774 - Basildon Close - Gardiner Avenue

A bus service operated by Huyton Travel


Monday to Friday, school2018-21 days

Basildon Close to Gardiner Avenue

Sutton Heath, adj Basildon Close 07:15
Sutton Heath, opp The Broads 07:15
Sutton Heath, adj Marleybone Avenue 07:16
Lea Green Mere Grange (Adjacent) 07:17
Lea Green Road (Adjacent) 07:18
Sutton Manor, opposite Eurolink 07:19
Micklehead Green St Michaels Road (Adjacent) 07:19
Sutton Manor, adj Forest Road 07:21
Sutton Manor, opp Tressel Drive 07:21
Clock Face, adj Chester Lane 07:22
Sutton Manor, adj Jubits Lane 07:23
Clock Face, adj Cannon Street 07:23
Clock Face, adj Pendlebury Street 07:24
Clock Face, adj Gartons Lane 07:25
Clock Face, opp Leach Lane 07:25
Sutton Leach, adj Ilfracombe road 07:26
Sutton Leach, adj Ilfracombe Road 07:27
Sutton Leach, adj Wheatsheaf Avenue 07:28
Sutton Leach, opposite Wheatsheaf Avenue 07:28
Bold, opp Brindley Road 07:29
Bold, adj Eliza Street 07:30
Sutton Oak St Helens Junction Rail Station (Stop A) 07:31
Sutton Oak Peckers Hill Road (Adjacent) 07:31
Sutton Oak, adj Robins Lane 07:31
Sutton Oak, adj Taylor Street 07:32
Sutton, adj Lancotts Lane 07:33
Sutton, adj Baxters Lane 07:33
Sutton, opp Gower Street 07:34
Sutton, nr Jackson Street 07:34
Parr Stocks, adj Hammond Street 07:35
Parr, adj Stocks Avenue 07:37
Parr, nr Lansbury Avenue 07:38
Parr, adj Ashtons Green Drive 07:39
Parr Concourse Way (E-bound) 07:40
Derbyshire Hill, nr Downway Lane 07:41
Derbyshire Hill Road (opp) 07:43
Ashtons Green Reynolds Ave (Adjacent) 07:43
Ashtons Green Mount Pleasant Ave (Adjacent) 07:43
Ashtons Green, opp Brampton Close 07:44
Broad Oak, adj Provident Street 07:45
Broad Oak, in Horseshoe Close 07:45
Broad Oak, opp Mendip Grove 07:46
Broad Oak, opp Nicholson Street 07:46
Broad Oak, adj Reeves Street 07:47
Parr Stocks, opp Boardmans Lane 07:48
Parr Stocks, adj Gaskell Street 07:49
Parr Stocks, adj Ramford Street 07:49
Finger Post, adj Sorogold Street 07:50
Pocket Nook Street (adj) 07:51
Pocket Nook, adj Merton Bank Road 07:52
Pocket Nook, adj Mulcrow Close 07:52
Blackbrook Road (jct) 07:53
Blackbrook, opposite Link Avenue 07:53
Blackbrook Chain Lane (Adjacent) 07:54
Blackbrook O' Sullivan Crescent (Near) 07:55
Blackbrook, opposite Waine Street 07:55
Blackbrook, opposite Old Whint Road 07:56
Blackbrook, opposite Sumner Street 07:57
Stanley Bank, opp West End Road 07:58
Blackbrook, adj Grosvenor Road 07:58
Blackbrook Squires Close (Adjacent) 07:59
Haydock O'Connell Close (Adjacent) 07:59
Blackbrook, adj Stanton Close 08:00
New Boston, opposite Grange Valley 08:01
New Boston, opposite Halton Street 08:01
New Boston North Street (Adjacent) 08:02
New Boston Johns Avenue (Adjacent) 08:02
New Boston Arrowsmith Road (Adjacent) 08:03
New Boston Kenyons Lane South (Adjacent) 08:04
New Boston, opposite Manor Road 08:05
New Boston Queens Road (Adjacent) 08:06
Haydock, opp McFaul Salvage 08:06
Haydock No. 149 (Near) 08:07
Crow Lane, adj George Street 08:07
Crow Lane, opp Vista Way 08:08
Crow Lane, opp Clarence Street 08:08
Crow Lane, adj Sefton Street 08:09
Crow Lane, opp Acacia Street 08:09
Crow Lane, adj Marian Avenue 08:10
Earlestown, opp Short Street 08:10
Earlestown, nr Common Road 08:11
Earlestown, nr Dingle Avenue 08:12
Earlestown, adj Bank Street 08:13
Earlestown, nr Viaduct Street 08:14
Earlestown, adj Wellington Street 08:14
Earlestown, adj Oxford Street 08:15
Earlestown, adj Market Street 08:16
Earlestown Bus Station (Stand 4) 08:17
Earlestown, adj Market Street 08:17
Earlestown, adj Meadow Close 08:18
Crow Lane, adj Valentine Rd 08:19
Crow Lane, adj Barnett Avenue 08:20
Newton Common, nr Marian Avenue 08:21
Newton Common, nr Swan Road 08:21
Crow Lane, nr Sefton Street 08:22
Crow Lane, opp Heather Brae 08:23
Crow Lane, nr Vista Road 08:24
Crow Lane, opp Black Cross Lane 08:25
Crow Lane, adj Water Street 08:26
Crow Lane Queens Drive (Adjacent) 08:27
Crow Lane, adj The Avenue 08:28
Newton le Willows Selwyn Jones Sports Centre Hail and Ride (S-bound) 08:31

Gardiner Avenue to Basildon Close

Blackbrook, opp Gardiner Avenue 14:35
Blackbrook, nr Whitehouse Close 14:35
Stanley Bank, opposite Clipsley Lane 14:36
Blackbrook, outside Burrows Street 14:37
Blackbrook School Street (Adjacent) 14:38
Blackbrook Waine Street (Adjacent) 14:38
Blackbrook West End Road (Near) 14:39
Blackbrook, opposite MacDonald Avenue 14:40
Blackbrook O'Sullivan Crescent (Adjacent) 14:40
Blackbrook, outside Boardmans Lane 14:41
Finger Post, opp Mulcrow Close 14:42
Finger Post, opp Blackhorse Street 14:42
Finger Post, adj Johnson Street 14:43
Finger Post, adj Parr Stocks Road 14:44
Parr Stocks, opp Ramford Street 14:45
Parr Stocks, adj Tickle Avenue 14:45
Broad Oak, adj Hargreaves Street 14:46
Broad Oak, adj Moorfoot Road 14:47
Broad Oak, nr Southport Street 14:48
Ashtons Green, opp Sky Lark Rise 14:49
Ashtons Green, adj Havannah Lane 14:50
Ashtons Green, opp Mount Pleasant Ave 14:51
Ashtons Green Reynolds Ave (Adjacent) 14:51
Derbyshire Hill, adj Downway Lane 14:52
Parr, adj Concourse Way 14:53
Parr, adj Bromilow Road 14:54
Parr, opp Lansbury Avenue 14:55
Parr, adj Breccia Gardens 14:56
Parr Stocks, adj Granville Street 14:57
Parr Stocks, adj Hertford Street 14:57
Sutton Road (nr) 14:58
Sutton, adj Gower Street 14:59
Sutton, adj Helsby Street 15:00
Sutton, adj Oak Street 15:00
Sutton Oak, adj Worsley Brow 15:01
Sutton Oak, adj Carnegie Crescent 15:01
Sutton Oak, nr Peckers Hill Road 15:02
Sutton Oak, adj Cecil Street 15:02
Sutton Oak St Helens Junction Rail Station (Stop A) 15:03
Bold, opp Eliza Street 15:03
Bold, opp Lionel Street 15:03
Bold, adj Brindley Road 15:04
Sutton Leach, adj Clovelly Avenue 15:05
Sutton Leach, nr Wheatsheaf Avenue 15:06
Sutton Leach, adj The Beeches 15:06
Sutton Leach, adj Taunton Avenue 15:08
Clock Face, adj Leach Lane 15:08
Clock Face Road (adj) 15:10
Clock Face, opp Agnes Street 15:11
Clock Face, opp Bentley Street 15:11
Sutton Manor, nr Jubits Lane 15:13
Micklehead Green, opposite St Michaels Road 15:15
Sutton Manor Eurolink (Near) 15:15
Lea Green Road (Adjacent) 15:16
Lea Green Rossington Gardens (Adjacent) 15:17
Sutton Heath, adj Elton Head Road 15:18
Sutton Heath, adj The Broads 15:18
Sutton Heath, opp Basildon Close 15:19

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