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803 - Thurso - Tongue or Durness

A bus service operated by The Durness Bus

Thurso - Tongue or Durness

Thurso, o/s Royal Bank of Scotland 14:25
Thurso Princes Street (at Olrig Street) 14:25
Thurso, at Miller Academy 14:27
Thurso, at Station 14:27
Thurso, o/s High School 14:29
Thurso, opp Technical College 14:29
Thurso, opp Henderson Street 14:29
Thurso, opp Dunbar Hospital 14:29
Glengolly Road End (SW-bound) 14:30
Newlands of Geise, opp Golf Club Rd End 14:30
Newlands of Geise, opp Post Box 14:31
Janetstown, opp Bardnaclavan Place 14:32
Janetstown, at Bardnaclavan Farm 14:34
Bridge of Westfield, opp Bus Shelter 14:36
Bridge of Westfield, at Knockglass Rd End 14:36
Shebster, opp Bardnaheigh Rd End 14:38
Shebster, opp Old Manse 14:39
Shebster, opp Post Box 14:40
Isauld, at Achvarasdal Junction 14:43
Isauld Bridge Junction (SW-bound) 14:44
Reay, at Keoltaig Drive 14:44
Reay, opp School 14:44
New Reay, opp Post Office 14:45
New Reay, opp Sandside 14:46
Melvich, opp Halladale Inn 14:55
Melvich, nr Rowanbank 14:55
Melvich Terrace (at) 14:55
Melvich, nr Hall 14:55
Portskerra, o/s Stores 14:56
Portskerra, opp MacKay Terrace 14:56
Baligill, opp Road End 15:01
Strathy House (opp) 15:03
Strathy West (W-bound) 15:03
Strathy, opp Steven Terrace 15:05
Strathy, opp Inn 15:06
Strathy, opp Lighthouse Rd End 15:06
Strathy, opp Brawl Rd End 15:07
Aultiphurst, opp Road End 15:08
Lednagullin, opp Road End 15:09
Armadale Road End (W-bound) 15:11
Kirtomy, opp Road End 15:15
Farr, opp Road End 15:17
Farr, opp Fiscary 15:17
Bettyhill, opp Tourist Information 15:19
Bettyhill, opp Beach Rd End 15:19
Bettyhill, opp Post Office 15:20
Bettyhill, after Invernaver Houses 15:23
Borgie, opp Road End 15:31
Borgie Lodge Hotel (opp) 15:31
Borgie, opp Deepburn 15:32
Torrisdale, opp Aird Rd End 15:33
Torrisdale, at North Rd End 15:33
Skerray, opp Free Church 15:33
Skerray, opp Achtoty Rd End 15:34
Skerray, opp Clashaidy Rd End 15:34
Skerray, opp Harbour Rd End 15:34
Skerray Mains (opp) 15:35
Skerray, opp Lamigo Rd End 15:35
Modsary, opp Strathanbeg Rd End 15:36
Modsary, at Road End 15:37
Modsary, opp Strathan Rd End 15:37
Skullomie, opp Road End 15:42
Coldbackie Village (W-bound) 15:44
Rhitongue, opp Road End 15:46
Tongue War Memorial (S-bound) 15:48
Tongue, at Kirkiboll Rd End 15:49
Tongue, opp Hotel 15:50
Tongue, opp Fire Station 15:50
Tongue, opp Youth Hostel 15:52
Midtown, opp Melness Rd End 15:54
Midtown, opp Melness Ho Rd End 15:57
Midtown, at Post Box 15:57
Midtown, at Craggan Hotel Rd End 15:58
Skinnet, at Houses 15:58
Talmine, at Telephone Exchange 16:00
School Holidays Only

Tongue or Durness - Thurso

Tongue, at Youth Hostel 10:12
Tongue, nr Fire Station 10:15
Tongue, at Hotel 10:16
Tongue, opp Kirkiboll Rd End 10:16
Tongue War Memorial (N-bound) 10:17
Rhitongue, at Road End 10:20
Coldbackie Village (E-bound) 10:22
Skullomie, at Road End 10:24
Modsary, at Strathan Rd End 10:29
Modsary, opp Road End 10:30
Modsary, at Strathanbeg Rd End 10:31
Skerray, at Lamigo Rd End 10:32
Skerray Mains (at) 10:33
Skerray, at Harbour Rd End 10:33
Skerray, at Clashaidy Rd End 10:33
Skerray, at Achtoty Rd End 10:34
Skerray, nr Free Church 10:34
Torrisdale, at Aird Rd End 10:35
Torrisdale, opp North Rd End 10:35
Borgie, at Deepburn 10:37
Borgie Lodge Hotel (at) 10:37
Borgie, at Road End 10:39
Bettyhill, before Invernaver Houses 10:46
Bettyhill, opp Post Office 10:49
Bettyhill, at Public Toilets 10:49
Bettyhill, at Beach Rd End 10:49
Bettyhill, nr Tourist Information 10:50
Farr, at Fiscary 10:51
Farr, at Road End 10:51
Kirtomy, at Road End 10:54
Armadale Road End (E-bound) 10:59
Lednagullin, at Road End 11:00
Aultiphurst, at Road End 11:01
Strathy, at Brawl Rd End 11:02
Strathy, at Lighthouse Rd End 11:02
Strathy, o/s Inn 11:03
Strathy, at Steven Terrace 11:03
Strathy West (E-bound) 11:04
Strathy House (at) 11:04
Baligill, at Road End 11:05
Portskerra, o/s Stores 11:08
Melvich, opp Hall 11:09
Melvich Terrace (opp) 11:10
Melvich, opp Rowanbank 11:13
Melvich, at Halladale Inn 11:15
New Reay, at Sandside 11:24
New Reay, nr Post Office 11:24
Reay, o/s School 11:25
Reay, opp Keoltaig Drive 11:25
Isauld Bridge Junction (E-bound) 11:26
Isauld, opp Achvarasdal Junction 11:26
Shebster, nr Post Box 11:30
Shebster, at Old Manse 11:30
Shebster, at Bardnaheigh Rd End 11:32
Bridge of Westfield, opp Knockglass Rd End 11:35
Bridge of Westfield, at Bus Shelter 11:36
Janetstown, opp Bardnaclavan Farm 11:39
Janetstown, before Bardnaclavan Place 11:40
Newlands of Geise, at Post Box 11:40
Newlands of Geise, at Golf Club Rd End 11:41
Glengolly Road End (NE-bound) 11:41
Thurso, nr Dunbar Hospital 11:41
Thurso, at Henderson Street 11:41
Thurso, o/s Ambulance Station 11:41
Thurso, o/s High School 11:42
Thurso, opp Miller Academy 11:43
Thurso, o/s St Peters Church 11:44
Thurso, o/s Royal Bank of Scotland 11:45
School Holidays Only

Operated by low-floor buses


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