843 - King Edward VI Handsworth - Roughley

A bus service operated by The Green Bus Service

Roughley - King Edward VI Handsworth

Roughley Farm (after) 06:55
Roughley, opp Aulton Rd 06:56
Roughley, adj Heath Croft Rd 06:56
Whitehouse Common, opp Ashfurlong Clinic 06:58
Whitehouse Common, adj Ludford Close 06:59
Whitehouse Common, opp Barnard Rd 07:00
Whitehouse Common, after Rectory Rd 07:00
Reddicap Heath, opp St Chads Church 07:01
Reddicap Heath Reddicap Tavern 07:01
Reddicap Heath, before Sir Alfreds Way 07:02
Reddicap Heath, opp New Hall Drive 07:02
Reddicap Heath, before Signal Hayes Rd 07:03
Walmley, adj Cater Drive 07:03
Walmley, adj Shottery Grove 07:03
Walmley, after Fox Hollies Rd 07:04
Walmley, after Penns Lane 07:05
Walmley, adj Orton Avenue 07:06
Walmley, adj Westlands Rd 07:09
Pype Hayes, adj Bonner Drive 07:10
Pype Hayes, adj Hansons Bridge Rd 07:12
Pype Hayes, adj Elmfield Avenue 07:13
Pype Hayes, after Humberstone Road 07:15
Pype Hayes, opp The Bagot Arms 07:15
Pype Hayes, adj Egerton Rd 07:16
Pype Hayes, adj Sorrell Grove 07:16
Pype Hayes Road (after) 07:17
Bromford, before Kingsbury Rd 07:18
Fort Shopping Centre Tyburn Rd 07:18
Fort Shopping Centre, opp Tolworth Hall Rd 07:19
Erdington, opp Spring Lane 07:21
Erdington, adj Bromford Lane 07:21
Erdington, adj Bromford Crescent 07:22
Fort Shopping Centre, before Tyburn Rd 07:23
Fort Shopping Centre, after Wood Lane 07:23
Fort Shopping Centre, adj Wheelwright Rd 07:24
Bromford Bridge, before Motorway Bridge 07:25
Bromford Bridge, opp The Bromford 07:26
Bromford Bridge, adj The Bromford 07:27
Bromford Bridge, nr St Margarets Avenue 07:27
Ward End, opp St Margarets Rd 07:28
Ward End, adj Old Bromford Lane 07:29
Ward End, adj Brockhurst Rd 07:30
Ward End, opp The Fox & Goose 07:31
Ward End, opp Twyford Rd 07:32
Ward End, opp Foley Rd 07:34
Ward End, adj St Agatha's Rd 07:35
Alum Rock, adj Sladefield Rd 07:37
Washwood Heath, opp Library 07:38
Washwood Heath, opp Drews Lane 07:40
Washwood Heath, opp Common Lane 07:41
Washwood Heath, adj Highfield Rd 07:43
Washwood Heath, adj Wright Rd 07:45
Washwood Heath, opp Sandway Gardens 07:46
Washwood Heath, opp Hutton Rd 07:46
Saltley Gate (before) 07:47
Saltley Trading Estate (adj) 07:48
Saltley, opp Nechells Place 07:49
Nechells Green, opp Bloomsbury St 07:51
Nechells Green, opp Hyssop Close 07:52
Nechells Green, adj Nechells Sports Centre 07:53
Nechells Green, after Hyssop Close 07:54
Aston, opp Cheston Rd 07:55
Aston Waterlinks Park 07:56
Aston Cross (before) 07:57
Aston, after Park Circus 07:59
Aston, before Bevington Road 08:00
Newtown, adj Selston Rd 08:02
Newtown, before Six Ways Aston 08:03
Newtown, after Six Ways Aston 08:04
Lozells St (opp) 08:05
Lozells, opp Mayfield Rd 08:07
Lozells, opp Villa Cross 08:08
Lozells, before Villa Cross 08:10
Lozells, before Soho Rd 08:11
Lozells, adj King Edward School 08:12
Service is available to the general public.

King Edward VI Handsworth - Roughley

Lozells, adj King Edward School 15:45
Lozells, adj Rose Hill Rd 15:45
Lozells, after Soho Rd 15:46
Lozells, after Villa Cross 15:48
Lozells, adj Villa Cross 15:49
Lozells, adj Mayfield Rd 15:50
Lozells St (adj) 15:52
Newtown, before Six Ways Aston 15:54
Newtown, after Six Ways Aston 15:55
Newtown, opp Selston Rd 15:57
Aston, after Bevington Road 16:00
Aston, opp Brookyn Avenue 16:00
Aston Cross (after) 16:02
Aston, adj Cheston Rd 16:04
Nechells Green, before Hyssop Close 16:06
Nechells Green, opp Nechells Sports Centre 16:06
Nechells Green, adj Hyssop Close 16:07
Nechells Green, adj Bloomsbury St 16:08
Saltley, adj Nechells Place 16:10
Saltley Gate 16:12
Washwood Heath, adj Hutton Rd 16:13
Washwood Heath, adj Sandway Gardens 16:13
Washwood Heath, opp Wright Rd 16:15
Washwood Heath, opp Highfield Rd 16:16
Washwood Heath, adj Common Lane 16:16
Washwood Heath, adj Drews Lane 16:17
Washwood Heath, adj Library 16:19
Alum Rock, opp Sladefield Rd 16:20
Ward End, opp St Agatha's Rd 16:21
Ward End, adj Foley Rd 16:22
Ward End, adj The Fox & Goose 16:24
Ward End, after Fox & Goose 16:25
Ward End, opp Old Bromford Lane 16:25
Ward End, adj St Margarets Rd 16:26
Bromford Bridge, adj St Margarets Avenue 16:27
Bromford Bridge, before The Bromford 16:28
Bromford Bridge, adj The Bromford 16:28
Bromford Bridge, after Motorway Bridge 16:30
Fort Shopping Centre, opp Wheelwright Rd 16:30
Fort Shopping Centre, after Tyburn Rd 16:31
Erdington, opp Bromford Crescent 16:32
Erdington, opp Bromford Lane 16:33
Erdington, adj Spring Lane 16:34
Fort Shopping Centre, adj Tolworth Hall Rd 16:35
Fort Shopping Centre, before Tyburn Rd 16:36
Bromford, after Kingsbury Rd 16:36
Pype Hayes Road (before) 16:37
Pype Hayes, opp Sorrell Grove 16:38
Pype Hayes, opp Egerton Rd 16:38
Pype Hayes, opp The Bagot Arms 16:39
Pype Hayes, before Humberstone Road 16:40
Pype Hayes, opp Elmfield Avenue 16:40
Pype Hayes, opp Hansons Bridge Rd 16:41
Pype Hayes, opp Bonner Drive 16:41
Walmley, after Westlands Rd 16:42
Walmley, opp Orton Avenue 16:43
Walmley, adj Penns Lane 16:45
Walmley, after The Fox Inn 16:45
Walmley, opp Shottery Grove 16:46
Walmley, opp Cater Drive 16:47
Reddicap Heath, after Signal Hayes Rd 16:47
Reddicap Heath, adj New Hall Drive 16:48
Reddicap Heath, adj Sir Alfreds Way 16:49
Reddicap Heath, adj Walmley Rd 16:49
Reddicap Heath, after Post Office 16:50
Reddicap Heath, adj St Chads Church 16:50
Whitehouse Common, after Hollyfield Road 16:51
Whitehouse Common, adj Barnard Rd 16:53
Whitehouse Common, opp Ludford Close 16:54
Whitehouse Common, adj Ashfurlong Clinic 16:55
Roughley, opp Heath Croft Rd 16:57
Roughley, adj Aulton Rd 16:58
Roughley Farm (after) 17:00
Service is available to the general public.

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