7A - Canterbury - Herne Bay

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Canterbury - Herne Bay

Altira Park, o/s Sainsbury's 07:2907:5008:0208:3609:1215:5716:30
Broomfield, adj Talmead 07:3007:5108:0308:3709:1315:5816:31
Beltinge, opp Cornwallis Avenue 07:3107:5208:0408:3809:1415:5916:32
Beltinge, opp Baptist Church 07:3107:5208:0408:3809:1415:5916:32
Beltinge, opp Hilary Close 07:3207:5308:0508:3909:1516:0016:33
Herne Bay, opp Landon Road 07:3207:5308:0508:3909:1516:0016:33
Herne Bay, opp Queen Victoria Hospital 07:3307:5408:0608:4009:1616:0116:34
Herne Bay, opp Downs Park South 07:3407:5508:0708:4109:1716:0216:35
Herne Bay Queen's Roundabout (W-bound) 07:3607:5708:0908:4309:1916:0416:37
Herne Bay, after Canterbury Road Corner 07:3807:5908:1108:4509:2116:0616:39
Herne Bay, o/s Library 07:4008:0108:1308:4709:2316:0816:41
Herne Bay, before Richmond Street 07:4008:0108:1308:4709:2316:0816:41
Herne Bay Station Road Corner (S-bound) 07:4108:0208:1408:4809:2416:0916:42
Herne Bay, adj Spenser Road West 07:4308:0408:1608:5009:2616:1116:44
Herne Bay, adj Railway Station 07:4408:0508:1808:5209:2816:1216:45

Herne Bay - Canterbury

Herne Bay, adj Railway Station 07:4608:2008:5414:4015:3616:1417:5018:40
Herne Bay, opp Spenser Road West 07:4708:2108:5514:4115:3716:1517:5118:41
Herne Bay Station Road Corner (N-bound) 07:4808:2208:5614:4215:3816:1617:5218:42
Herne Bay, after Richmond Street 07:4908:2308:5714:4315:3916:1717:5318:43
Herne Bay, adj Fire Station 07:5108:2508:5914:4515:4116:1917:5518:45
Herne Bay Canterbury Road Corner (just before) 07:5208:2609:0014:4615:4216:2017:5618:46
Herne Bay Queen's Roundabout (E-bound) 07:5308:2709:0114:4715:4316:2117:5718:47
Herne Bay, adj Downs Park South 07:5408:2809:0214:4815:4416:2217:5818:48
Herne Bay, adj Queen Victoria Hospital 07:5608:3009:0414:5015:4616:2418:0018:50
Herne Bay, adj Landon Road 07:5608:3009:0414:5015:4616:2418:0018:50
Beltinge, adj Hilary Close 07:5608:3009:0414:5015:4616:2418:0018:50
Beltinge, adj Baptist Church 07:5708:3109:0514:5115:4716:2518:0118:51
Beltinge, adj Cornwallis Avenue 07:5708:3109:0514:5115:4716:2518:0118:51
Altira Park, o/s Sainsbury's 08:0008:3409:0814:5415:5016:2818:0418:54

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 28 October 2020

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