737 - Havant & South Downs College - Bordon

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Bordon - Havant & South Downs College

Whitehill Bus Turning Circle (inside) 07:52
Whitehill, adj Chase Hospital 07:54
Whitehill, adj Forest Road 07:54
Whitehill, adj Garnet Road 07:55
Bordon, adj Nightingale Road 07:55
Bordon, adj Norman Close 07:57
Bordon, nr Branson Road 07:58
Bordon, opp Saville Crescent 07:58
Bordon, nr Chalet Hill Shops 07:58
Bordon, adj Catholic Church 07:59
Bordon, opp Canada Way 08:00
Bordon, o/s Post Office 08:00
Bordon Camp, adj Royal Drive 08:02
Lindford Bridge (E-bound) 08:03
Lindford The Royal Exchange (S-bound) 08:03
Lindford Imadene Crescent (S-bound) 08:04
Lindford Elderberry Road (SE-bound) 08:05
Passfield Mill Ind Est (adj) 08:07
Passfield The Green (SE-bound) 08:08
Conford Moor Turn (opp) 08:08
Conford Park (SE-bound) 08:10
Bramshott, adj Hunters Chase 08:11
Liphook, adj The Co-op 08:12
Liphook, opp Village Hall 08:12
Liphook Bohunt School (NW-bound) 08:12
Liphook The Avenue (W-bound) 08:13
Greatham Digby Way (SW-bound) 08:25
Greatham Todmore (SW-bound) 08:25
Greatham, adj Bakers Field 08:26
Greatham Primary School (SW-bound) 08:26
Liss Forest, adj Pine Walk 08:29
Liss Mint Road (SE-bound) 08:30
Liss Forest Wylde Green Lane (SW-bound) 08:30
Liss Woodbourne Close (SW-bound) 08:31
Liss, adj Whistle Stop 08:33
Liss Schools (SE-bound) 08:33
Hill Side Woodlands Lane (E-bound) 08:34
Hill Brow Jolly Drover (S-bound) 08:35
Hill Brow Upper Furze Field (SW-bound) 08:36
Hill Brow Pruetts Lane (SW-bound) 08:36
Sheet Durford Wood (SW-bound) 08:38
Sheet Adhurst Junction (SW-bound) 08:39
Sheet The Half Moon (SW-bound) 08:40
Sheet Old Mill Lane (S-bound) 08:40
Petersfield Pulens Crescent (S-bound) 08:40
Petersfield Pulens Lane (W-bound) 08:41
Petersfield Hoadlands (SW-bound) 08:41
Petersfield Moggs Mead Co-op (W-bound) 08:42
Petersfield Tor Way (W-bound) 08:43
Petersfield King George Avenue (W-bound) 08:46
Petersfield Station (Stop F) 08:48 08:50
Petersfield The Square (Stop A) 08:52
Petersfield Dragon Street (Stop C) 08:52
Petersfield Cranford Road (SW-bound) 08:52
Petersfield, opp Kennet Road 08:53
Petersfield The Causeway (SW-bound) 08:53
Weston Bolinge Hill Farm (SW-bound) 08:54
Weston, adj Greenway Lane 08:55
Clanfield Queen Elizabeth Country Park (S-bound) 08:59
Purbrook, o/s South Downs College 09:15
Purbrook, opp Portsmouth Golf Course 09:18
Farlington Fort Purbrook (S-bound) 09:19
Bedhampton, opp Brookside Road 09:25
Bedhampton, adj Lester Avenue 09:26
Bedhampton Brunswick Gardens (SE-bound) 09:27
Havant James Road (NE-bound) 09:29
Havant College (E-bound) 09:30

Havant & South Downs College - Bordon

Havant College (W-bound) 16:40
Havant James Road (SW-bound) 16:40
Bedhampton, opp Ingledene Close 16:40
Bedhampton Brunswick Gardens (NW-bound) 16:41
Bedhampton, opp Lester Avenue 16:42
Bedhampton, adj Brookside Road 16:42
Farlington Fort Purbrook (N-bound) 16:47
Purbrook, nr Portsmouth Golf Course 16:47
Purbrook, opp South Downs College 16:50
Buriton Queen Elizabeth Country Park (N-bound) 16:58
Weston, opp Greenway Lane 17:00
Weston Bolinge Hill Farm (NE-bound) 17:01
Petersfield The Causeway (NE-bound) 17:03
Petersfield Kennet Road (o/s 121) 17:03
Petersfield Cranford Road (NE-bound) 17:05
Petersfield Dragon Street (Stop D) 17:06
Petersfield The Square (Stop B) 17:07 17:10
Petersfield Station (Stop E) 17:12
Petersfield King George Avenue (E-bound) 17:12
Petersfield Tor Way (E-bound) 17:14
Petersfield Moggs Mead Co-op (E-bound) 17:15
Petersfield Hoadlands (NE-bound) 17:15
Petersfield Pulens Lane (E-bound) 17:16
Petersfield Pulens Crescent (N-bound) 17:16
Sheet Old Mill Lane (N-bound) 17:17
Sheet, adj The Half Moon 17:18
Sheet Adhurst Junction (NE-bound) 17:18
Sheet Durford Wood (NE-bound) 17:19
Hill Brow Pruetts Lane (NE-bound) 17:20
Hill Brow Upper Furze Field (E-bound) 17:21
Hill Brow Jolly Drover (N-bound) 17:21
Hill Side Woodlands Lane (W-bound) 17:22
Liss Whistle Stop (N-bound) 17:24
Liss, opp Whistle Stop 17:24
Liss Woodbourne Close (NE-bound) 17:24
Liss Forest, opp Wylde Green Lane 17:25
Liss Mint Road (NW-bound) 17:25
Liss Forest, adj Forest Rise 17:26
Liss Forest, opp Pine Walk 17:27
Greatham Primary School (NE-bound) 17:29
Greatham, opp Bakers Field 17:29
Greatham Todmore (NE-bound) 17:30
Greatham Digby Way (NE-bound) 17:31
Liphook The Avenue (E-bound) 17:38
Liphook, adj Village Hall 17:39
Liphook, opp The Co-op 17:40
Bramshott, opp Hunters Chase 17:40
Conford Park (NW-bound) 17:41
Conford Moor Turn (adj) 17:43
Passfield The Green (NW-bound) 17:44
Passfield Mill Ind Est (opp) 17:44
Lindford Elderberry Road (NW-bound) 17:48
Lindford Imadene Crescent (N-bound) 17:48
Lindford The Royal Exchange (N-bound) 17:48
Lindford Bridge (W-bound) 17:49
Bordon Camp, opp Eco Station 17:51
Bordon, nr Community Centre 17:51
Bordon, adj Canada Way 17:52
Bordon, opp Catholic Church 17:52
Bordon, adj Saville Crescent 17:53
Bordon, adj Branson Road 17:54
Bordon, nr Norman Close 17:55
Bordon, opp Nightingale Road 17:56
Whitehill, opp Garnet Road 17:56
Whitehill, opp Forest Road 17:57
Whitehill, opp Bus Turning Circle 18:00

Timetable data from Stagecoach South, 7 December 2021

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