745 - East Lancs to Loreto College

A bus service operated by Little Gem


Monday to Friday

East Lancs - Loreto College

Roe Green, opp Old Clough Lane 07:28
Roe Green Park & Ride (Stop C) 07:30
Moorside Road (opp) 07:33
Deans, opp Hello Hotel 07:35
Light Bourne Green, opp Lyon Street 07:36
Deans, nr Chester Street 07:38
Swinton Church (Stop C) 07:39
Swinton Shopping Centre (Stop D) 07:40
Swinton Station (Stop A) 07:41
Pendlebury, opp St Mark's Church 07:43
Pendlebury Station Road (Stop E) 07:44
Pendlebury Health Centre (Stop H) 07:45
Pendlebury Road (opp) 07:46
Pendlebury, opp Royal Oak 07:47
Pendlebury, opp Swinton Hall Road 07:48
Pendlebury, opp St Augustines 07:49
Pendlebury, opp Hospital Road 07:50
Pendlebury, nr Rivington Crescent 07:51
Pendlebury, nr Agecroft Road 07:52
Pendlebury, opp Westwood Drive 07:53
Irlams o’ th’ Height, o/s St John's Church 07:55
Irlams o’ th’ Height Height Roundabout (Stop A) 07:56
Irlams o’ th’ Height, nr Bank Lane 07:57
Irlams o’ th’ Height, opp Doveleys Road 07:59
Irlams o’ th’ Height Doveleys Road (SW-bound) 08:01
Pendleton, opp Langworthy Road 08:03
Pendleton, adj Langworthy Road 08:05
Pendleton, o/s Tesco 08:06
Seedley, nr Liverpool Street 08:08
Langworthy Road (Stop B) 08:10
Langworthy Eccles New Road (Stop D) 08:12
Langworthy, opp Kansas Avenue 08:14
Broadway, opp Paragon House 08:20
Salford Quays, opp Chandlers Point 08:22
Ordsall, adj Trafford Road 08:24
Ordsall, nr Phoebe Street 08:26
Trafford Bar (nr) 08:28
Old Trafford, opp Henrietta Street 08:30
Brooks Bar, nr Chorlton Road 08:33
St Georges, adj Chorlton Road 08:35
Hulme, at Stretford Road 08:38
Hulme, opp Loreto College 08:40

Loreto College - East Lancs

Hulme, o/s Loreto College 16:10
Hulme Old Birley Street 16:11
Hulme, opp Ormsgill Street 16:12
Hulme Park (opp) 16:13
Hulme, nr Chorlton Road 16:14
St Georges, nr Erskine Street 16:15
St Georges, nr Cornbrook Street 16:16
Old Trafford, nr Henrietta Street 16:17
Old Trafford, nr Henry Street 16:18
Trafford Bar (at) 16:19
Salford Quays, nr Clippers Quay 16:20
Salford Quays Trafford Road (Stop C) 16:21
Ordsall Dock Office (Stop A) 16:22
Ordsall, opp Phoebe Street 16:23
Trafford Bar (nr) 16:23
Ordsall, nr Trafford Road 16:24
Salford Quays, nr Chandlers Point 16:25
Broadway, o/s Paragon House 16:26
Langworthy, opp Dakota Avenue 16:27
Langworthy, opp Montford Street 16:28
South Langworthy Road (Stop E) 16:29
Langworthy, opp Kansas Avenue 16:33
Langworthy Road (Stop B) 16:35
Pendleton, adj Langworthy Road 16:37
Pendleton, opp Tesco 16:38
Pendleton, adj Langworthy Road 16:41
Pendleton, opp Langworthy Road 16:42
Irlams o’ th’ Height, nr Moorfield Road 16:43
Irlams o’ th’ Height, o/s Red Lion 16:45
Irlams o’ th’ Height Aldi (Stop B) 16:47
Irlams o’ th’ Height, opp St Johns Church 16:49
Pendlebury, nr Westwood Drive 16:51
Pendlebury, opp Agecroft Road 16:52
Pendlebury, nr Hospital Road 16:53
Pendlebury, o/s St Augustines 16:54
Pendlebury, nr Swinton Hall Road 16:55
Pendlebury, o/s Royal Oak 16:57
Pendlebury Road (nr) 17:00
Pendlebury Health Centre (Stop G) 17:03
Pendlebury Lees Street (Stop F) 17:05
Pendlebury, o/s St Mark's Church 17:06
Swinton Station (Stop B) 17:07
Swinton Shopping Centre (Stop E) 17:08
Swinton Church (Stop G) 17:11
Deans, nr Chester Street 17:13
Light Bourne Green, nr Lyon Street 17:17
Light Bourne Green, nr East Lancs Road 17:20
Deans, o/s Hello Hotel 17:21
Moorside Road (nr) 17:21
Roe Green Park & Ride (Stop D) 17:22
Roe Green, nr Old Clough Lane 17:27

Timetable data from Go Goodwins Coaches Ltd/Bus Open Data Service, 19 February 2021

Little Gem