71A - Hereford - Credenhill

A bus service operated by Yeomans Travel


Credenhill - Hereford

Hereford - Credenhill

Hereford City Bus Station (NK) 10:00then hourly until14:0015:1516:35
Hereford, adj Victoria Court 10:0114:0115:1616:36
Hereford, adj Ryelands Street 10:0214:0215:1716:37
Hereford, adj White Horse Street 10:0314:0315:1816:38
Whitecross, adj Holmer Street 10:0414:0415:1916:39
Whitecross Memorial (NW-bound) 10:0614:0615:2116:41
Whitecross Wordsworth Road (opp 2) 10:0614:0615:2116:41
Green Lanes Traffic Island (NE-bound) 10:0714:0715:2216:42
Whitecross Wordsworth Road (o/s 6) 10:0814:0815:2316:43
King’s Acre, adj Fayre Oaks 10:0814:0815:2316:43
King’s Acre, opp Hillary Drive 10:0914:0915:2416:44
Hereford, opp Cotswold Drive 10:0914:0915:2416:44
King’s Acre, opp Huntington Lane 10:0914:0915:2416:44
King’s Acre, opp Bay Horse Inn 10:1014:1015:2516:45
King’s Acre, adj Conifer Walk 10:1114:1115:2616:46
King’s Acre, opp Wyevale Garden Centre 10:1214:1215:2716:47
King’s Acre, opp Wyevale Way 10:1214:1215:2716:47
Stretton Sugwas, opp Travellers Rest 10:1314:1315:2816:48
Credenhill, adj Camp 10:1514:1515:3016:50
Credenhill, adj Jellicoe Way 10:1614:1615:3116:51
Credenhill Tree (SW-bound) 10:1714:1715:3216:52
Credenhill, o/s St Mary's School 10:1714:1715:3216:52
Credenhill, opp Post Office 10:1814:1815:3316:53
Credenhill, adj Oak and Elm Road 10:1814:1815:3316:53
Credenhill, opp Trenchard Avenue 10:1914:1915:3416:54
Credenhill, adj Shops 10:1914:1915:3416:54
Credenhill, adj Waterside 10:2014:2015:3516:55

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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