74A - Dudley - West Bromwich

Operated by Diamond Bus


Dudley to West Bromwich

West Bromwich to Dudley

Dudley Bus Station (Stand H) 10:10then hourly until15:1016:15
Kates Hill St John's Rd (adjacent) 10:1115:1116:16
Kates Hill, before Owen St 10:1215:1216:17
Kates Hill, opp St John's Rd 10:1415:1416:19
Kates Hill, opp Dudley Citadel 10:1415:1416:19
Kates Hill, after Wolverton Rd 10:1515:1516:20
Kates Hill Hillcrest Road (adjacent) 10:1515:1516:20
Tividale Hall, before New Birmingham Rd 10:1815:1816:23
Tividale Hall, opp Hopkins St 10:1915:1916:24
Tividale Hall, opp Tividale St 10:2015:2016:25
Dudley Port, opp Sedgley Rd East 10:2215:2216:27
Dudley Port, adj Tudor St 10:2215:2216:27
Dudley Port, adj Rail Station Bridge 10:2315:2316:28
Dudley Port, adj Horseley Rd 10:2615:2616:31
Great Bridge, opposite Providence St 10:2715:2716:32
Great Bridge Brickhouse Lane South (adjacent) 09:3010:3015:3016:35
Great Bridge Whitehall Rd (near) 09:3010:3015:3016:35
Great Bridge Asda Superstore (adjacent) 09:3310:3315:3316:38
Albion, opposite The Jolly Sailor 09:3810:3815:3816:43
Albion, opposite Union Rd 09:3910:3915:3916:44
Albion Navigation Way (adjacent) 09:4010:4015:4016:45
Albion, opp Canal Bridge 09:4110:4115:4116:46
Lamberts End, after Hilton St 09:4410:4415:4416:49
Carters Green, opp Adam St 09:4510:4515:4516:50
Lamberts End, opp Baker Street 09:4610:4615:4616:51
Carters Green, after Dartmouth St 09:4710:4715:4716:52
Carters Green, opposite West Bromwich Town Hall 09:4810:4815:4816:53
Carters Green, opp Victoria St 09:4810:4815:4816:53
West Bromwich Bus Station (Stand J) 09:5010:5015:5016:55

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 3 October 2022

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