83 - Thetford Town Circular

A bus service operated by Coach Services


Thetford Bus Interchange (Stand A) 07:15then every 30 minutes until15:4516:15then every 30 minutes until18:15
Thetford, opp Grove Lane 07:1515:4516:1518:15
Thetford, opp Deer's Leap 07:1615:4616:1618:16
Thetford, adj Glebe Close 07:1715:4716:1718:17
Thetford, adj Leisure Centre 07:1815:4816:1818:18
Thetford, opp Fairfields 07:1915:4916:1918:19
Thetford, adj Barclay Close 07:2015:5016:2018:20
Thetford, adj Edith Cavell Close 07:2015:5016:2018:20
Thetford, adj Elizabeth Fry Close 07:2015:5016:2018:20
Thetford, adj Rosemary Musker School 07:2115:5116:2118:21
Thetford, adj Woodlands Drive 07:2115:5116:2118:21
Thetford, adj Fairfields 07:2215:5216:2218:22
Thetford, opp Leisure Centre 07:2315:5316:2318:23
Thetford, opp Church 07:2415:5416:2418:24
Thetford, opp Church 07:2515:5516:2518:25
Thetford, adj Mountbatten Close 07:2815:5816:2818:28
Thetford, opp Frobisher Close 07:2815:5816:2818:28
Thetford, adj Duncan Close 07:2815:5816:2818:28
Thetford, opp Beatty Close 07:2815:5816:2818:28
Thetford, adj Churchill Road 07:2815:5816:2818:28
Thetford, opp Brettenham Road 07:2815:5816:2818:28
Thetford, adj Tesco Superstore 07:3016:0016:3018:30
Thetford, adj Alder Covert 07:3316:0316:3318:33
Thetford, opp Yarrow Close 07:3416:0416:3418:34
Thetford, adj Jasmine Close 07:3516:0516:3518:35
Thetford, adj Foxglove Road 07:3616:0616:3618:36
Thetford, opp Rosecroft Way 07:3716:0716:3718:37
Thetford, adj Aldi 07:3816:0816:3818:38
Thetford Bus Interchange (Stand B) 07:4016:1016:4018:40
Thetford, opp Saxon Place 07:4216:1216:4218:42
Thetford, opp Fulmerston Close 07:4216:1216:4218:42
Thetford, opp Kimms Belt 07:4216:1216:4218:42
Thetford, adj Elm Road 07:4216:12
Thetford Elm Road (o/s 23) 07:4216:12
Thetford, adj Elm Road School 07:4316:13
Thetford, adj Ash Close 07:4316:13
Thetford, adj Fir Road 07:4316:13
Thetford, opp Elm Road 07:4316:13
Thetford, opp Mingay Road 07:4716:1716:4718:47
Thetford, adj Sainsburys 07:5216:2216:5218:52
Thetford, adj Canons Walk 07:5416:2416:5418:54
Thetford, adj St Johns Way 07:5416:2416:5418:54
Thetford, adj MacKenzie Road 07:5516:2516:5518:55
Thetford, adj Coventry Way 07:5816:2816:5818:58
Thetford, adj Edinburgh Way 07:5816:2816:5818:58
Thetford, adj Ripon Way 07:5816:2816:5818:58
Thetford, opp Monksgate 07:5816:2816:5818:58
Thetford, opp Priory Park 08:0116:3117:0119:01
Thetford Bus Interchange (Stand A) 08:0316:3317:0319:03

Timetable data from Coach Services/Bus Open Data Service, 20 September 2022. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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