74 - Patcham High School-Elm Grove

A bus service operated by Brighton & Hove


Monday to Friday, school days only from Sunday 31 January 2021


Brighton Egremont Place (NE-bound) 07:30
Brighton Egremont Gate (N-bound) 07:30
Brighton Albion Hill (NE-bound) 07:30
Brighton, opp Pepper Pot 07:30
Brighton The Hanover (NE-bound) 07:32
Brighton, adj Baxter Street 07:32
Brighton Queen's Park Junction (NE-bound) 07:32
Brighton, opp Bonchurch Road 07:33
Brighton, opp De Montfort Road 07:34
Brighton Bottom of Elm Grove (W-bound) 07:34
Brighton, opp Elm Grove 07:35
Brighton, adj St Paul's Street 07:35
Brighton, opp Melbourne Street 07:37
Brighton, o/s Sainsbury's 07:37
Brighton, opp Lewes Road Bus Garage 07:39
Brighton, opp Coombe Road 07:40
Moulsecoomb, opp Natal Road 07:41
Moulsecoomb Brighton University (SE-bound) 07:43
Moulsecoomb The Avenue Steps (SE-bound) 07:44
Bevendean, opp Manton Road 07:44
Bevendean The Avenue Shops (NE-bound) 07:45
Bevendean, adj Hazelgrove 07:45
Bevendean Surgery (SE-bound) 07:46
Bevendean, opp School 07:47
Bevendean, opp Knepp Close 07:47
Bevendean Norwich Crescent (S-bound) 07:48
Bevendean, adj Kenilworth Close 07:49
Bevendean, adj Norwich Close 07:50
Bevendean Norwich Drive East End (NE-bound) 07:50
Bevendean, adj Bodiam Close 07:51
Bevendean Bodiam Avenue (SW-bound) 07:52
Bevendean, adj Hornby Road 07:52
Bevendean Leybourne Road (W-bound) 07:53
Bevendean, adj Leybourne Parade 07:54
Bevendean, opp Taunton Way 07:55
Bevendean Auckland Drive (N-bound) 07:55
Bevendean Surgery (NW-bound) 07:56
Bevendean, opp Hazelgrove 07:57
Bevendean The Avenue Shops (SW-bound) 07:58
Bevendean, adj Manton Road 07:58
Moulsecoomb The Avenue Steps (NW-bound) 07:59
Moulsecoomb Bottom of The Avenue (NW-bound) 08:01
Moulsecoomb Bates Estate (NE-bound) 08:02
Moulsecoomb Way (opp) 08:03
Moulsecoomb, opp Ringmer Road 08:04
Moulsecoomb, adj Wild Park 08:05
Moulsecoomb, adj Coldean Lane 08:06
Coldean, adj Hikers Rest 08:06
Coldean Forest Road (S-bound) 08:08
Coldean, adj Middleton Rise 08:08
Coldean, adj Twyford Road 08:09
Coldean Varley Park (W-bound) 08:10
Coldean, adj Standean Close 08:11
Coldean, opp Haig Avenue 08:11
Coldean, adj Saunders Hill 08:13
Coldean Old Boat Corner (NW-bound) 08:14
Hollingbury, adj Carden Hill 08:17
Hollingbury, adj County Oak Avenue North 08:18
Hollingbury, opp Carden Crescent 08:18
Hollingbury, opp Dale Drive 08:19
Hollingbury, adj Long Man of Wilmington 08:20
Patcham, adj High School 08:21


Patcham, adj High School 15:00
Coldean, opp Saunders Hill 15:07
Coldean, adj Haig Avenue 15:07
Coldean, opp Standean Close 15:08
Coldean Varley Park (E-bound) 15:09
Coldean, opp Twyford Road 15:10
Coldean, opp Middleton Rise 15:10
Coldean Forest Road (N-bound) 15:11
Coldean, opp Hikers Rest 15:12
Moulsecoomb, opp Coldean Lane 15:13
Moulsecoomb, opp Wild Park 15:13
Moulsecoomb, adj Ringmer Road 15:14
Moulsecoomb Way (adj) 15:14
Moulsecoomb Bates Estate (SW-bound) 15:15
Moulsecoomb Brighton University (SE-bound) 15:16
Moulsecoomb The Avenue Steps (SE-bound) 15:17
Bevendean, opp Manton Road 15:18
Bevendean The Avenue Shops (NE-bound) 15:18
Bevendean, adj Hazelgrove 15:19
Bevendean Surgery (SE-bound) 15:20
Bevendean, opp School 15:21
Bevendean, opp Knepp Close 15:21
Bevendean Norwich Crescent (S-bound) 15:22
Bevendean, adj Kenilworth Close 15:22
Bevendean, adj Norwich Close 15:23
Bevendean Norwich Drive East End (NE-bound) 15:24
Bevendean, adj Bodiam Close 15:24
Bevendean Bodiam Avenue (SW-bound) 15:25
Bevendean, adj Hornby Road 15:25
Bevendean Leybourne Road (W-bound) 15:26
Bevendean, adj Leybourne Parade 15:26
Bevendean, opp Taunton Way 15:27
Bevendean Auckland Drive (N-bound) 15:28
Bevendean Surgery (NW-bound) 15:28
Bevendean, opp Hazelgrove 15:29
Bevendean The Avenue Shops (SW-bound) 15:30
Bevendean, adj Manton Road 15:30
Moulsecoomb The Avenue Steps (NW-bound) 15:31
Moulsecoomb Bottom of The Avenue (NW-bound) 15:31
Moulsecoomb, opp Brighton University 15:32
Moulsecoomb, adj Natal Road 15:32
Brighton, adj Coombe Road 15:33
Brighton, adj Lewes Road Bus Garage 15:34
Brighton, adj Melbourne Street 15:35
Brighton, opp St Paul's Street 15:36
Brighton, adj Elm Grove 15:37

Timetable data from Brighton & Hove Buses, 26 January 2021

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