722 - Blackbrook to Hope Academy

A bus service operated by Hattons Travel


Monday to Friday, not Sch holidays

Blackbrook, opp Sumner Street 07:53
Stanley Bank, opp West End Road 07:53
Blackbrook, adj Grosvenor Road 07:54
Blackbrook, adj Squires Close 07:55
Haydock, adj O'Connell Close 07:55
Blackbrook, adj Stanton Close 07:56
New Boston, opp Grange Valley 07:57
New Boston, opp Halton Street 07:57
New Boston, adj North Street 07:58
New Boston, adj Johns Avenue 07:59
New Boston, adj Arrowsmith Road 07:59
New Boston, adj Kenyons Lane South 08:00
New Boston, opp Manor Road 08:00
New Boston, adj Queens Road 08:01
Haydock, opp McFaul Salvage 08:02
Haydock, nr No. 149 08:03
Crow Lane, adj George Street 08:04
Crow Lane, opp Vista Way 08:05
Crow Lane, opp Clarence Street 08:05
Crow Lane, adj Sefton Street 08:06
Crow Lane, opp Acacia Street 08:07
Crow Lane, adj Marian Avenue 08:08
Earlestown, opp Short Street 08:09
Earlestown, nr Common Road 08:09
Earlestown, nr Dingle Avenue 08:10
Earlestown, adj Bank Street 08:12
Earlestown, nr Viaduct Street 08:12
Earlestown, adj Wellington Street 08:14
Earlestown, adj Oxford Street 08:15
Earlestown, adj Market Street 08:16
Earlestown, adj Market Street 08:16
Earlestown, adj Meadow Close 08:17
Crow Lane, adj Valentine Rd 08:18
Crow Lane, adj Barnett Avenue 08:19
Newton Common, nr Marian Avenue 08:20
Newton Common, nr Swan Road 08:20
Crow Lane, nr Sefton Street 08:21
Crow Lane, opp Heather Brae 08:22
Crow Lane, nr Vista Road 08:23
Crow Lane, opp Black Cross Lane 08:24
Crow Lane, adj Water Street 08:25
Crow Lane, adj Queens Drive 08:26
Crow Lane, adj The Avenue 08:27
Newton le Willows Selwyn Jones Sports Centre Hail and Ride (S-bound) 08:30

Timetable data from Hattons, 12 May 2021

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