794 - Alkrington - Moston - Crompton House School

A bus service operated by Rosso


Alkrington - Crompton House School

Alkrington, by Mount Road 07:43
Alkrington Garden Village, adj Kingsway 07:43
Alkrington Garden Village, opp Mainway 07:45
Alkrington Garden Village, nr Warwick Road 07:46
Alkrington, nr Leominster Road 07:47
Alkrington, opp Hardfield Road 07:49
Alkrington, nr Wince Close 07:49
Alkrington, opp Brookside Crescent 07:51
Greengate (opp) 07:52
Greengate, opp Mainway East 07:52
Greengate, o/s Stagecoach Depot 07:54
Greengate, nr Moston Road 07:55
Greengate, o/s NOV Factory 07:57
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop B) 07:58
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop J) 07:59
Moston Rail Station (Stop L) 07:59
White Gate, nr Welbeck Avenue 08:00
White Gate, nr Kirby Avenue 08:02
White Gate, opp Broadway 08:03
White Gate, nr Mough Lane 08:03
White Gate, o/s Boat & Horses 08:05
White Gate, nr Whitegate Lane 08:06
Nimble Nook The Sportsman (Stop C) 08:08
Thatch Leach, o/s Newman RC College 08:10
Chadderton, nr Milton Drive 08:10
Chadderton, nr Derwent Drive 08:11
Chadderton, nr Middleton Road 08:12
Chadderton, nr Park View 08:13
Royley, o/s Retail Park 08:16
Boundary Park, nr Holden Fold 08:17
Holden Fold Oldham Academy North (Stop A) 08:18
Royton Shaw Road (Stop C) 08:19
Royton High Barn Street (Stop G) 08:20
Royton Radcliffe Street (Stop B) 08:21
Royton, opp Park Lane 08:21
Thorp, opp Mellor Street 08:22
Thorp, opp Low Crompton Road 08:23
Thorp, opp Cedar Grove 08:23
Thorp, nr Windermere Road 08:24
Thorp, opp Methodist Church 08:25
Narrow Gate Brow, opp Puckersley Inn 08:26
High Crompton, nr Cherry Hall Drive 08:27
High Crompton, nr Fitton Street 08:28
High Crompton Post Office (o/s) 08:29
High Crompton, opp The Orchards 08:30

Crompton House School - Alkrington

High Crompton, nr The Orchards 15:30
High Crompton Post Office (o/s) 15:30
High Crompton, opp Fitton Street 15:31
High Crompton, opp Cherry Hall Drive 15:32
Narrow Gate Brow, o/s Puckersley Inn 15:34
Thorp, o/s Methodist Church 15:35
Thorp, opp Windermere Road 15:36
Thorp, nr Cedar Grove 15:37
Thorp, nr Low Crompton Road 15:38
Royton, nr Dogford Road 15:39
Royton, nr Park Lane 15:39
Royton Radcliffe Street (Stop A) 15:40
Royton High Barn Street (Stop F) 15:41
Royton Shaw Road (Stop D) 15:41
Holden Fold Oldham Academy North (Stop B) 15:43
Boundary Park, opp Holden Fold 15:44
Royley, opp Retail Park 15:45
Chadderton, adj Middleton Road 15:49
Chadderton, opp Derwent Drive 15:51
Chadderton, opp Milton Drive 15:51
Thatch Leach, opp Newman RC College 15:53
Nimble Nook The Sportsman (Stop D) 15:53
White Gate, opp Whitegate Lane 15:54
White Gate, opp Boat & Horses 15:55
White Gate, opp Mough Lane 15:56
White Gate Hollinwood Avenue (Stop C) 15:57
Moston Rail Station (Stop M) 15:58
Moston Hollinwood Avenue (Stop K) 15:58
Moston Gardener's Arms (Stop A) 16:00
Greengate, opp NOV Factory 16:01
Greengate, opp Moston Road 16:01
Greengate, opp Stagecoach Depot 16:02
Greengate, nr Mainway East 16:03
Greengate (nr) 16:03
Alkrington, nr Lincoln Road 16:05
Alkrington, nr The Glen 16:05
Alkrington, o/s The Moss 16:05
Alkrington, adj Kingsway 16:06
Alkrington, opp Leominster Road 16:07
Alkrington Garden Village, nr Upton Close 16:08
Alkrington Garden Village, nr Mainway 16:09
Alkrington Garden Village, nr Kingsway 16:10
Alkrington, nr Conway Close 16:11
Alkrington, opp Mount Road 16:15
Middleton, opp Mill Fold Road 16:16

Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 21 October 2021

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