7A - Aberdeen Union Sq - Stonehaven

A service operated by Stagecoach North Scotland (SBLB)


Stonehaven, at Spurryhillock Industrial Estate 04:38
Stonehaven Spurryhillock Industrial Estate (E-bound) 04:39
Stonehaven, at Malcolm's Mount 04:41
Stonehaven, opp Farrochie Road 04:41
Stonehaven, opp Bernham Avenue 04:42
Stonehaven, opp Bernham Avenue North 04:42
Stonehaven, at Farrochie Park 04:42
Stonehaven, opp Martin Drive 04:42
Stonehaven, at Redcloak Park 04:42
Stonehaven, at William Mackie Road 04:43
Stonehaven, at Mackie Academy 04:43
Stonehaven, at East Glebe 04:43
Stonehaven, opp Westfield Park 04:43
Stonehaven, opp Station Hotel 04:44
Stonehaven, at Brickfield Terrace 04:44
Stonehaven, at Holly Drive 04:44
Stonehaven, at Forest Park 04:46
Stonehaven, opp Carron Den Road 04:46
Stonehaven, opp Riverside Drive 04:47
Stonehaven, at Newbigging Drive 04:48
Stonehaven, at Macdonald Road 04:49
Stonehaven, at Ramsay Road 04:49
Stonehaven, at Christie Crescent 04:50
Stonehaven, opp Arduthie Primary School 04:51
Stonehaven, opp Arduthie Street 04:52
Stonehaven, at Ann Street 04:52
Stonehaven Barclay Street (S-bound) 04:53
Stonehaven Barclay Street (S-bound) 04:54
Stonehaven, opp Turners Court 04:54
Stonehaven Cowie Bridge (N-bound) 04:54
Stonehaven, at Glenury Road 04:55
Muchalls, at Hillhead of Cowie 05:00
Bridge of Muchalls, at Muchalls Bends 05:01
Muchalls Road End (opp and after) 05:03
Newtonhill, opp Cairnhill Road 05:04
Newtonhill, at St Crispin's Road 05:05
Newtonhill, opp Park Place 05:05
Newtonhill Skateraw Road (opp 7) 05:06
Newtonhill, at Park Place 05:06
Newtonhill, opp St Crispin's Road 05:07
Newtonhill, at Cairnhill Road 05:08
Newtonhill, at Chapelton Park & Choose 05:10
Newtonhill Cammachmore Bank Cottage (N-bound) 05:11
Portlethen, at New Bourtreebush 05:12
Portlethen Bourtreebush (N-bound) 05:12
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Park 05:14
Portlethen, at Whinpark Circle 05:14
Portlethen, opp Broomfield Road 05:14
Portlethen, at Bourtree Avenue 05:15
Portlethen, at Drumthwacket Drive 05:15
Portlethen, at Easter Drive 05:15
Portlethen, opp Easter Place 05:16
Portlethen, at Ash Place 05:16
Portlethen, at Muirend Road 05:17
Portlethen, opp Academy 05:18
Portlethen, opp Bruntland Place 05:18
Portlethen, at The Square 05:19
Portlethen, at Glebe Court 05:20
Portlethen, at Glebe Court 05:20
Portlethen, at Rowanbank Road 05:21
Portlethen, at Shopping Centre 05:23
Portlethen, opp Rowanbank Road 05:23
Portlethen, opp Glebe Court 05:23
Portlethen, opp Thistle Drive 05:24
Portlethen, at Balquharn Drive 05:24
Portlethen, opp Hillside Road 05:25
Portlethen, at Schoolhill Drive 05:26
Portlethen Schoolhill (NE-bound) 05:26
Portlethen, opp Bankhead Drive 05:27
Marywell House (at) 05:29
Checkbar, at Wellington Drive 05:29
Cove Bay, at Moss Road 05:31
Cove Bay Old Wellington Road (NE-bound) 05:32
Altens, opp Newlands Cottage 05:34
Altens North Loirston Road (NE-bound) 05:35
Altens, at Crawpeel Road 05:35
Altens, adj Blackness Road 05:36
Altens, opp Blackness Avenue 05:36
Altens, opp Blackness Avenue 05:37
Altens, opp Minto Road 05:38
Altens, opp Minto Avenue 05:39
Altens, at Hareness Circle 05:39
Altens Farm Road (opp) 05:40
Nigg, opp Altens Farm Road 05:41
Tullos Industrial Estate Craigshaw Drive (N-bound) 05:43
Tullos Industrial Estate, opp Greenbank Road 05:43
Tullos Industrial Estate, adj Abbotswell Road 05:44
Torry, opp Balnagask Road 05:45
Torry, opp Polwarth Road 05:46
Torry, opp Grampian Place 05:47
Torry, opp Walker Place 05:48
Torry, opp Walker Lane 05:48
Torry, adj South Esplanade West 05:49
Aberdeen, adj Poynernook Road 05:50
Aberdeen, adj Palmerston Road 05:50
Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 3) 05:59

Timetable data from Stagecoach Bluebird, 2 March 2021

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