814 - Leigh On Sea - Southend - Shoeburyness - Bournes Green

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex


Bournes Green - Shoeburyness - Southend - Leigh On Sea

Bournes Green, o/s Rose Inn 07:55
Great Wakering Little Wakering Corner (E-bound) 08:00
Great Wakering, o/s The Medical Centre 08:00
Great Wakering, opp The Exhibition 08:01
Great Wakering, adj Lee Lotts 08:02
Great Wakering, opp The Red Lion 08:03
Great Wakering, o/s Church 08:05
Great Wakering, adj Seaview Drive 08:05
Great Wakering, adj Victoria Drive 08:06
Great Wakering Landsdowne Corner (S-bound) 08:07
Great Wakering, o/s MOD Houses 08:07
N Shoebury, opp Constable Way 08:08
N Shoebury Blackgate Road (S-bound) 08:08
Shoeburyness, opp Southchurch Avenue turn 08:09
Shoeburyness Railway Station (opp) 08:10
Shoeburyness High Street (NW-bound) 08:10
Shoeburyness, o/s Customs and Excise 08:10
Shoeburyness, adj Campfield Road 08:11
Shoeburyness Ness Road (S-bound) 08:11
Shoeburyness, o/s The Shore House 08:12
Shoeburyness Thorpe Esplanade (W-bound) 08:13
Thorpe Bay, opp St Augustine's Avenue 08:14
Thorpe Bay Corner (W-bound) 08:15
Thorpe Bay, opp Roslin Hotel 08:15
Southchurch, opp Halfway House PH 08:15
Southchurch, opp Lifstan Way South 08:16
Southchurch, opp Marine Activities Centre 08:17
Southchurch, opp The Castle 08:17
Southend-on-Sea, opp Esplanade House 08:18
Southend-on-Sea, opp Kursaal 08:19
Southend-on-Sea Southchurch Avenue (N-bound) 08:19
Southend-on-Sea, o/s Norman Harris House 08:20
Southend-on-Sea Southend Central Railway Station (Stop M) 08:22
Southend-on-Sea Scratton Road (W-bound) 08:23
Southend-on-Sea, adj Wilson Road 08:24
Westcliff-on-Sea Trinity Avenue (S-bound) 08:25
Westcliff-on-Sea, adj Cliffs Pavilion 08:26
Westcliff-on-Sea, adj Holland Road 08:27
Westcliff-on-Sea Canewdon Road (N-bound) 08:28
Westcliff-on-Sea, opp St Helens Road 08:29
Westcliff-on-Sea Westcliff Plough (Stop B) 08:31
Westcliff-on-Sea, adj Crowstone Road 08:32
Chalkwell, opp Westcliff Library 08:33
Chalkwell Park (o/s) 08:35
Leigh-on-Sea Eastwood Boulevard North (N-bound) 08:39
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s St Thomas Moore School 08:40
Times may vary in line with school finishing times.
Schooldays Only - Check operator website (some journeys Student Only)

Leigh On Sea - Southend - Shoeburyness - Bournes Green

Leigh-on-Sea Westcliff High Schools (Stop C) 15:45
Leigh-on-Sea Eastwood Boulevard North (S-bound) 15:45
Leigh-on-Sea Chalkwell Schools (Stop 2) 15:47
Chalkwell Park (opp) 15:48
Chalkwell Avenue (S-bound) 15:48
Chalkwell, adj Galton Road 15:49
Chalkwell, adj First Avenue 15:50
Chalkwell Shelter (opp) 15:51
Westcliff-on-Sea, opp Crowstone House 15:51
Westcliff-on-Sea Crowstone Avenue (N-bound) 15:52
Westcliff-on-Sea, opp Cobham Road 15:52
Westcliff-on-Sea Railway Station (o/s) 15:53
Westcliff-on-Sea, opp Holland Road 15:54
Westcliff-on-Sea, opp Cliffs Pavilion 15:55
Westcliff-on-Sea, opp Trinity Avenue 15:55
Southend-on-Sea, opp Wilson Road 15:56
Southend-on-Sea Nelson Street (S-bound) 15:57
Southend-on-Sea, adj Alexander Street 15:58
Southend-on-Sea Heygate Avenue (Stop L) 15:58
Southend-on-Sea, opp The Seaway Car park 15:59
Southend-on-Sea, opp Norman Harris House 16:00
Southend-on-Sea Southchurch Avenue (S-bound) 16:00
Southend-on-Sea, adj Burdett Road 16:02
Southend-on-Sea, o/s Esplanade House 16:02
Southchurch, o/s The Castle 16:03
Southchurch, o/s Marine Activities Centre 16:04
Southchurch, adj Lifstan Way South 16:04
Southchurch, o/s Halfway House PH 16:05
Thorpe Bay, o/s Roslin Hotel 16:06
Thorpe Bay Corner (E-bound) 16:07
Thorpe Bay Railway Station (o/s) 16:10
Thorpe Bay, opp Marcus Avenue 16:11
Shoeburyness Thorpedene Library (S-bound) 16:12
Shoeburyness, adj Pentland Avenue 16:15
Shoeburyness, adj Cranley Gardens 16:15
Shoeburyness, opp Waterford Road 16:16
Shoeburyness Ness Road (N-bound) 16:17
Shoeburyness, opp Campfield Road 16:18
Shoeburyness, adj Waterloo Road 16:19
N Shoebury, opp Shoebury Park 16:21
N Shoebury, o/s Shoebury Park 16:22
Shoeburyness, opp Waterloo Road 16:23
Shoeburyness, o/s Shoebury Health Centre 16:25
Shoeburyness, opp Customs and Excise 16:26
Shoeburyness High Street (SE-bound) 16:27
Shoeburyness Railway Station (o/s) 16:28
Shoeburyness, adj Southchurch Avenue turn 16:28
N Shoebury Blackgate Road (N-bound) 16:28
N Shoebury, adj Constable Way 16:28
Great Wakering, opp MOD Houses 16:29
Great Wakering Landsdowne Corner (E-bound) 16:29
Great Wakering, opp Victoria Drive 16:30
Great Wakering, opp Seaview Drive 16:30
Great Wakering, opp Church 16:31
Great Wakering, o/s The Red Lion 16:31
Great Wakering, opp Lee Lotts 16:32
Great Wakering, o/s The Exhibition 16:32
Great Wakering, opp The Medical Centre 16:33
Great Wakering Little Wakering Corner (W-bound) 16:34
Great Wakering, adj Star Lane Industrial Estate 16:34
N Shoebury Poynters Lane (W-bound) 16:36
N Shoebury North Shoebury Corner (W-bound) 16:38
Bournes Green, adj Maplin Way North 16:38
Bournes Green, adj Brankscombe Walk 16:39
Bournes Green LA Fitness (W-bound) 16:40
Times may vary in line with school finishing times.
Schooldays Only - Check operator website (some journeys Student Only)

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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