735 - Coventry - Furnace End via Fillongley

A bus service operated by Travel De Courcey

Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand E) 17:40
Coventry Cross Cheaping (Stop BS5) 17:41
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL1) 17:41
Coventry, adj Nauls Mill House 17:42
Bishopgate Green, adj Barrs Hill School 17:43
Bishopgate Green, opp Swillington Rd 17:44
Radford, opp Lydgate Rd 17:45
Radford, opp Bingo Hall 17:46
Radford, after Engleton Road 17:47
Radford, adj Three Spires Avenue 17:48
Radford, adj Brownshill Green Rd 17:49
Coundon, opp Wallace Rd 17:50
Coundon, opp Kipling Rd 17:51
Whitmore Park, opp The Scotchill 17:52
Brownshill Green, opp Keresley Church 17:53s
Brownshill Green, before Long Lane 17:54s
Brownshill Green, after Long Lane 17:55s
Brownshill Green, adj Keresley Manor 17:55s
Keresley, opp Queenswood 17:57s
Keresley, opp Horse & Jockey 17:58s
Corley, adj Church 18:00s
Corley Ash, adj Saracens Head 18:06s
Fillongley, adj Crossroads 18:08s
Devitts Green, adj Woodside 18:14s
Old Arley, adj Meadow Croft 18:16s
Old Arley, adj Bournebrook View 18:16s
Old Arley, nr Rectory Road 18:17s
New Arley, nr Colliers Way 18:17s
New Arley, opp Stonehouse Lane 18:18s
New Arley, opp Lamp Lane 18:19s
New Arley, opp Arley Social Club 18:19s
New Arley, opp Infant School 18:21s
New Arley, adj George Street 18:21s
New Arley, adj Hill Top 18:21s
Ansley, nr Arley Lane 18:23s
Ansley, opp Lord Nelson 18:23s
Ansley, adj Social Club 18:24s
Ansley, opp Ludford Close 18:25s
Ansley, nr Village Farm 18:26s
Ansley Lane (adj) 18:26s
Over Whitacre, opp Monwode Lea 18:32s
Furnace End, adj Bulls Head 18:35
Stops after Keresley, The Old Shepherd are served by request only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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