795 - CADISHEAD Coach & Horses - Wellacre Academy

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus North West


Monday to Friday, ORG1 days

CADISHEAD Coach & Horses - Wellacre Academy

Cadishead, o/s Coach & Horses 07:36
Cadishead Library (o/s) 07:38
Irlam, nr Albert Street 07:39
Irlam Station (Stop A) 07:41
Irlam, o/s Railway Inn 07:44
Irlam, o/s The Ship 07:46
Irlam, nr Lathom Road 07:46
Irlam, opp Broadway 07:47
Irlam, opp Ferry Road 07:48
Irlam, nr Moorfield Road 07:48
Irlam, nr Fiddlers Lane 07:49
Irlam, nr Princes Avenue 07:49
Irlam, nr Boundary Road 07:50
Irlam, nr Addison Road 07:50
Irlam, opp Boysnope Farm 07:51
Barton Moss Road (nr) 07:52
Barton Aerodrome (o/s) 07:52
Peel Green, nr Newlands Avenue 07:53
Peel Green, nr Woodlands Avenue 07:54
Peel Green, nr Brookhouse Avenue 07:54
Peel Green, nr Schofield Road 07:55
Peel Green Road (opp) 07:55
Peel Green, opp Grapes Hotel 07:57
Patricroft Bridge (adj) 07:58
Patricroft, nr Shakespeare Crescent 08:00
Patricroft, nr Milton Street 08:01
Patricroft, nr Gladstone Road 08:03
Patricroft, nr Cecil Road 08:04
Patricroft, opp Charlton Avenue 08:04
Patricroft, opp Adelaide Street 08:05
Barton upon Irwell, nr Barton Bridge 08:06
Dumplington, nr Ellesmere Circle 08:08
The Trafford Centre, opp Old Park Lane 08:09
Croft’s Bank, opp Rivers Lane 08:11
Davyhulme Circle (Stop D) 08:12
Davyhulme, nr Canterbury Road 08:13
Urmston, adj Crofts Bank Road 08:14
Urmston, adj Roseneath Road 08:15
Trafford General Hospital, at Bowfell Circle 08:16
Flixton, o/s Urmston Leisure Centre 08:20
Flixton, opp Trevor Road 08:20
Flixton, opp Irlam Road 08:22
Flixton Road (nr) 08:22
Flixton, opp Wibbersley Park 08:23
Flixton, o/s St John's 08:25

Wellacre Academy - CADISHEAD Coach & Horses

Flixton, opp Girls High School 15:07
Flixton Brook Road (N-bound) 15:07
Calder Bank, nr Mardale Avenue 15:10
Calder Bank, nr Lawrence Road 15:11
Woodsend Circle (adj) 15:13
Woodsend Circle (nr) 15:13
Flixton, opp Lytham Road 15:14
Flixton, opp Roedean Gardens 15:15
Flixton Irlam Road (E-bound) 15:15
Flixton, nr Woodsend Road 15:17
Flixton, nr Wibbersley Park 15:18
Flixton Road (adj) 15:20
Flixton, nr Irlam Road 15:21
Flixton, nr Trevor Road 15:22
Flixton, o/s Girls High School 15:24
Flixton, nr Princess Road 15:27
Urmston, nr Newton Road 15:28
Urmston, nr Roseneath Road 15:30
Urmston Station (Stop B) 15:31
Urmston Library (Stop E) 15:32
Urmston, adj Crofts Bank Road 15:34
Urmston, adj Roseneath Road 15:36
Davyhulme Library (opp) 15:39
Croft’s Bank, opp Kingsway Park 15:41
The Trafford Centre, nr Old Park Lane 15:44
Dumplington, nr Ellesmere Circle 15:47
Dumplington, adj Ellesmere Circle 15:48
Dumplington, o/s Church Rectory 15:49
Barton upon Irwell, adj Barton Bridge 15:50
Patricroft, nr Cawdor Street 15:52
Patricroft, nr Charlton Avenue 15:54
Patricroft, opp Cecil Road 15:55
Patricroft, nr Liverpool Road 15:57
Patricroft, opp Gladstone Road 15:58
Patricroft, opp Milton Street 16:00
Patricroft, opp Green Lane 16:03
Patricroft Bridge (nr) 16:06
Peel Green, o/s Alexandra House 16:08
Peel Green, o/s Grapes Hotel 16:09
Peel Green Road (nr) 16:12
Peel Green, opp Schofield Road 16:14
Peel Green, nr New Hall Avenue 16:14
Peel Green, opp Southlands Avenue 16:14
Barton Moss Road (opp) 16:16
Irlam, o/s Boysnope Farm 16:17
Irlam, nr Addison Road 16:18
Irlam, opp Boundary Road 16:18
Irlam, opp Princes Avenue 16:19
Irlam, nr Moorfield Road 16:20
Irlam, nr Ferryhill Road 16:21
Irlam, nr Broadway 16:21
Irlam, opp Lathom Road 16:22
Irlam, opp The Ship 16:23
Irlam Post Office (opp) 16:23
Irlam, nr Station Road 16:25
Irlam Kings Road (Stop B) 16:27
Irlam, opp Albert Street 16:28
Cadishead, opp New Moss Road 16:30
Cadishead, opp Coach & Horses 16:32

Timetable data from Diamond Bus North West/Bus Open Data Service, 1 March 2021

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