8 - Hunts Grove - Brockworth

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West


Hunts Grove - Brockworth

Quedgeley, o/s Hunts Grove Primary Academy 09:18then every 30 minutes until17:1817:4818:1819:15
Quedgeley, after Lime Tree Avenue 09:2017:2017:5018:2019:16
Quedgeley, before Jessop Court 09:2117:2117:5118:2119:17
Quedgeley, nr Business Park 09:2117:2117:5118:2119:17
Quedgeley, opp Baird Road 09:2217:2217:5218:2219:18
Quedgeley, opp Tri Services Centre 09:2317:2317:5318:2319:18
Quedgeley Waterwells Park & Ride Site (inside) 09:2517:2517:5518:2519:20
Quedgeley, opp Kingsway Health Centre 09:2617:2617:5618:2619:21
Kingsway, after Saint Mawgan Street 09:2817:2817:5818:2819:23
Kingsway, nr Primary School 09:2917:2917:5918:2919:24
Kingsway, opp Playground 09:3117:3118:0118:3119:25
Kingsway, by Thatcham Avenue 09:3217:3218:0218:3219:26
Kingsway, after Chivenor Way 09:3217:3218:0218:3219:27
Copeland Park, before Watermint Drive 09:3317:3318:0318:3319:27
Copeland Park, nr The Warren 09:3417:3418:0418:3419:28
Copeland Park, after Daniels Meadow 09:3517:3518:0518:3519:28
Hempsted, by Barn Owl Centre 09:3817:3818:0818:3819:31
Hempsted, nr The Forge 09:4017:4018:1018:4019:33
Hempsted, after Soren Larsen Way 09:4117:4118:1118:4119:34
Hempsted, by Monk Meadow Trading Estate 09:4217:4218:1218:4219:35
Hempsted, opp Sainsbury's Supermarket 09:4317:4318:1318:4319:36
Gloucester Quays (o/s) 09:4517:4518:1518:4519:37
Gloucester, before Spa Road 09:4617:4618:1618:4619:38
Gloucester, by The Docks 09:4717:4718:1718:4719:39
Gloucester, o/s The Warehouse 09:4817:4818:1818:4819:39
Gloucester, opp St Michael's Square 09:4917:4918:1918:4919:40
Gloucester Clarence Street (Stand S) 09:5117:5118:2118:5119:41
Gloucester, by Morrison's Supermarket 08:5909:5917:5918:59
Gloucester, by Eastbrook Trading Estate 09:0010:0018:0019:00
Barnwood, after St Lawrence Road 09:0210:0218:0219:02
Coney Hill Road (by) 09:0210:0218:0219:02
Abbeymead, before North Upton Lane 09:0310:0318:0319:03
Abbeymead, before Roman Road 09:0410:0418:0419:04
Abbeymead, adj Bishops Road 09:0410:0418:0419:04
Abbeymead, o/s The Turmut-Hoer 09:0610:0618:0619:06
Abbeymead, before Brome Road 09:0710:0718:0719:07
Abbeymead, before Cox's Way 09:0810:0818:0819:08
Hucclecote, before Yewtree Road 09:0910:0918:0919:09
Hucclecote, on Lobley's Estate 09:1010:1018:1019:10
Hucclecote, opp Sapphire Way 09:1110:1118:1119:11
Hucclecote, opp Coopers Edge School 09:1110:1118:1119:11
Brockworth, nr Grebe Gardens 09:1110:1118:1119:11
Brockworth, by Beaumont Walk 09:1210:1218:1219:12
Brockworth, by Direct Wines 09:1310:1318:1319:13
Brockworth Gloucester Business Park (inside) 09:1510:1518:1519:15
Brockworth, o/s Whittle Inn 19:17

Brockworth - Hunts Grove

Brockworth Gloucester Business Park (inside) 09:15then every 30 minutes until17:1518:15
Brockworth, o/s Whittle Inn 09:2017:2018:20
Brockworth, after Wincanton Gate 2 09:2117:2118:21
Brockworth, nr Beaumont Walk 09:2317:2318:23
Brockworth, before Grebe Gardens 09:2417:2418:24
Hucclecote, o/s Coopers Edge School 09:2417:2418:24
Hucclecote Gauntlet Road (corner of) 09:2517:2518:25
Hucclecote, by Lobley's Estate 09:2517:2518:25
Hucclecote, on Turning circle 09:2517:2518:25
Abbeymead, after Cox's Way 09:2717:2718:27
Abbeymead, nr Brome Road 09:2817:2818:28
Abbeymead, before Palmer Avenue 09:2817:2818:28
Abbeymead, after The Turmut-Hoer 09:2917:2918:29
Abbeymead Charlwood House (Stop) 09:3017:3018:30
Abbeymead, before The Oaks 09:3117:3118:31
Abbeymead, after Roman Road 09:3217:3218:32
Abbeymead, after North Upton Lane 09:3217:3218:32
Coney Hill Road (nr) 09:3317:3318:33
Barnwood, nr Ullenwood Road 09:3417:3418:34
Gloucester, opp Eastbrook Trading Estate 09:3617:3618:36
Gloucester, opp Morrison's Supermarket 09:3717:3718:37
Gloucester, o/s Asda Superstore 09:3917:3918:39
Gloucester Station Road (Stop Q) 09:4117:4118:41
Gloucester New Look (Stop X) 08:4609:4617:4618:46
Gloucester, opp The Warehouse 08:4809:4817:4818:48
Gloucester, opp The Docks 08:4909:4917:4918:49
Gloucester, after Spa Road 08:5009:5017:5018:50
Gloucester Quays (opp) 08:5209:5217:5218:52
Hempsted, o/s Sainsbury's Supermarket 08:5309:5317:5318:53
Hempsted, nr Monk Meadow Trading Estate 08:5509:5517:5518:54
Hempsted, before Soren Larsen Way 08:5609:5617:5618:55
Hempsted, before The Anchorage 08:5709:5717:5718:56
Lower Tuffley, after Quedgeley Court Park 09:0210:0218:0219:00
Copeland Park, opp Daniels Meadow 09:0210:0218:0219:00
Copeland Park, opp Watermint Drive 09:0410:0418:0419:02
Kingsway Chivenor Way (corner of) 09:0410:0418:0419:02
Kingsway, nr Kinloss Drive 09:0510:0518:0519:03
Kingsway, by Coningsby Walk 09:0510:0518:0519:03
Kingsway, after Bampton Castle Way 09:0610:0618:0619:04
Kingsway, opp Saint Mawgan Street 09:0710:0718:0719:05
Quedgeley, o/s Kingsway Health Centre 09:0910:0918:0919:07
Quedgeley Waterwells Park & Ride Site (inside) 09:1110:1118:1119:08
Quedgeley, after Baird Road 09:1310:1318:1319:10
Quedgeley, by Business Park 09:1310:1318:1319:10
Quedgeley, opp Jessop Court 09:1410:1418:1419:11
Quedgeley, after Red Kite Rise 09:1510:1518:1519:12
Quedgeley, after Hunts Grove Primary Academy 09:1610:1618:1619:13

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 27 January 2023

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