741 - Prescot Road / Freckleton Road - Newton Station

A bus service operated by Ogden Coaches


Monday to Friday, not Sch holidays

Grange Park, opp Freckleton Road 16:20
Grange Park, outside No. 324 16:20
Grange Park, opp Margery Road 16:20
Thatto Heath Whittle Street (Adjacent) 16:21
Thatto Heath Lacey Street (Stop B) 16:22
Thatto Heath, adj Elephant Lane 16:22
Thatto Heath, adj Nutgrove Hall Drive 16:22
Thatto Heath, adj Samuel Street 16:23
Nutgrove, adj Bexhill Gardens 16:23
Rainhill, opp Elton Head Road 16:24
St Anns Elderswood Road (Adjacent) 16:25
St Anns Warrington Road (Adjacent) 16:26
St Anns Rainhill Rail Staiton (Stop D) 16:26
St Anns, in Ashfield 16:27
Rainhill, opp Lawton Road 16:27
Rainhill Stoops, opp Dunbeath Avenue 16:28
Rainhill Stoops, adj School Lane 16:29
Rainhill Stoops, opp Norlands Lane 16:30
Bold Heath, nr Warrington Road 16:32
Bold Heath, opp Union Bank Lane 16:33
Sutton Manor, adj Bell Lane 16:35
Sutton Manor, nr Forest Road 16:36
Sutton Manor Chandlers Way (Adjacent) 16:36
Sutton Manor, adj Jubits Lane 16:37
Clock Face, adj Cannon Street 16:37
Clock Face, adj Pendlebury Street 16:38
Clock Face, adj Gartons Lane 16:39
Clock Face, opp Leach Lane 16:40
Clock Face Four Acre Lane (Adjacent) 16:41
Clock Face Four Acre Lane (Adjacent) 16:41
Marshalls Cross, nr Mill Lane 16:42
Marshalls Cross, opp Leopold Grove 16:43
Marshalls Cross, nr Severn Close 16:44
Sutton, adj Eaves Lane 16:44
Sutton, nr Freda Avenue 16:45
Sutton, adj Dinorben Avenue 16:46
Sutton, adj Olga Road 16:46
Sutton, adj Highfield Street 16:47
Sutton, adj Lancots Lane 16:48
Sutton Oak, opp Monastery Road 16:49
Sutton Oak, adj Ellen Street 16:49
Sutton Oak, adj Robins Lane 16:50
Sutton Oak, adj Carnegie Crescent 16:52
Parr, opp Rolling Mill Lane 16:53
Parr, opp Berrys Lane 16:54
Parr, adj Meadow Lane 16:56
Parr, adj Berrys Lane 16:58
Derbyshire Hill, nr Downway Lane 16:58
Derbyshire Hill Road (opp) 16:59
Ashtons Green Reynolds Ave (Adjacent) 17:00
Ashtons Green Mount Pleasant Ave (Adjacent) 17:00
Ashtons Green, nr Waring Avenue 17:02
Newton Common, opposite Penkford Lane 17:03
Newton Common, adj Short Street 17:04
Newton Common, nr Marian Avenue 17:05
Newton Common, nr Swan Road 17:05
Crow Lane, nr Sefton Street 17:06
Crow Lane, opp Heather Brae 17:07
Crow Lane, nr Vista Road 17:07
Crow Lane, opp Black Cross Lane 17:08
Crow Lane, adj Water Street 17:09
Crow Lane Queens Drive (Adjacent) 17:09
Crow Lane, adj The Avenue 17:10
Newton le Willows The Parchments (Adjacent) 17:11
Newton le Willows, adj Rob Lane 17:11
Newton-le-Willows Station (Stop A) 17:13
Operates on schooldays only.

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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