808 - Burnley - Bacup - Valley Leadership Academy

A bus service operated by Rosso


Burnley - Valley Leadership Academy

Burnley Bus Station (Stand 5) 07:25
Burnley Wood, opp Smalley Street 07:28
Burnley Wood, opp The Woodman 07:29
Burnley Wood, by Fairholme Road 07:29
Towneley, opp Rock Lane 07:30
Towneley, by Picnic Area 07:30
Towneley, by Bacup Road 07:31
Cliviger, opp Rush Hey 07:32
Cliviger, opp Thane Row 07:33
Holme Chapel, opp Land-fill Site 07:35
Weir, by The Moorlands 07:41
Weir, by Heald Lane 07:41
Weir, opp Richard Street 07:42
Weir Lane (by) 07:43
Weir, opp Plantation View 07:44
Broad Clough, opp Northern CPS 07:45
Broad Clough, by York Street 07:46
Broad Clough, opp Riley Street 07:47
Bacup, by Meadows Avenue 07:48
Bacup, by Hammerton Street 07:49
Bacup, by Laurel Street 07:50
Bacup Post Office (Stop E) 07:51
Bacup St James Gardens (Stop C) 07:5107:52
Bacup, opp Inkerman Street 07:5107:52
Bacup, by Thorn Gardens 07:5207:53
Bacup, adj Tong Lane Top 07:5307:54
Bacup, adj Pennine Road 07:5307:54
Bacup, opp Gladstone Street 07:5407:55
Bacup, opp Sandfield Road Top 07:5507:56
Bacup, opp Sandfield Road Bottom 07:5607:57
Bacup, by Fire Station 07:5607:57
Bacup, opp Hoghton Avenue 07:5707:58
Bacup, by Castletown Drive 07:5707:58
Bacup, opp Farrington Road 07:5707:58
Bacup, opp Cobden Street 07:5807:59
Britannia, by New Line Top 07:5908:00
Newline, by Rochdale Road 08:0008:01
Newline, by New Line 08:0008:01
Newline, by Deansgreave Road 08:0108:02
Newline, opp Stack Lane 08:0208:03
Newline, opp The Sidings 08:0308:04
Newline, by Olive House 08:0408:05
Newline, opp Stubylee Bridge 08:0508:06
Lee Mill (by) 08:0608:07
Farholme Lane (by) 08:0708:08
Stacksteads, by Primrose Street 08:0908:10
Stacksteads, by Rook Hill Road 08:1108:12
Fearns Moss, o/s Fearns School 08:1408:15

Valley Leadership Academy - Burnley

Fearns Moss, o/s Fearns School 15:1515:16
Edgeside, by Booth Crescent 15:1615:17
Edgeside, by Piper Lea 15:1715:18
Edgeside, o/s Hey Head Avenue 15:1815:19
Stacksteads, by Fearns Moss 15:1915:20
Stacksteads, opp Rook Hill Road 15:2115:22
Stacksteads, opp Primrose Street 15:2215:23
Stacksteads, opp Toll Bar 15:2315:24
Farholme, by Hindle Street 15:2415:25
Farholme, by Cemetery 15:2415:25
Lee Mill (opp) 15:2515:26
Newline, o/s Stubylee Bridge 15:2515:26
Newline, opp Olive House 15:2615:27
Newline, by The Sidings 15:2715:28
Newline, by Stack Lane 15:2715:28
Newline, opp Deansgreave Road 15:2915:30
Britannia, by New Line top 15:3015:31
Bacup, by Cobden Street 15:3015:31
Bacup, by Farrington Road 15:3115:32
Bacup, opp Castletown Drive 15:3115:32
Bacup, by Hoghton Avenue 15:3215:33
Bacup, opp Fire Station 15:3215:33
Bacup, by Sandfield Road Bottom 15:3315:34
Bacup, by Sandfield Rd 15:3315:34
Bacup, by Gladstone Street 15:3515:36
Bacup, by Tong Lane Top 15:3615:37
Bacup, opp Thorn Gardens 15:3715:38
Bacup, by Inkerman Street 15:3815:39
Bacup Union Street (Stop I) 15:3915:40
Bacup Market Street (Stop B) 15:3915:40
Bacup Post Office (Stop F) 15:4015:41
Bacup, by Ash Street 15:40
Bacup, by Holmes Lane 15:41
Bacup, opp Meadows Avenue 15:41
Broad Clough, by Riley Street 15:42
Broad Clough, opp York St 15:43
Broad Clough, by Northern CPS 15:44
Weir, by Plantation View 15:44
Weir Lane (opp) 15:45
Weir, by Richard Street 15:46
Weir, opp Heald Lane 15:46
Weir, opp The Moorlands 15:47
Holme Chapel, by Landfill site 15:51
Cliviger, by Thane Row 15:53
Cliviger, by Rush Hey 15:53
Burnley Wood, opp Picnic Area 15:55
Towneley, by Turning Circle 15:55
Towneley, by Rock Lane 15:56
Burnley Wood, opp Fairholme Rd 15:56
Burnley Wood, by The Woodman 15:57
Burnley Wood, opp Tarleton Avenue 15:57
Burnley Bus Station (Stand 5) 16:03

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