803 - Mossley Hollins High School - Oldham

A bus service operated by Rosso


Mossley Hollins High School (o/s) 15:10
Micklehurst, opp Winterford Road 15:11
Micklehurst, nr Winterford Road 15:11
Micklehurst Road (opp) 15:12
Micklehurst, opp Richmond Lodge 15:12
Micklehurst, nr Cemetery Road 15:15
Micklehurst, nr Tabley Street 15:15
Micklehurst, nr The Spindles 15:16
Micklehurst, nr Cheshire Street 15:16
Mossley, opp Bury Street 15:17
Mossley, opp Egmont Street 15:17
Mossley, opp Westwood House 15:18
Mossley Station (Stop B) 15:18
Mossley, o/s Dental Surgery 15:19
Top Mossley, nr Jacob's Ladder 15:20
Top Mossley, opp Egerton Street 15:20
Brookbottom, nr Market Place 15:21
Brookbottom, nr Dean Street 15:22
Top Mossley, nr Smith Street 15:22
Top Mossley, opp Egerton House 15:23
Top Mossley Lees Road (opp 87) 15:24
Top Mossley, opp Fir Tree Farm 15:25
Grotton, opp Butt Lane 15:26
Grotton, opp Quick Edge Lane 15:27
Grotton, nr Thornley Lane 15:28
Grotton, adj Oldham Road 15:30
Grotton, opp Brooklands Parade 15:31
Springhead, nr Old Mill Lane 15:31
Springhead, nr Ashbrook Road 15:33
Lees, by County End 15:34
Lees St John Street (Stop C) 15:34
Lees, opp Greaves Street 15:35
Lees, o/s The Grapes 15:35
Cross Bank, o/s St John's 15:36
Cross Bank, nr Redwood Lane 15:36
Cross Bank, nr Dunham Street 15:37
Waterhead, opp Church Street East 15:37
Waterhead, nr Heywood Street 15:38
Waterhead, opp Sharples Hall Street 15:38
Greenacres Spring Street (Stop F) 15:39
Greenacres Tesco Store (Stop B) 15:39
Greenacres, nr Hill Street 15:39
Greenacres Road (nr) 15:40
Oldham Mumps Interchange (Stop C) 15:40
Oldham, o/s The Link Centre 15:41
Oldham St Mary's Way (Stop YC) 15:42
Oldham Market (Stop Sm) 15:43
Oldham Bus Station 15:44

Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 9 June 2021

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