719 - Hempstead - Lordswood - Walderslade - Bridgewood - London

A coach service operated by The Kings Ferry



Darland, opp Woodlands Road South end 05:10
Darland, opp Barnsole Road 05:11
Gillingham Jezreels (W-bound) 05:12
Gillingham, opp St Augustines Church 05:13
Chatham, opp Windmill Road 05:15
Luton, opp Bank Street 05:16
Luton, opp Castle Road 05:17
Luton, opp Albany Road 05:18
Luton Junior School (opp) 05:19
Luton, adj Hen and Chickens 05:20
Luton, opp Hopewell Drive 05:21
Luton, adj East Hill 05:22
Lordswood, adj Shawstead Road 05:23
Princes Park, opp Kingfisher Drive 05:24
Princes Park, adj Swift Crescent 05:25
Princes Park, opp Morrisons 05:26
Princes Park, opp Maundene School 05:27
Walderslade, opp Downland Walk 05:28
Walderslade, opp Peacock Rise 05:29
Walderslade, adj Kenwood Avenue 05:30
Walderslade Primary School (adj) 05:31
Walderslade, opp Kellaway Road 05:33
Lordswood Close (opp) 05:34
Lordswood, adj Badger Road 05:35
Walderslade, opp Wildfell Close 05:37
Walderslade, opp Forestdale Road 05:38
Walderslade, adj Alexandra Hospital 05:39
Walderslade, adj Galena Close 05:40
Walderslade, adj Spenlow Drive 05:41
Walderslade, opp Oaks Dene 05:42
Walderslade, adj Catkin Close 05:43
Walderslade Tunbury Avenue (NW-bound) 05:44
Blue Bell Hill Village, o/s Car Park 05:52
Gravesend, opp Tollgate 06:02
Bexley Black Prince (->W) 06:16
Poplar Cotton Street (Stop CO) 06:56
Canary Wharf Canada Square South (Stop J) 06:58
Whitechapel London Metropolitan University (Stop U) 07:11
City of London St Katharine Cree (Stop W) 07:20
City of London Bank Station / Cornhill (Stop E) 07:25
City of London Bank Station / Queen Victoria Street (Stop H) 07:27
City of London Millennium Bridge (Stop SF) 07:29
Temple Avenue (->W) 07:32
Temple (Stop O) 07:33
Westminster Pier (Stop K) 07:38


Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

The Kings Ferry