793 - Withnell Fold - Buckshaw Village - Chorley Southlands Hs

A bus service operated by Avacab

🚫 Not available for public use


Monday to Friday, Chorley Southlands HS days

Withnell Fold - Chorley Southlands Hs via BUCKSHAW VILLAGE

Withnell Fold, by Road End 07:55
Ollerton Fold, by Ollerton Hall 07:56
Ollerton Fold, opp Bury Lane End 07:56
Ollerton Fold, opp Hoghton Arms 07:58
Ollerton Fold, adj Alghero 07:59
Abbey Village, opp Stanworth Terrace 08:00
Abbey Village, opp East View Terrace 08:01
Abbey Village, by Station Terrace 08:02
Abbey Village, opp Primary School 08:02
Abbey Village, o/s Hare and Hounds 08:03
Withnell, by Prospect Terrace 08:04
Withnell, opp Health Centre 08:05
Brinscall, opp Hartington Road 08:06
Brinscall, o/s School Lane 08:07
Brinscall, by War Memorial 08:08
Brinscall, opp Windsor Drive 08:08
Brinscall, opp Sandy Lane 08:08
Higher Wheelton, by Highfield Farm 08:10
Higher Wheelton, adj Blackburn Road 08:11
Higher Wheelton, by Fishwick Lane 08:11
Lower Wheelton, by Millbrook Close 08:14
Lower Wheelton, o/s Red Lion Hotel 08:15
South Hill, opp Town Lane 08:15
South Hill, opp Moss Lane jct 08:17
Hartwood Green (by) 08:20
Buckshaw Village, opp Wolseley Trade Centre 08:23
Buckshaw Village, by Wolseley Distribution Centre 08:24
Buckshaw Village, o/s Buckshaw Hall 08:27
Euxton, opp East Terrace 08:28
Euxton, opp Wentworth Drive 08:29
Euxton, o/s Bay Horse 08:30
Euxton, o/s Bay Horse 08:31
Euxton, by Crofters Green 08:31
Euxton, opp Rail Station 08:33
Euxton, opp The Talbot 08:35
Euxton, by Washington Lane 08:36
Gillibrand, adj Foxhole Road 08:37
Southport Road, opp Ackhurst Road 08:39
Gillibrand, by Burghwood Way 08:40
Gillibrand, by Nightingale Way 08:42
Gillibrand, opp Butterworth Brow 08:43
Birkacre, by Southlands High School 08:45

Chorley Southlands Hs - Withnell Fold via BUCKSHAW VILLAGE

Birkacre, o/s Southlands High School 15:20
Gillibrand, opp Nightingale Way 15:22
Gillibrand, opp Burghwood Way 15:24
Gillibrand, by Ackhurst Road 15:26
Gillibrand, by Foxhole Road 15:27
Euxton, opp Washington Lane 15:29
Euxton, by The Talbot 15:30
Euxton, by Rail Station 15:31
Euxton, opp Papa Luigis 15:33
Euxton, opp Bay Horse 15:34
Euxton, opp Bay Horse 15:34
Euxton, adj Wentworth Drive 15:35
Euxton, o/s Runshaw College 15:36
Buckshaw Village, opp Buckshaw Hall 15:38
Buckshaw Village, opp Wolseley Distribution Centre 15:39
Buckshaw Village, by Wolseley Trade Centre 15:39
Hartwood Green Farm (by) 15:40
South Hill, by Moss Lane jct 15:42
South Hill, by Town Lane 15:42
Lower Wheelton, opp Red Lion Hotel 15:43
Lower Wheelton, opp Millbrook Close 15:43
Higher Wheelton, opp Fishwick Lane 15:46
Higher Wheelton, by Blackburn Road 15:47
Higher Wheelton, opp Highfield Farm 15:47
Brinscall, opp St Johns School 15:49
Brinscall, by Windsor Drive 15:49
Brinscall, opp War Memorial 15:50
Brinscall, o/s Woodland View 15:51
Withnell, opp Hartington Road 15:51
Withnell, o/s Health Centre 15:53
Withnell, opp Prospect Terrace 15:53
Withnell, by Norcross Brow 15:53
Withnell, adj Gladstone Terrace 15:54
Abbey Village, opp Hare and Hounds 15:55
Abbey Village, o/s Primary School 15:55
Abbey Village, opp Station Terrace 15:55
Abbey Village, o/s East View Terrace 15:56
Abbey Village, o/s Stanworth Terrace 15:57
Ollerton Fold, opp Alghero 15:59
Ollerton Fold, adj Hoghton Arms 15:59
Ollerton Fold, by Bury Lane 16:01
Ollerton Fold, opp Ollerton Hall 16:02
Withnell Fold, opp Road End 16:03

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset