726 - East Manchester Academy - Newton Heath - New Moston

A bus service operated by Rosso


Beswick, o/s The East Manchester Academy 15:45
Beswick, nr Albert St 15:45
Sportcity, opp Etihad Stadium 15:45
Beswick, nr Darley Street 15:46
Beswick, opp Hillkirk Street 15:46
Holt Town Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 15:46
Ancoats, o/s Community Centre 15:47
Miles Platting, nr Garforth Avenue 15:47
Miles Platting, opp Butler Street 15:48
Miles Platting, opp Naylor Street 15:48
Miles Platting, opp Fir Street 15:48
Miles Platting, opp Varley Street 15:49
Miles Platting Oldham Road (Stop C) 15:52
Miles Platting, opp Vickers Street 15:52
Miles Platting, nr Lord North Street 15:53
Miles Platting, opp Philips Park 15:53
Miles Platting, opp Riverpark Road 15:54
Newton Heath, nr Grimshaw Lane 15:54
Newton Heath, adj Ten Acres Lane 15:54
Newton Heath, nr Hallam Road 15:55
Newton Heath, opp Phoenix 15:55
Newton Heath, opp Rosebank Road 15:55
Newton Heath, nr Amos Avenue 15:56
Newton Heath, nr Ramsgate Road 15:56
Newton Heath, adj Culcheth Lane 16:00
Newton Heath, opp Daisy Bank 16:00
Newton Heath, opp All Saints School 16:01
Newton Heath Shops (nr) 16:02
Newton Heath Terminus (Stop F) 16:02
Newton Heath Oldham Road (Stop B) 16:02
Moston, opp Williams Road 16:04
Moston, nr Kenyon Lane 16:05
Moston, opp Deanway 16:06
Moston, nr Lily Lane 16:07
Moston, o/s Ben Brierley 16:07
Moston, opp Ben Brierley 16:08
Moston, o/s Blue Bell 16:09
Moston Cemetery (opp) 16:09
Moston, nr Horncastle Road 16:11
Moston, opp Broadhurst Fields 16:12
Charlestown Road (cnr) 16:13
Moston, opp Leyburn Road 16:13
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop E) 16:15
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop J) 16:16
Moston Rail Station (Stop L) 16:16
White Gate Hollinwood Avenue (Stop D) 16:18

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