748 - Cupid Green Cuffley Court - Victoria Green Line Coach Station

A service operated by Arriva Beds and Bucks


Monday to Friday

Cuffley Court - Green Line Coach Station

Cupid Green, opp Cuffley Court 06:40
Cupid Green, nr Coleridge Crescent 06:40
Cupid Green, opp Dunster Road 06:41
Cupid Green, opp Denham Close 06:41
Cupid Green, adj Arkley Road 06:41
Cupid Green, opp Shenley Road 06:42
Cupid Green, opp St Agnells Lane 06:42
Grovehill, nr Dawley Court 06:43
Grovehill, nr Basildon Square 06:44
Grovehill, nr Turnpike Green 06:44
Grovehill, nr Henry Wells Square 06:45
Grovehill, nr Crawley Drive 06:45
Highfield, opp Wensleydale 06:46
Highfield, opp Westerdale 06:47
Highfield Bellgate Shops (S-bound) 06:48
Highfield, opp Mercers 06:48
Highfield Queensway (S-bound) 06:49
Highfield, opp Allandale 06:50
Highfield, adj Fensomes Alley 06:51
Hemel Hempstead, opp West Herts College 06:52
Hemel Hempstead Combe Street (W-bound) 06:53
Hemel Hempstead Bridge Street (Stop A) 06:55
Hemel Hempstead Bridge Street (Stop A) 07:00
Hemel Hempstead The Forum (Stop F) 07:00
Hemel Hempstead, opp Mayflower Avenue 07:02
Adeyfield, opp Broadfield Road 07:03
Adeyfield, nr The Queen's Square 07:05
Adeyfield, o/s School 07:05
Adeyfield, adj Vauxhall Rd 07:06
Adeyfield, adj Longlands 07:06
Adeyfield Leverstock Green Road (E-bound) 07:07
Leverstock Green, nr Green Lane 07:10 07:10
Brent Cross Centre North Circular Road (Stop J2) 07:40
Child’s Hill Lyndale Avenue (Stop T) 07:46
Finchley Road Station (Stop CH) 07:52
Lisson Grove Lord's Cricket Ground (Stop K) 08:00
Euston Station (Stop AZ) 08:16
King's Cross Station (Stop D) 08:20
Clerkenwell Rosebery Avenue / Mount Pleasant (Stop CG) 08:24
Farringdon Station (Stop B) 08:27
City of London Shoe Lane (Stop H) 08:31
Temple Aldwych / Somerset House (Stop R) 08:33
Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn (Stop K) 08:37
Westminster Abbey (Stop T) 08:45
Victoria Green Line Coach Station (Stop 4) 08:55

Green Line Coach Station - Cuffley Court

Victoria Green Line Coach Station (Stop 4) 17:05
Victoria (Stop 11) 17:06
Westminster Abbey (Stop S) 17:13
Westminster Stn / Parliament Square (Stop C) 17:14
Charing Cross Stn / Trafalgar Square (Stop E) 17:18
Temple Aldwych (->NE) 17:20
City of London Ludgate Circus (Stop E) 17:24
Farringdon Station (Stop A) 17:27
Clerkenwell Calthorpe Street (Stop PS) 17:30
St Pancras International Station (Stop A) 17:35
Euston Station (Stop CH) 17:37
Lisson Grove Lord's Cricket Ground (Stop Z) 17:56
Finchley Road Station (Stop CL) 18:05
Child’s Hill Lyndale (Stop U) 18:10
Brent Cross Centre North Circular Road (Stop J1) 18:17
Leverstock Green, nr Breakspear Park 18:47 18:47
Adeyfield Leverstock Green Road (W-bound) 18:49
Adeyfield, opp Vauxhall Rd 18:50
Adeyfield, opp School 18:50
Adeyfield, opp Great Road 18:52
Adeyfield, nr Broadfield Road 18:52
Hemel Hempstead, adj Mayflower Avenue 18:54
Hemel Hempstead, adj Fernville Lane 18:55
Hemel Hempstead Combe Street (W-bound) 18:55
Hemel Hempstead Bridge Street (Stop A) 18:57
Hemel Hempstead The Forum (Stop F) 18:58
Hemel Hempstead, adj West Herts College 18:58
Highfield, opp Fensomes Alley 18:59
Highfield, nr Allandale 19:00
Highfield Queensway (N-bound) 19:01
Highfield, adj Mercers 19:02
Highfield Bellgate Shops (N-bound) 19:03
Highfield, adj Westerdale 19:03
Highfield, nr Wensleydale 19:03
Grovehill, opp Crawley Drive 19:05
Grovehill, opp Henry Wells Square 19:06
Grovehill, opp Turnpike Green 19:06
Grovehill, opp Basildon Square 19:06
Grovehill, opp Dawley Court 19:07
Cupid Green, nr St Agnells Lane 19:07
Cupid Green, nr Shenley Road 19:08
Cupid Green, opp Arkley Road 19:08
Cupid Green, nr Denham Close 19:09
Cupid Green, nr Dunster Road 19:09
Cupid Green, opp Coleridge Crescent 19:10
Cupid Green, adj Cuffley Court 19:11

Timetable data from Arriva Beds & Bucks/Bus Open Data Service, 19 November 2020

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