789 - Blessed Thomas Holford - Lostock

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches


Monday to Friday, Blessed Thomas Holford days

Stamford Park, o/s Blessed Thomas Holford 16:15
Stamford Park, opp Urban Avenue 16:15
Altrincham, opp Hazel Road 16:21
Altrincham, o/s Garrick Playhouse 16:22
Broadheath, opp The Navigation 16:24
Broadheath, o/s Cheshire Cheese 16:25
Broadheath, at Railway Bridge 16:26
Broadheath, nr Stamford Brook Road 16:27
Broadheath, o/s Trafford College 16:28
Sale, nr De Quincey Road 16:29
Sale, nr The Drive 16:30
Sale, nr Woodhouse Lane 16:31
Sale, opp Homelands Road 16:32
Sale, opp Raglan Road 16:34
Sale, opp Stanley Mount 16:35
Sale, nr Barkers Lane 16:35
Sale, opp Broadoaks Road 16:35
Sale Marks and Spencer (Stop B) 16:35
Sale, opp Ashfield Road 16:36
Sale, nr Mersey Road 16:37
Sale, opp Dane Road 16:37
Sale, adj Crossford Bridge 16:38
Stretford, nr Poplar Road 16:40
Stretford, opp Cressingham Road 16:41
Stretford, opp Firwood Avenue 16:41
Stretford, opp Urmston Hotel 16:42
Urmston, nr Westwood Avenue 16:43
Urmston, nr Torbay Road 16:45
Urmston, opp Ciss Lane 16:46
Urmston, by Queens Road 16:50
Urmston Station (Stop A) 16:52
Urmston, by Roseneath Road 16:53
Flixton, opp Princess Road 16:54
Flixton, opp Girls High School 16:55
Flixton, opp Trevor Road 16:56
Flixton, opp Irlam Road 16:57
Flixton Road (nr) 16:58
Flixton, opp Wibbersley Park 16:59
Flixton, nr Irlam Road 17:00
Woodsend Circle, nr Woodbridge Road 17:01
Woodsend Circle, nr Valley Road 17:03
Calder Bank, opp Calderbank Avenue 17:04
Calder Bank, nr Davyhulme Road 17:05
Calder Bank, nr Redbourne Drive 17:06
Calder Bank, nr Selby Drive 17:07
Calder Bank, nr Woodhouse Road 17:08
Croft’s Bank, o/s Medical Centre 17:09
Croft’s Bank, nr Welwyn Close 17:10
Croft’s Bank, nr Barton Road 17:11
Davyhulme, opp Exeter Road 17:12
Lostock, opp Hartford Road 17:13
Lostock, opp Moss Vale Hotel 17:14

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/BEVC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 13 May 2022

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