83A - Heworth - Chester le Street

A bus service operated by Gateshead Central Taxis


Monday to Friday

Heworth Interchange (E) 06:15
Heworth Felling By-Pass (SE-bound) 06:15
Heworth Felling Bypass-Ennerdale (SE-bound) 06:16
Heworth Felling Bypass-Henderson Gardens (SE-bound) 06:17
Wardley Sunderland Road - Kirkwood Gardens (E-bound) 06:18
Leam Lane Lingey Lane-St Georges Court (S-bound) 06:19
Leam Lane Lingey Lane-Montrose Drive (S-bound) 06:19
Leam Lane New Road (S-bound) 06:20
Follingsby Roundabout (SE-bound) 06:21
Usworth Stephenson Road-School (W-bound) 06:23
Usworth Heworth Road-School (S-bound) 06:24
Usworth Heworth Road-Douglas Terrace (S-bound) 06:25
Concord Heworth Road-The Drive (S-bound) 06:26
Concord Bus Station (B) 06:27
Albany Way - Borrowdale (S-bound) 06:27
Albany Way - Windlass Lane (S-bound) 06:29
Washington Retail Park (SW-bound) 06:31
Washington Galleries Bus Station (C) 06:32
Washington Police Link Road - Leisure Centre (NE-bound) 06:33
Biddick Titchfield Road (SE-bound) 06:34
Biddick Easby Road (SE-bound) 06:35
Biddick Parkway-Glastonbury (SE-bound) 06:35
Fatfield Washington Arts Centre (E-bound) 06:36
Fatfield Fallowfield Way-Footbridge (NE-bound) 06:36
Fatfield Fallowfield Way-Farrier Close (SE-bound) 06:37
Fatfield Fallowfield Way - Fernlea Close (SW-bound) 06:38
Fatfield Fallowfield Way-Rivermead (SW-bound) 06:39
Fatfield Station Road - Worm Hill Terrace (SE-bound) 06:40
Fatfield Bonemill Lane - Station Road (S-bound) 06:41
Fatfield Bonemill Lane-James Steel Park (SW-bound) 06:41
Fatfield Bonemill Lane - Biddick Lane (W-bound) 06:42
Harraton (W-bound) 06:43
Harraton Vigo Lane-Sycamore Avenue (W-bound) 06:43
Rickleton Vigo Lane-Harwood Close (SW-bound) 06:44
Rickleton Vigo Lane (SW-bound) 06:46
Rickleton Vigo Lane-Cricket Ground (NW-bound) 06:46
Rickleton Washington Hospital (N-bound) 06:48
Barley Mow Vigo Lane-Eskdale (W-bound) 06:49
Barley Mow Vigo Lane-Bedford Avenue (W-bound) 06:50
Barley Mow Durham Road - Drum Road (S-bound) 06:51
Chester-le-Street North Lodge Estate (S-bound) 06:52
Chester-le-Street Lambton Worm PH (S-bound) 06:52
Chester-le-Street Park Road - Newcastle Road (SE-bound) 06:53
Chester-le-Street Park Road North - Broadway (SE-bound) 06:54
Chester-le-Street Picktree Lane Bus Depot (SW-bound) 06:55
Chester-le-Street Front Street (C) 06:56

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Gateshead Central Taxis