Bus Times

811 - Dickens Heath - Hockley Heath via Dingle La Schs

A bus service operated by Grosvenor Coaches


Three May Poles, adj Tythe Barn Lane 07:20
Three May Poles, on Dog Kennel Lane 07:22
Three May Poles Our Lady of the Wayside School 07:23
Three May Poles, before Stratford Rd 07:24
Blossomfield, opp Cranmore Rd 07:24
Blossomfield, opp Longmore Rd 07:25
Blossomfield, adj Charles Rd 07:26
Blossomfield, opp Dingle Lane 07:27
Blossomfield, opp Solihull College 07:28
Solihull, adj Alderbrook Rd 07:29
Solihull Swimming Baths (opp) 07:29
Solihull Station Interchange (Stand B) 07:30
Solihull Swimming Baths (adj) 07:30
Blossomfield, adj Solihull College 07:30
Blossomfield, opp Alderpark Rd 07:31
Blossomfield, adj Dingle Lane 07:31
Blossomfield, opp Charles Rd 07:32
Blossomfield, adj Longmore Rd 07:33
Blossomfield, opp Cranmore Rd 07:33
Three May Poles, after Stratford Rd 07:34
Three May Poles Marshall Lake Rd 07:34
Three May Poles Cranmore Boulevard 07:35
Three May Poles, opp Dog Kennel Lane 07:35
Monkspath Hall Rd (adj) 07:38
Monkspath, opp The Plough 07:38
M (before)onkspath 07:40
Illshaw Heath, adj Gate Lane 07:43
Illshaw Heath, opp Kineton Lane 07:46
Hockley Heath, after Box Trees Rd 07:46
Hockley Heath, opp The Barn Restaurant 07:48
Hockley Heath, opp Aylesbury Rd 07:50
Hockley Heath, adj The Barn Restaurant 07:51
Illshaw Heath, adj Kineton Lane 07:54
Illshaw Heath, opp Gate Lane 07:56
M (after)onkspath 07:59
Monkspath, adj The Plough 08:00
Monkspath Hall Rd (opp) 08:01
Monkspath, adj Highlands Rd 08:02
Monkspath, adj Lakeside Drive 08:03
Monkspath, adj Caldeford Avenue 08:06
Monkspath, adj Hillfield Park 08:08
Widney Hollyberry Ave 08:13
Blossomfield Northdown Rd 08:16
Blossomfield, adj Marshall Lake Rd 08:18
Blossomfield, adj Charles Rd 08:18
Blossomfield Schools (adj) 08:20
Blossomfield, adj St Peters School 08:22

Dickens Heath - Hockley Heath via Dingle La Schs

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