnmill Rd End 09:11
Coldstream, o/s Health Centre 09:14
Coldstream, at Lees Farm 09:14
Coldstream, adj Court House Place 09:14
Coldstream, at Besom Inn 09:15
Cornhill-on-Tweed, adj Collingwood Arms 09:19
Barelees, adj Farm Cottages 09:22
Branxton Buildings (adj) 09:24
Branxton Village centre (W-bound) 09:24
Crookham Pallinsburn (S-bound) 09:29
Flodden, nr Sawmill 09:33
Milfield, nr Red Lion 09:34
Coupland road end (S-bound) 09:37
Akeld Cottages (opp) 09:39
Humbleton Buildings (opp) 09:42
Wooler Ryecroft Way (S-bound) 09:44
Wooler, o/s Post Office 09:44
Wooler Bus Station (Stand A) 09:44
Glendale School, opp Wooler Caravan Park 09:45
Haugh Head, nr Glendale Business Park 09:46
Lilburn Glebe Main road (S-bound) 09:50
Wooperton Village road end (S-bound) 09:51
Wooperton Sawmill (S-bound) 09:52
Brandon White House, opp Jubilee Hall 09:54
Powburn Hedgeley Station (S-bound) 09:54
Powburn Cawley View (E-bound) 09:55
Glanton, adj Dean House 09:58
Glanton The Causeway (W-bound) 10:00
Rothill Farm (S-bound) 10:03
Whittingham Cross (S-bound) 10:05
Whittingham Mount Hooley (E-bound) 10:06
Whittingham Bridge of Aln (E-bound) 10:07
Thrunton Brickworks (S-bound) 10:10
Edlingham New Moor House (S-bound) 10:13
Longframlington Front Street (S-bound) 10:20
Longhorsley Linden Hall (S-bound) 10:27
Longhorsley Green (S-bound) 10:30
Longhorsley Whitegates (S-bound) 10:30
Espley Hall, opp Herons Close 10:34
Espley Hall Road End (adj) 10:34
Heighley Gate, nr Garden Centre 10:35
Northgate Hospital A192-Fairmoor (ne) 10:37
Lancaster Park Main Road (S-bound) 10:38
Morpeth Pottery Bank (S-bound) 10:39
Morpeth Newgate Street (S-bound) 10:39
Morpeth Bus Station (Stand J) 10:40
Morpeth Castle Square (S-bound) 10:40
Morpeth Mafeking Roundabout (S-bound) 10:40
Morpeth, opp Sun Inn 10:41
Loansdean, o/s Morpeth Cottage Hospital 10:41
Loansdean, o/s The Kylins 10:42
Loansdean, opp The Fairway 10:42
Loansdean, o/s Catchburn Farm 10:42
Clifton, opp Garage 10:43
Clifton Farm (nr) 10:44
Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange (E) 10:59
Gosforth High Street - S Cross Street (S-bound) 11:00
Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle St Thomas Street (SE-bound) 11:05
Metrocentre Coach Park (W-bound) 11:25

Coach Park - WHSmith

Metrocentre Coach Park (W-bound) 15:35
Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle St Thomas Street (SE-bound) 16:00
Gosforth High Street - Ivy Road (N-bound) 16:05
Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange (C) 16:05
Clifton Farm (opp) 16:21
Clifton, nr Garage 16:21
Loansdean, opp Catchburn Farm 16:22
Loansdean, nr The Fairway 16:22
Loansdean, opp The Kylins 16:23
Morpeth, nr Sun Inn 16:23
Morpeth, nr Mafeking Roundabout 16:24
Morpeth Castle Square (N-bound) 16:24
Morpeth Bus Station (Stand J) 16:24
Morpeth Bullers Green (N-bound) 16:25
Morpeth Pottery Bank (N-bound) 16:25
Lancaster Park Main Road (N-bound) 16:26
Northgate Hospital A192-Fairmoor (sw) 16:27
Heighley Gate, opp Garden Centre 16:29
Espley Hall Road End (opp) 16:30
Espley Hall, nr Herons Close 16:30
Longhorsley Whitegates (N-bound) 16:34
Longhorsley Green (N-bound) 16:34
Longhorsley Linden Hall (N-bound) 16:37
Weldon Bridge Main Road (N-bound) 16:41
Longframlington Front Street (S-bound) 16:45
Edlingham New Moor House (N-bound) 16:51
Thrunton Brickworks (N-bound) 16:54
Whittingham Bridge of Aln (W-bound) 16:57
Whittingham Mount Hooley (W-bound) 16:58
Whittingham Cross (N-bound) 16:59
Rothill Farm (N-bound) 17:01
Glanton The Causeway (E-bound) 17:04
Glanton, opp Dean House 17:06
Powburn Cawley View (W-bound) 17:09
Powburn Hedgeley Station (N-bound) 17:10
Brandon White House, nr Jubilee Hall 17:10
Wooperton Sawmill (N-bound) 17:12
Wooperton Village road end (N-bound) 17:13
Lilburn Glebe Main road (N-bound) 17:14
Haugh Head, opp Glendale Business Park 17:18
Glendale School, nr Wooler Caravan Park 17:19
Wooler Bus Station (Stand A) 17:20
Wooler, opp Post Office 17:20
Wooler Ryecroft Way (N-bound) 17:20
Humbleton Buildings (adj) 17:22
Akeld Cottages (nr) 17:25
Coupland road end (N-bound) 17:27
Milfield, opp Red Lion 17:30
Flodden, opp Sawmill 17:31
Crookham Pallinsburn (N-bound) 17:35
Branxton Village centre (W-bound) 17:40
Branxton Buildings (opp) 17:40
Barelees, opp Farm Cottages 17:42
Cornhill-on-Tweed Roundabout (W-bound) 17:44
Cornhill-on-Tweed, opp Collingwood Arms 17:45
Coldstream, opp Besom Inn 17:50
Coldstream, o/s Co-op 17:50
Coldstream, opp Lees Farm 17:50
Coldstream, opp Health Centre 17:51
Coldstream, adj Fireburnmill Rd End 17:53
Birgham, opp Appleacre 17:58
Birgham, opp Fisherman's Arms 17:58
Birgham, opp West End Shelter 17:59
Birgham, opp Highridgehall Rd Jct 18:02
Kelso, opp Waldie Griffiths Drive 18:08
Kelso, opp Tweedsyde Cemetery 18:08
Kelso, opp WHSmith 18:10

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