Bus Times

81 - Gillingham - Kilmington - Frome - Trowbridge

A coach service operated by FromeBus

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Gillingham - Kilmington - Frome - Trowbridge

Wyke Laburnum Way (NE-bound) 09:15
Wyke Maple Way (N-bound) 09:15
Wyke, opp Hilmar Drive 09:16
Gillingham Fairey Crescent (E-bound) 09:20
Bay Shreen Way (E-bound) 09:20
Bay Sylvan Way (N-bound) 09:20
Bowridge Hill Shreen Way (N-bound) 09:20
Peacemarsh Downsview Drive (W-bound) 09:21
Peacemarsh Bourne Way (SW-bound) 09:21
Peacemarsh Garage (opp) 09:21
Peacemarsh The Fire Station (N-bound) 09:21
Colesbrook Shires Gate Roundabout (N-bound) 09:21
Milton on Stour War Memorial (N-bound) 09:23
Milton on Stour, opp The Church 09:23
Huntingford Turn (opp) 09:25
Mere The Farm (NW-bound) 09:26
Mere Quarry Park Corner (N-bound) 09:28
Mere Bramley Hill (E-bound) 09:29
Mere Turning Circle (S-bound) 09:30
Mere Bramley Hill (W-bound) 09:30
Zeals Chapel Lane (NE-bound) 09:35
Stourton Bus Shelter (E-bound) 09:40
Kilmington Home Farm (NW-bound) 09:43
Kilmington Cloudlands (N-bound) 09:44
Kilmington, o/s Bus Shelter 09:45
Kilmington The Flats (E-bound) 09:45
Kilmington Old Sawmill (SE-bound) 09:45
Kilmington Brookside (E-bound) 09:46
Norton Ferris, opp Bus Shelter 09:48
Maiden Bradley Bus Shelter (N-bound) 09:53
Horningsham Hollybush (W-bound) 10:01
Horningsham The Common (W-bound) 10:03
W Woodlands Manor Farm (NW-bound) 10:08
Keyford Spar Shop (N-bound) 10:13
Lower Keyford Stevens Lane (N-bound) 10:14
Keyford Locks Hill Surgery (E-bound) 10:14
Frome Market Place (NE-bound) 10:18
Frome North Hill House (NE-bound) 10:18
Frome Windsor Crescent (NE-bound) 10:18
Frome Football Ground (E-bound) 10:19
Frome Selwood School (NE-bound) 10:20
Frome Whitestone Road (NE-bound) 10:20
Frome Wych Elm Road (E-bound) 10:21
Chapmanslade, opp Three Horseshoes 10:28
Chapmanslade The Green (E-bound) 10:28
Chapmanslade Dead Maids Crossroads (NE-bound) 10:28
Westbury Leigh Tower Hill (NE-bound) 10:32
Westbury, nr White Horse Health Centre 10:33
Westbury Gooselands (NE-bound) 10:33
Westbury Leigh Park (NE-bound) 10:34
Westbury The Garage (N-bound) 10:36
Westbury Haynes Road (NW-bound) 10:38
Yarnbrook Woodlands Farm (NW-bound) 10:42
Yarnbrook Crossroads (NW-bound) 10:42
Yarnbrook White Horse Business Park Turn (W-bound) 10:43
Trowbridge White Horse Business Park (N-bound) 10:43
Trowbridge White Horse Business Park (NW-bound) 10:43
Trowbridge Spitfire Retail Park (N-bound) 10:44
Trowbridge, opp B and Q 10:45
Trowbridge Newland Place (N-bound) 10:45
Trowbridge Silver Street Lane (N-bound) 10:46
Trowbridge New Road (N-bound) 10:50
Trowbridge Town Bridge (NE-bound) 10:53
Trowbridge, o/s Manvers House 10:55 12:05
Trowbridge Town Bridge (S-bound) 12:06
Trowbridge Tesco (Car Park) 12:10

Trowbridge - Frome - Kilmington - Gillingham

Trowbridge, o/s Manvers House 13:10
Trowbridge Tesco (behind) 13:15
Trowbridge Town Bridge (S-bound) 13:16
Trowbridge New Road (S-bound) 13:17
Trowbridge Silver Street Lane (N-bound) 13:19
Trowbridge, o/s Newland Place 13:19
Trowbridge, o/s B and Q 13:20
Trowbridge Spitfire Retail Park (S-bound) 13:20
Trowbridge White Horse Business Park (SE-bound) 13:21
Trowbridge White Horse Business Park (S-bound) 13:21
Yarnbrook White Horse Business Park Turn (E-bound) 13:22
Yarnbrook Crossroads (SE-bound) 13:22
Yarnbrook Woodland Farm (SE-bound) 13:23
Westbury Haynes Road (SE-bound) 13:28
Westbury The Garage (S-bound) 13:29
Westbury Leigh Park (SW-bound) 13:32
Westbury Gooselands (NE-bound) 13:32
Westbury, nr White Horse Health Centre 13:33
Westbury Leigh Tower Hill (SW-bound) 13:34
Chapmanslade Dead Maids Crossroads (W-bound) 13:38
Chapmanslade The Green (W-bound) 13:39
Chapmanslade, o/s Three Horseshoes 13:40
Frome Wych Elm Road (W-bound) 13:46
Frome Whitestone Road (SW-bound) 13:47
Frome Selwood School (SW-bound) 13:47
Frome Football Ground (W-bound) 13:48
Frome Windsor Crescent (SW-bound) 13:49
Frome North Hill House (SW-bound) 13:49
Frome Market Place (SW-bound) 13:50
Frome Woodland Road (S-bound) 13:51
Keyford Post Office (S-bound) 13:51
Lower Keyford Sunnyside (S-bound) 13:51
Keyford Locks Hill Surgery (E-bound) 13:52
Lower Keyford Stevens Lane (N-bound) 13:52
Keyford Spar Shop (S-bound) 13:53
W Woodlands Manor Farm (SE-bound) 13:59
Horningsham The Common (E-bound) 14:04
Horningsham Hollybush (SE-bound) 14:04
Maiden Bradley, opp Bus Shelter 14:06
Norton Ferris Bus Shelter (S-bound) 14:12s
Kilmington Brookside (W-bound) 14:15s
Kilmington Old Sawmill (NW-bound) 14:16s
Kilmington The Flats (W-bound) 14:17s
Kilmington, opp Bus Shelter 14:18s
Kilmington Cloudlands (S-bound) 14:18s
Kilmington Home Farm (SE-bound) 14:18s
Stourton, opp Bus Shelter 14:21s
Zeals Chapel Lane (SW-bound) 14:25s
Zeals Chapel Lane (NE-bound) 14:25s
Mere Bramley Hill (E-bound) 14:29s
Mere Turning Circle (S-bound) 14:29s
Mere, opp Clock Tower 14:30
Mere Bramley Hill (W-bound) 14:30s
Mere Quarry Park Corner (S-bound) 14:31s
Mere The Farm (S-bound) 14:33s
Huntingford Turn (S-bound) 14:33s
Milton on Stour The Church (S-bound) 14:35s
Milton on Stour War Memorial (S-bound) 14:36s
Milton on Stour War Memorial (NW-bound) 14:36
Colesbrook Shires Gate Roundabout (S-bound) 14:37s
Peacemarsh, opp The Fire Station 14:37s
Peacemarsh, opp Wessex Way 14:37s
Bay Lodbourne Roundabout (SE-bound) 14:38s
Peacemarsh Garage (opp) 14:38
Peacemarsh Bourne Way (NE-bound) 14:39
Peacemarsh Downsview Drive (E-bound) 14:39
Bowridge Hill Shreen Way (S-bound) 14:39
Bay Sylvan Way (S-bound) 14:39
Bay Shreen Way (W-bound) 14:40
Peacemarsh Bourne Close (W-bound) 14:40
Gillingham Fairey Crescent (W-bound) 14:40
Wyke, opp Hilmar Drive 14:42s
Wyke, opp Maple Way 14:42s
Wyke Laburnum Way (SW-bound) 14:43

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the coach will only stop to drop passengers off

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