805 - Norden - Rochdale - Blue Coat School

A bus service operated by Rosso


Norden - Blue Coat School

Norden, nr Edenfield Road 07:20
Norden, opp Hutchinson Road 07:21
Norden Village (at) 07:21
Shawfield Lane (nr) 07:22
Shawfield, opp Elmsfield Avenue 07:22
Bagslate, nr Grimes Street 07:23
Bagslate Moor Lane (opp) 07:25
Bagslate, opp Clay Lane 07:25
Bamford, opp Springbank Lane 07:27
Bamford, nr Belgium Street 07:28
Bamford, nr Wordsworth Way 07:29
Bamford Post Office (opp) 07:29
Bamford, opp Sandhole Lane 07:31
Bamford, opp Wood Top Avenue 07:31
Broadhalgh, nr Meadowcroft Lane 07:32
Broadhalgh Road (nr) 07:33
Broadhalgh, nr Woodlands Avenue 07:34
Broadhalgh, nr Fieldhead Ave 07:35
Broadhalgh, o/s Rochdale Cemetery 07:36
Broadhalgh, nr Sandy Lane 07:36
Broadhalgh, nr Claremont Road 07:37
Rochdale, opp Oakenrod Hill 07:37
Rochdale, nr Mellor Street 07:38
Rochdale, opp Bury Road 07:39
Rochdale, adj Dane Street 07:39
Rochdale, adj Manchester Road 07:40
Rochdale, nr St Mary's Gate 07:41
Rochdale Interchange 07:44
Rochdale, nr Oldham Road 07:45
Rochdale, nr Chichester Street 07:45
Newbold, opp Moss Street 07:45
Newbold, opp Stamford Street 07:46
Newbold Post Office (Stop B) 07:46
Newbold Rosefield Crescent (Stop A) 07:46
Newbold, opp Palatine Street 07:47
Firgrove, opp Kingsway 07:47
Firgrove, nr Hartley Street 07:48
Firgrove Crown & Shuttle (Stop D) 07:49
Firgrove Willows Lane (Stop E) 07:49
Milnrow, opp Moorhouse Fold 07:51
Milnrow Tim Bobbin (Stop C) 07:53
Milnrow Station Road (Stop B) 07:53
Milnrow Precinct (opp) 07:54
Milnrow, nr Sheriff Street 07:55
Newhey, nr M62 07:56
Newhey, opp Bentgate Street 07:57
Newhey Terminus (Stop E) 07:58
Newhey, opp Rivermead 07:58
Newhey Shaw Road (o/s 95) 07:58
Jubilee Crossing (nr) 07:59
Shaw, o/s The Jubilee 08:00
Shaw, nr Buckstones Road 08:01
Shaw, opp Bridge Street 08:02
Wrens Nest (by) 08:03
Shaw, nr Longley Street 08:06
Shaw Side, opp Cowlishaw Lane 08:07
Shaw Side, opp St Josephs 08:09
Heyside, o/s Bull's Head 08:12
Higginshaw, opp Turf Lane 08:16
Higginshaw, opp Manor Street 08:18
Higginshaw, opp Boundary Inn 08:21
Derker Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 08:23
Lower Moor Derker Metrolink Stop (Stop D) 08:25
Oldham Mumps, opp Higginshaw Road 08:30

Blue Coat School - Norden

Oldham Mumps, o/s Blue Coat School 15:30
Oldham Mumps, nr Higginshaw Road 15:30
Lower Moor Derker Metrolink Stop (Stop C) 15:31
Derker Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 15:32
Higginshaw, opp Milne Street 15:33
Higginshaw, nr Manor Street 15:34
Higginshaw, nr Turf Lane 15:34
Heyside, opp Bull's Head 15:36
Shaw Side, o/s St Josephs 15:37
Shaw Side, nr Cowlishaw Lane 15:37
Shaw, opp Longley Street 15:38
Shaw, nr Bridge Street 15:40
Shaw, opp Buckstones Road 15:41
Shaw, opp The Jubilee 15:42
Jubilee Crossing (opp) 15:42
Newhey, on Shaw Road 15:43
Newhey, nr Rivermead 15:43
Newhey Terminus (Stop F) 15:44
Newhey, nr Bentgate Street 15:44
Newhey, adj M62 15:45
Milnrow, nr Ladyhouse Lane 15:46
Milnrow Precinct (o/s) 15:46
Milnrow Station Road (Stop A) 15:47
Milnrow Tim Bobbin (Stop B) 15:48
Milnrow, opp Bridge Street 15:48
Milnrow, nr Moorhouse Fold 15:49
Firgrove Willows Lane (Stop C) 15:50
Firgrove, nr Larchway 15:51
Firgrove, opp Hartley Street 15:51
Firgrove, nr Kingsway 15:52
Newbold, nr Palatine Street 15:53
Newbold, opp Marshall Street 15:53
Newbold Post Office (Stop C) 15:54
Newbold, nr Moss Street 15:55
Rochdale, opp Chichester Street 15:56
Rochdale Interchange 16:00
Rochdale, nr The Esplanade 16:01
Rochdale, nr Manchester Road 16:02
Rochdale, nr Dane Street 16:03
Rochdale, adj Mellor Street 16:04
Rochdale, nr Oakenrod Hill 16:05
Broadhalgh, nr Brooklands Court 16:06
Broadhalgh, opp Rochdale Cemetery 16:07
Broadhalgh, opp Fieldhead Ave 16:08
Broadhalgh, opp Woodlands Avenue 16:09
Broadhalgh Road (opp) 16:09
Broadhalgh, nr Meadowcroft Lane 16:10
Bamford, nr Wood Top Avenue 16:11
Bamford, opp Arnside Drive 16:13
Bamford Post Office (o/s) 16:13
Bamford, opp War Office Road 16:14
Bamford, opp Belgium Street 16:15
Bamford, nr Springbank Lane 16:16
Bagslate, nr Clay Lane 16:17
Bagslate, nr Moorland Avenue 16:19
Shawfield, nr Elmsfield Avenue 16:19
Shawfield Lane (opp) 16:20
Norden Village (in) 16:20
Norden, nr Hutchinson Road 16:21
Norden, opp White Lion 16:22
Norden Close (nr) 16:23
Norden, nr Edenfield Road 16:24

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