710 - Woodhouse - Stradbroke (Outwood Academy City)

A bus service operated by TM Travel


Monday to Friday


Stradbroke Road/Stradbroke Drive (opp) 07:35
Woodhouse, nr Stradbroke Road/New Cross Walk 07:36
Stradbroke Road/Stradbroke Walk (at) 07:38
Stradbroke Road/Richmond Hill Road (adj) 07:39
Stradbroke Road/Richmond Road (at) 07:40
Richmond Road/Hastilar Road South (adj) 07:40
Hastilar Road South/Richmond Road (opp) 07:41
Woodthorpe, adj Hastilar Road South/Chadwick Road 07:41
Woodthorpe, at Harborough Avenue/Castlebeck Drive 07:41
Woodthorpe, adj Woodrove Avenue/Lewis Road 07:42
Intake, nr Kilvington Road/Woodhouse Road 07:44
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Newlands Drive 07:45
Manor Top, at City Road/Elm Tree 07:47
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Applegarth Drive 07:49
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Woodhouse Road 07:51
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Mansfield Drive 07:52
Intake, opp Mansfield Road/Cadman Road 07:54
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Hollybank Road 07:55
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Wadsworth Road 07:56
Frecheville, adj Birley Moor Road/Wardlow Road 07:59
Normanton Spring Road/Carlin Sreet (adj) 08:02
Normanton Spring Road/Dyke Vale Road (opp) 08:03
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Wolverley Road 08:05
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Swallow Wood Court 08:05
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Twitchill Drive 08:05
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Stradbroke Road 08:06
Woodhouse, adj Stradbroke Road/Sheffield Road 08:06
Woodhouse, adj Stradbroke Road/Bishop Hill 08:06
Woodhouse, adj Stradbroke Road/Bishop Gardens 08:06
Woodhouse, adj Stradbroke Road/Keyworth Place 08:07
Stradbroke Road/Stradbroke Drive (opp) 08:08
School Children Only - Covid


Stradbroke Road/Stradbroke Drive (adj) 14:40
Woodhouse, nr Stradbroke Road/New Cross Walk 14:41
Woodhouse, adj Stradbroke Road/Hardcastle Road 14:42
Woodhouse, adj Stradbroke Road/Mauncer Crescent 14:43
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Stradbroke Road 14:43
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Twitchill Drive 14:44
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Bishop Hill 14:44
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Ashpool Close 14:45
Normanton Spring Road/Normanton Grove (opp) 14:47
Normanton Spring Road/Linley Lane (adj) 14:48
Frecheville, adj Birley Moor Road/Birley Vale Avenue 14:52
Intake, opp Mansfield Road/Wadsworth Road 14:53
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Hollinsend Road 14:54
Intake, nr Mansfield Road/Stanhope Road 14:54
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Sharrard Road 14:55
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Newlands Drive 14:56
Manor Top, at City Road/Elm Tree 14:57
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Applegarth Drive 14:57
Intake, adj Woodhouse Road/Mansfield Road 14:58
Intake, adj Kilvington Road/Ulley Road 14:58
Woodthorpe, adj Woodrove Avenue/Mosborough Road 14:59
Woodthorpe, adj Woodrove Avenue/Kilvington Road 15:00
Woodthorpe, adj Woodrove Avenue/Woodrove Close 15:00
Woodthorpe, adj Castlebeck Avenue/Spinkhill Avenue 15:03
Woodthorpe, adj Spinkhill Avenue/Wainwright Crescent 15:04
Richmond Hall Road/Richmond Hall Way (opp) 15:05
Richmond, adj Ravenscroft Road/Ravenscroft Crescent 15:07
Richmond, opp Ravenscroft Road/Smelter Wood Road 15:07
Stradbroke, adj Smelter Wood Road/Smelter Wood Way 15:07
Stradbroke Drive/Smelter Wood Road (adj) 15:07
Stradbroke Drive/Smelterwood Crescent (adj) 15:08
Stradbroke Road/Richmond Hill Road (at) 15:08
Stradbroke Road/Stradbroke Drive (opp) 15:09
School Children Only - Covid

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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