799 - St. Monicas RC High School - Ainsworth

A bus service operated by Vision Bus


Monday to Friday, Bury school days only

Heaton Park, o/s St Monica's 15:10
Heaton Park Metrolink Stop (Stop D) 15:10
Heaton Park Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 15:10
Heaton Park, nr Beaufort Street 15:11
Prestwich, adj Heywood Road 15:12
Prestwich, nr St Marys Road 15:13
Prestwich, opp Red Lion 15:15
Prestwich Longfield Centre (Stop D) 15:15
Prestwich Hospital, o/s Tesco 15:16
Prestwich Hospital, opp Willow Road 15:16
Besses O Th Barn Clyde Avenue (Stop C) 15:16
Besses O Th Barn Besses o'th' Barn Metrolink Stop (Stop H) 15:16
Besses O Th Barn, opp Prestfield Road 15:16
Besses O Th Barn, nr Stanway Road 15:16
Besses O Th Barn, opp Derwent Avenue 15:16
Hillock, nr Kenmore Way 15:16
Hillock, nr Hindburn Close 15:16
Hillock, nr Oak Lane 15:16
Hillock, nr Calder Crescent 15:16
Unsworth, adj Parr Lane 15:16
Unsworth Pole (opp) 15:17
Unsworth, nr Parr Lane 15:17
Hollins, opp Church Meadow 15:18
Hollins, nr Sykes Avenue 15:18
Hollins, nr Melton Drive 15:20
Hollins, adj Croft Lane 15:21
Blackford Bridge, o/s Nuttall Square 15:24
Fletcher Fold, nr Mount Zion Road 15:25
Fletcher Fold Manchester Road (Stop A) 15:26
Redvales, o/s Swan & Cemetery 15:27
Redvales Road (nr) 15:28
Fishpool, nr Radcliffe Road 15:29
Fishpool, adj Manchester Road 15:30
Warth Fold, nr Pembroke Drive 15:35
Warth Fold, nr Vale Avenue 15:35
Warth Fold, by Warth Bridge 15:36
Radcliffe, opp Kingston Road 15:37
Radcliffe, nr Bury Lane 15:40
Radcliffe, opp Cheetham Street 15:41
Radcliffe Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 15:41
Radcliffe, nr Lord Raglan 15:43
Radcliffe, nr Water Street 15:43
Black Lane, adj Belgrave Street 15:44
Black Lane, nr Red Bank Road 15:44
Black Lane, nr Clyde Road 15:45
Bolton Road Estate, nr Abbey Close 15:46
Bolton Road Estate, nr Turks Road 15:46
Bolton Road Estate, opp Westminster Avenue 15:47
Bolton Road Estate, adj Westminster Avenue 15:47
Bolton Road Estate Morley Road (cnr) 15:48
Bolton Road Estate, nr Freshfields 15:49
Bolton Road Estate, nr Chatsworth Road 15:50
Bolton Road Estate, nr Northlands 15:51
Black Lane, adj Clyde Road 15:52
Black Lane, nr Turks Road 15:52
Black Lane Post Office (o/s) 15:53
Black Lane, opp Miller Street 15:53
Black Lane, opp Grindsbrook Road 15:54
Seddons Farm Estate Ainsworth Arms (Stop E) 15:55

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Vision Bus