83 - Stourton - Horningsham - Salisbury

A bus service operated by FromeBus



Stourton - Horningsham - Salisbury

Stourton Bus Shelter (E-bound) 09:10
Kilmington Home Farm (NW-bound) 09:15
Kilmington Cloudlands (N-bound) 09:17
Kilmington, o/s Bus Shelter 09:18
Kilmington The Flats (E-bound) 09:18
Kilmington Old Sawmill (SE-bound) 09:18
Kilmington Brookside (E-bound) 09:19
Norton Ferris, opp Bus Shelter 09:22
Maiden Bradley Bus Shelter (N-bound) 09:30
Horningsham The Common (W-bound) 09:35
Horningsham Post Office (S-bound) 09:35
Horningsham Hollybush (SE-bound) 09:37
Crockerton Bus Shelter (N-bound) 09:42
Longbridge Deverill House (SE-bound) 09:44
Longbridge Deverill, nr The George 09:45
Longbridge Deverill Filling Station (E-bound) 09:45
Longbridge Deverill Deverill Tractors (E-bound) 09:46
Sutton Veny The Farm (E-bound) 09:49
Sutton Veny Greenhill Gardens (E-bound) 09:50
Knook, o/s Camp Gate 09:54
Knook Turn (SE-bound) 09:54
Upton Lovell Upton Folly (SE-bound) 09:55
Codford Toran Restaurant (SE-bound) 09:56
Codford Corton Turn (SE-bound) 09:57
Fisherton de la Mere Manor Farm (E-bound) 10:01
Deptford Wincanton Turn (E-bound) 10:02
Deptford Great Bathampton Farm (SE-bound) 10:03
Steeple Langford Rainbows End (SE-bound) 10:05
Stapleford, opp Pelican Inn 10:08
Stoford Bridge Shelter (S-bound) 10:10
Stoford, opp Village Hall 10:10
S Newton Bus Shelter (S-bound) 10:11
S Newton East End (SE-bound) 10:12
S Newton, o/s White Cottages 10:12
Quidhampton Plough Cottage (S-bound) 10:13
Wilton, o/s Kingsway Trading Estate 10:14
Wilton Shopping Village (E-bound) 10:14
Wilton Roundabout (SE-bound) 10:15
Wilton Fugglestone (E-bound) 10:15
Quidhampton Traffic Lights (E-bound) 10:16
Quidhampton White Horse Gate (E-bound) 10:17
Quidhampton Foots Hill (E-bound) 10:18
Bemerton Skew Bridge (E-bound) 10:22
Bemerton Canadian Avenue (SE-bound) 10:22
Salisbury University Technical College (E-bound) 10:23
Salisbury Fountain Way (E-bound) 10:24
Salisbury Windsor Street (E-bound) 10:25
Salisbury Fisherton Street (Rail) (SE-bound) 10:26
Salisbury Hayters Almshouses (E-bound) 10:26
Salisbury United Reform Church (SE-bound) 10:27
Salisbury New Canal (W-bound) 10:30

Salisbury - Horningsham - Stourton

Salisbury New Canal (W-bound) 13:45
Salisbury Clock Tower (NW-bound) 13:45
Salisbury Water Lane (NW-bound) 13:45
Salisbury Fisherton Street (Rail) (NW-bound) 13:46
Salisbury Windsor Street (W-bound) 13:46
Salisbury Fountain Way (W-bound) 13:47
Salisbury University Technical College (W-bound) 13:48
Bemerton Canadian Avenue (NW-bound) 13:48
Bemerton Skew Bridge (W-bound) 13:49
Quidhampton Skew Road (W-bound) 13:51
Quidhampton White Horse Gate (W-bound) 13:52
Wilton Fugglestone (W-bound) 13:53
Wilton Shopping Village (NW-bound) 13:55
Wilton, opp Kingsway Trading Estate 13:55
Quidhampton Plough Cottage (N-bound) 13:56
S Newton, opp White Cottages 13:57
S Newton East End (NW-bound) 13:57
S Newton Bus Shelter (N-bound) 13:58
Stoford, o/s Village Hall 13:58
Stoford Bridge Shelter (N-bound) 13:59
Stapleford Pelican Inn (W-bound) 14:01
Steeple Langford Rainbows End (NW-bound) 14:03
Steeple Langford Ballington Manor (NW-bound) 14:05
Deptford Flyover (W-bound) 14:06
Deptford Wincanton Turn (W-bound) 14:07
Fisherton de la Mere Manor Farm (W-bound) 14:08
Codford Corton Turn (NW-bound) 14:12
Codford Toran Restaurant (NW-bound) 14:12
Upton Lovell Upton Folly (W-bound) 14:13
Knook Turn (NW-bound) 14:14
Knook, opp Camp Gate 14:15
Sutton Veny The Farm (W-bound) 14:19
Sutton Veny Geenhill Gardens (W-bound) 14:20
Longbridge Deverill Deverill Tractors (W-bound) 14:23
Longbridge Deverill Filling Station (W-bound) 14:25
Longbridge Deverill House (N-bound) 14:25
Crockerton Bus Shelter (N-bound) 14:28
Horningsham Hollybush (W-bound) 14:35
Horningsham Post Office (N-bound) 14:37
Horningsham Bath Arms (N-bound) 14:38
Horningsham Cock Road (W-bound) 14:39
Maiden Bradley, opp Bus Shelter 14:43s
Norton Ferris Bus Shelter (S-bound) 14:48s
Kilmington Brookside (W-bound) 14:50s
Kilmington Old Sawmill (NW-bound) 14:51s
Kilmington The Flats (W-bound) 14:51s
Kilmington, opp Bus Shelter 14:52s
Kilmington Cloudlands (S-bound) 14:52s
Kilmington Home Farm (SE-bound) 14:54s
Stourton, opp Bus Shelter 15:00

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Frome Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 25 February 2021

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