79 - Houghton-le-Spring,Sunderland - Barnwell

A bus service operated by Gateshead Central Taxis


Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland - Barnwell

Houghton-le-Spring Market Place (E-Bound) 08:50then hourly until17:50
Houghton-le-Spring Seaham Road-Market Place (SE-Bound) 08:5017:50
Houghton-le-Spring Hall Lane Estate (SE-Bound) 08:5117:51
Houghton-le-Spring Hall Lane Estate (S-Bound) 08:5217:52
Houghton-le-Spring Queensway-Kirklea Road (SW-Bound) 08:5217:52
Houghton-le-Spring Queensway-Balmoral Crescent (SW-Bound) 08:5317:53
Houghton-le-Spring Hall Lane-Normandy Crescent (N-Bound) 08:5317:53
Houghton-le-Spring Hall Lane-Holly Avenue (N-Bound) 08:5317:53
Houghton-le-Spring Lake Road (W-Bound) 08:5517:55
Houghton-Le-Spring (N-Bound) 08:5717:57
Houghton-Le-Spring (NW-Bound) 08:5817:58
Houghton-le-Spring Brinkburn Cres-Leyburn Grove (NW-Bound) 08:5917:59
Houghton-le-Spring Brinkburn Cres-Moorsburn Dr (NW-Bound) 09:0018:00
Houghton-le-Spring Brinkburn Cres-Burnside Ave (N-Bound) 09:0018:00
Houghton-le-Spring Abbey Drive (SW-Bound) 09:0118:01
Houghton-le-Spring Fountains Cres-Newstead Crt (NW-Bound) 09:0118:01
Houghton-le-Spring Abbey Drive-Rosedale Crescent (NW-Bound) 09:0218:02
Houghton-le-Spring Burnside Estate Abbey Drive (N-Bound) 09:0318:03
Houghton-le-Spring Burnside Estate (NE-Bound) 09:0318:03
Houghton-le-Spring Coaley Lane-Beechwood Terrace (NE-Bound) 09:0418:04
Newbottle Coaley Lane-Melrose Gardens (NE-Bound) 09:0518:05
Newbottle Front Street (E-Bound) 09:06s18:06s
Newbottle Front Street - Hartoft Close (E-Bound) 09:0618:06
Newbottle Front Street (SE-Bound) 09:0618:06
Newbottle South Street (W-Bound) 09:0718:07
Newbottle Front Street (E-Bound) 09:0718:07
Philadelphia Lane-The Crescent (N-Bound) 09:0818:08
Philadelphia Lane-Bus Depot (N-Bound) 09:0818:08
Philadelphia Lane-Success Row (N-Bound) 09:0918:09
Philadelphia Success Road-Shop Row (W-Bound) 09:0918:09
Success Road (SW-Bound) 09:1018:10
Success Road-Trinity Park (SW-Bound) 09:1018:10
Shiney Row Golf Course Road-Bowes Lea (NW-Bound) 09:1318:13
Shiney Row Chester Road-Fernlea (NE-Bound) 09:1418:14
Shiney Row Chester Road-Grangewood Close (NE-Bound) 09:1518:15
Shiney Row Chester Road - Station Road (F) 09:1618:16
Shiney Row Station Road-Helmsley Close (G) 09:1618:16
Shiney Row Station Road-Manor House (NW-Bound) 09:1718:17
Barnwell Station Road-Wensleydale Avenue (N-Bound) 09:1718:17
Barnwell Langdale Road-Railway Monument (E-Bound) 09:1718:17
Barnwell Langdale Road-Eskdale (E-Bound) 09:1818:18
Barnwell The Oaks (SE-Bound) 09:1818:18
Barnwell The Limes (NW-Bound) 09:1918:19

Barnwell - Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland

Barnwell The Limes (NW-Bound) 08:22then hourly until18:22
Barnwell Rainton Street (SW-Bound) 08:2318:23
Penshaw Rainton Street-Fenwick Street (SW-Bound) 08:2318:23
Barnwell Avondale Avenue (S-Bound) 08:2418:24
Penshaw Avondale Avenue (SE-Bound) 08:2418:24
Herrington Burn Windermere Crescent (SE-Bound) 08:2518:25
Herrington Burn Windermere Crescent (S-Bound) 08:2618:26
Herrington Burn Church Street-Church (NW-Bound) 08:2618:26
Shiney Row Church Street-Aged Miners Houses (NW-Bound) 08:2718:27
Shiney Row Chester Road - Station Road (SW-Bound) 08:2818:28
Shiney Row Chester Road-Hindsons Crescent (SW-Bound) 08:2918:29
Shiney Row Golf Course Road-Bowes Lea (SE-Bound) 08:3018:30
Success Road-Trinity Park (NE-Bound) 08:3318:33
Success Road (NE-Bound) 08:3418:34
Philadelphia Success Road-Shop Row (E-Bound) 08:3418:34
Philadelphia Lane-Bus Depot (S-Bound) 08:3518:35
Philadelphia Lane-The Crescent (S-Bound) 08:3618:36
Newbottle Front Street - Hartoft Close (E-Bound) 08:3618:36
Newbottle Front Street (SE-Bound) 08:3718:37
Newbottle South Street (W-Bound) 08:3818:38
Newbottle Coaley Lane-Melrose Gardens (SW-Bound) 08:3818:38
Houghton-le-Spring Coaley Lane-Beechwood Terrace (SW-Bound) 08:3918:39
Houghton-le-Spring Burnside Estate (SW-Bound) 08:3918:39
Houghton-le-Spring Burnside Estate Abbey Drive (S-Bound) 08:4018:40
Houghton-le-Spring Abbey Dr-Fountains Cres (SE-Bound) 08:4018:40
Houghton-le-Spring Fountains Cres-Byland Cl (SE-Bound) 08:4018:40
Houghton-le-Spring Abbey Drive (NE-Bound) 08:4118:41
Houghton-le-Spring Brinkburn Cres-Burnside Ave (S-Bound) 08:4218:42
Houghton-le-Spring Brinkburn Cres-Newburn Cres (SE-Bound) 08:4218:42
Houghton-le-Spring Brinkburn Cres-Station Rd (SE-Bound) 08:4418:44
Houghton-Le-Spring (S-Bound) 08:4518:45
Houghton Le Spring (S-Bound) 08:4618:46
Houghton-le-Spring Elizabeth Street-Edwin Street (NE-Bound) 08:4918:49
Houghton-le-Spring Market Place (E-Bound) 08:50s18:50s
Houghton-le-Spring Seaham Road-Market Place (SE-Bound) 08:50s18:50s
Houghton-le-Spring Hall Lane Estate (SE-Bound) 08:51s18:51s
Houghton-le-Spring Hall Lane Estate (S-Bound) 08:5218:52

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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