809 - Hazel Grove - Cheadle and Marple College - Marple Hall High School

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches


Hazel Grove - Marple Hall High School

Hazel Grove, opp Cavendish Road 07:24
Hazel Grove, nr Matlock Drive 07:24
Hazel Grove, opp Bowerfield Avenue 07:24
Hazel Grove, nr Lyndhurst Avenue 07:26
Hazel Grove, opp The Pines 07:27
Hazel Grove, at Argyle Street 07:28
Hazel Grove, opp Queens Road 07:28
Hazel Grove, opp Hazel Street 07:30
Hazel Grove, opp Royal Oak 07:31
Hazel Grove, nr Farndon Avenue 07:32
Hazel Grove, nr Clarendon Road 07:32
Torkington, opp Berkley Road 07:34
Torkington, opp Garthland Road 07:35
Torkington, opp Brinkburn Road 07:36
Torkington Road (nr) 07:37
Torkington, nr Highfield Road 07:41
Torkington, opp Avondale Road 07:43
Hazel Grove, at Hazelwood Road 07:43
Hazel Grove Torkington Road (Stop A) 07:44
Hazel Grove Rising Sun (Stop C) 07:45
Hazel Grove Golf Club (o/s) 07:46
Hazel Grove, opp Mill Lane 07:46
Hazel Grove, opp Norbury Hollow Road 07:48
High Lane, opp Threaphurst Lane 07:49
High Lane, nr Royal Oak 07:50
High Lane, o/s Horse Shoe Inn 07:50
High Lane, opp Dog & Partridge 07:51
High Lane, nr Buxton Road 07:53
High Lane, o/s Dog & Partridge 07:53
High Lane, o/s Bull's Head 07:53
High Lane, opp Horse Shoe Inn 07:54
Windlehurst, opp Keswick Road 07:54
Windlehurst, o/s Methodist Church 07:55
Windlehurst, o/s Higherfold Farm 07:56
Windlehurst, o/s Doodfiled Stores 07:57
Hawk Green, at Canal Bridge 07:57
Hawk Green, o/s Windlehurst School 07:58
Hawk Green (at) 07:59
Hawk Green, o/s Goyt Mill 07:59
Marple, opp Brook Drive 08:00
Marple, opp Cotefield Close 08:01
Marple, nr Brindley Avenue 08:02
Marple, o/s Priory House 08:02
Marple Post Office (o/s) 08:04
Marple, nr Cross Lane 08:05
Rose Hill The Drive (Stop B) 08:05
Rose Hill Station (nr) 08:06
Rose Hill, nr Oak Drive 08:07
Rose Hill, nr Marina Drive 08:08
Rose Hill, o/s Marple Hall School 08:10

Marple Hall High School - Hazel Grove

Rose Hill, o/s Marple Hall School 14:10
Rose Hill, nr Hilltop Drive 14:11
Rose Hill Station (opp) 14:13
Rose Hill The Drive (Stop A) 14:15
Marple, nr Bowden Lane 14:16
Marple Swimming Pool (opp) 14:17
Marple, opp Priory House 14:18
Marple, o/s Brindley Avenue 14:20
Marple, nr Cotefield Close 14:20
Marple, nr Brook Drive 14:20
Hawk Green, opp Goyt Mill 14:21
Hawk Green (nr) 14:22
Hawk Green, opp Windlehurst School 14:23
Hawk Green, adj Canal Bridge 14:23
Windlehurst, opp Doodfield Stores 14:25
Windlehurst, opp Higherfold Farm 14:26
Windlehurst, opp Methodist Church 14:27
Windlehurst, nr Keswick Road 14:28
High Lane, nr Horse Shoe Inn 14:30
High Lane, o/s Horse Shoe Inn 14:30
High Lane, opp Dog & Partridge 14:31
High Lane, nr Buxton Road 14:35
High Lane, o/s Dog & Partridge 14:35
High Lane, o/s Bull's Head 14:35
High Lane, opp Royal Oak 14:36
High Lane, opp Threaphurst Lane 14:37
Hazel Grove, nr Norbury Hollow Road 14:38
Hazel Grove, nr Mill Lane 14:40
Hazel Grove Golf Club (opp) 14:41
Hazel Grove Norbury Church (Stop B) 14:43
Hazel Grove, o/s Bulls Head 14:43
Torkington, nr Avondale Road 14:44
Torkington, nr Highfield Road 14:47
Torkington Road (adj) 14:48
Torkington, nr Offerton Road 14:50
Torkington, nr Garthland Road 14:50
Torkington, nr Berkley Road 14:51
Hazel Grove, opp Clarendon Road 14:53
Hazel Grove, o/s St Simon's School 14:54
Hazel Grove, o/s Royal Oak 14:55
Hazel Grove, nr Springfield Avenue 14:57
Hazel Grove, nr Commercial Road 14:57
Hazel Grove, nr Queens Road 14:58
Hazel Grove, o/s Conservative Club 14:58
Hazel Grove, o/s The Pines 14:59
Hazel Grove, nr Shepley Drive 15:00
Hazel Grove, nr Dean Lane 15:01
Hazel Grove, nr Bowerfield Avenue 15:01
Hazel Grove, nr Rutland Road 15:02
Hazel Grove, nr Cavendish Road 15:03

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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