762 - Ashurst (Toby Inn) - Orrell ST.JOHN Rigby

A bus service operated by Finches


Monday to Friday, Orrell St John Rigby College days


Pennylands, o/s Brookfields CPS 08:10
Pennylands, o/s Kingsbury Sch 08:10
Pennylands, opp Tancaster 08:11
Pennylands, by Willow Drive 08:12
Pennylands, opp Trinity School 08:12
Pennylands, opp High Street 08:14
Pennylands, opp Derby Arms 08:15
Pennylands, o/s Railway Road 08:15
Ashurst, opp Toby Inn 08:19
Ashurst, by Manfield 08:19
Ashurst, by Merewood 08:19
Ashurst, by Briars Green 08:20
Ashurst, by Woodley Park Road 08:20
Ashurst, by Kingsbury Court 08:21
Birch Green, by Forest Drive 08:21
Birch Green, opp Community Centre 08:22
Birch Green, by Flimby 08:23
Birch Green, opp Hallcroft 08:23
Birch Green, by Ferndale 08:23
Birch Green, opp Fairburn 08:24
Skelmersdale, by Ivybridge 08:24
Skelmersdale, opp Northway Asda 08:25
Skelmersdale Concourse (Stand 1) 08:26
Skelmersdale, by Southway 08:27
Tanhouse Road (by) 08:30
Tanhouse, adj Hillside Health Centre 08:31
Tanhouse, by Eversley 08:32
Tanhouse, by St Marks School 08:35
Hall Green, by Denshaw 08:38
Hall Green, opp Daybrook 08:38
Hall Green, by Dearden Way 08:39
Hall Green, by Ormskirk Road 08:39
Hall Green, o/s Victoria Hotel 08:40
Up Holland, by Hall Bridge Gardens 08:41
Up Holland, opp War Memorial 08:41
Up Holland, adj Parliament Street 08:42
Up Holland, opp Owl Inn 08:43
Orrell Post, nr Spencer's Lane 08:43
Orrell Post, opp Heyes Road 08:44
Orrell Post (Stop A) 08:45
Orrell Post, opp Rydal Avenue 08:46
Orrell Post, opp Derwent Road 08:46
Orrell Post, opp Spring Road 08:47
Gathurst, nr Deanwood Avenue 08:48
Gathurst, o/s St John Rigby R C College 08:50


Gathurst, o/s St John Rigby R C College 16:05
Gathurst, o/s Vale Royal 16:05
Gathurst, opp Deanwood Avenue 16:06
Orrell Post, nr Spring Road 16:07
Orrell Post, nr Rydal Avenue 16:08
Orrell Post (Stop B) 16:09
Orrell Post, nr Heyes Road 16:10
Orrell Post, opp Spencer's Lane 16:10
Up Holland, by Owl Inn 16:11
Up Holland, by Parliament Street 16:11
Up Holland, by War Memorial 16:12
Up Holland, by Dingle Ave 16:13
Hall Green, opp Victoria Hotel 16:14
Hall Green, adj Ormskirk Road 16:14
Hall Green, opp Stanley Arms 16:15
Hall Green, by Daybrook 16:15
Hall Green, opp Denshaw 16:16
Clay Brow, by Up Holland Labour Club 16:18
Tanhouse, by Egerton 16:20
Tanhouse, adj Enstone 16:21
Tanhouse, by Elmridge 16:23
Tanhouse, by Tawd Road 16:23
Skelmersdale, adj Southway 16:25
Skelmersdale Concourse (Stand 3) 16:27
Skelmersdale, o/s Northway ASDA 16:28
Skelmersdale, by Inglewhite 16:28
Skelmersdale, by Irwell 16:29
Birch Green, by Fairburn 16:30
Birch Green, opp Ferndale 16:30
Birch Green, by Harsnips 16:31
Birch Green, opp Flimby 16:31
Birch Green, by Community Centre 16:32
Birch Green, opp Forest Drive 16:32
Ashurst, opp Kingsbury Court 16:33
Ashurst, opp Rowan Lane 16:35
Ashurst Gardens (by) 16:35
Ashurst, opp Merewood 16:36
Skelmersdale, opp Manfield 16:37
Ashurst, o/s Toby Inn 16:38
Pennylands, by Railway Road 16:43
Pennylands, o/s Derby Arms 16:45
Pennylands, o/s High Street 16:45
Pennylands, opp Pine Close 16:46
Pennylands, opp Willow Drive 16:46
Pennylands, o/s Tancaster 16:47
Pennylands, opp Kingsbury School 16:47
Pennylands, opp Brookfield Park PS 16:48

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset