844 - King Edward VI Handsworth - Sheldon

A bus service operated by The Green Bus Service


Hobs Moat, after Old Lode Lane 06:53
Hobs Moat, opp Melton Avenue 06:53
Hobs Moat, opp Ulleries Rd 06:54
Hobs Moat, opp Hob's Meadow 06:54
Hobs Moat, adj Old Lode Lane 06:55
Hobs Moat Dovehouse Lane 06:56
Lode Heath, opp Henley Crescent 06:57
Lode Heath, adj Rowood Drive 06:58
Lode Heath School (opp) 06:59
Lode Heath, opp Hermitage Rd 07:00
Kineton Green, adj Broad Oaks Rd 07:03
Ulverley Green, adj Grange Rd 07:04
Ulverley Green, opp Reservoir Rd 07:05
Olton, nr Ulverley Green Rd 07:07
Olton, adj Warwick Grove 07:09
Olton, adj Brookvale Rd 07:10
Acock’s Green Culham Close 07:11
Acock’s Green, opp Oxford Rd 07:13
Acock’s Green Station Rd (Stop AF) 07:14
Acock’s Green Sherbourne Rd (Stop AQ) 07:15
Acocks Green Rail Stn (Stop AB) 07:17
Stockfield, adj Elmdon Rd 07:17
Stockfield, opp Francis Rd 07:18
Stockfield, adj Mansfield Rd 07:19
S Yardley, opp Yardley Cemetery 07:20
S Yardley, before Coventry Road 07:22
S Yardley, after Swan Island 07:23
S Yardley, opp Clay Lane 07:23
Yardley, after Sunnymead Rd 07:24
Lyndon Green, opp Manor House Rd 07:24
Cockshut Hill, before Barrows Lane 07:25
Yardley, adj Digbeth in the Field 07:26
Yardley, adj Elmcroft Rd 07:26
Yardley, before Harvey Road 07:27
Yardley, before Church Rd 07:27
Yardley, adj Foliot Fields 07:28
Yardley, nr Blakesley Hall 07:28
Stechford, opp Vicarage Rd 07:30
Stechford, opp Station Rd 07:30
Stechford, adj Stuarts Rd 07:31
Stechford, after Richmond Rd 07:32
Stechford, adj Upton Rd 07:33
Alum Rock, adj Little Bromwich Rd 07:35
Alum Rock Kenwood Rd (Stop HH) 07:36
Alum Rock Alston Rd (Stop HJ) 07:37
Alum Rock, adj Belchers Lane 07:38
Bordesley Green, adj Marchmont Rd 07:40
Bordesley Green, adj Blake Lane 07:41
Bordesley Green, opp Fordrough Lane 07:43
Bordesley Green, adj Imperial Rd 07:44
Bordesley Green, adj Charles Rd 07:44
Bordesley Green, adj Pikewater Rd 07:45
Bordesley Green (after) 07:46
Bordesley Green, opp Ronald Rd 07:46
Adderley Park, opp Burbidge Rd 07:47
Adderley Park, adj Arden Rd 07:48
Duddeston Hall Rd 07:49
Duddeston, before Crawford Street 07:50
Saltley, before Alum Rock Rd 07:51
Saltley Trading Estate (adj) 07:51
Nechells, opp The Villa Tavern 07:55
Aston, after Park Circus 07:59
Aston, before Bevington Road 08:00
Newtown, adj Selston Rd 08:01
Newtown, before Six Ways Aston 08:02
Newtown, after Six Ways Aston 08:03
Lozells St (opp) 08:04
Lozells, opp Mayfield Rd 08:06
Lozells, opp Villa Cross 08:07
Lozells, before Villa Cross 08:08
Lozells, before Soho Rd 08:09
Lozells, adj King Edward School 08:10
Service is available to the general public.


Lozells, adj King Edward School 15:45
Lozells, after Soho Rd 15:45
Lozells, after Villa Cross 15:47
Lozells, adj Villa Cross 15:49
Lozells, adj Mayfield Rd 15:50
Lozells St (adj) 15:52
Newtown, adj Wheeler St 15:53
Newtown, before Six Ways Aston 15:54
Newtown, after Six Ways Aston 15:55
Newtown, opp Selston Rd 15:57
Aston, after Bevington Road 16:00
Aston, before Park Circus 16:00
Nechells, adj The Villa Tavern 16:05
Saltley Trading Estate (opp) 16:08
Saltley, after Alum Rock Rd 16:09
Saltley, adj Adderley Gardens 16:10
Duddeston, after Crawford Street 16:10
Duddeston, after Adderley Road 16:10
Duddeston, adj Hall Rd 16:11
Adderley Park, after Adderley Rd 16:12
Adderley Park, adj Burbidge Rd 16:13
Bordesley Green, adj Ronald Rd 16:14
Bordesley Green (before) 16:15
Bordesley Green, adj Pikewater Rd 16:15
Bordesley Green, opp Charles Rd 16:15
Bordesley Green, opp Imperial Rd 16:16
Bordesley Green, adj Fordrough Lane 16:16
Bordesley Green, opp Blake Lane 16:17
Bordesley Green, opp Marchmont Rd 16:18
Alum Rock, opp Belchers Lane 16:19
Alum Rock Alston Rd (Stop HC) 16:20
Alum Rock Kenwood Rd (Stop HD) 16:20
Alum Rock, after Little Bromwich Rd 16:21
Stechford, opp Upton Rd 16:22
Stechford, before Richmond Rd 16:23
Stechford, opp Stuarts Rd 16:23
Stechford, adj Vicarage Rd 16:25
Yardley, before Blakesley Hall 16:26
Yardley, opp Foliot Fields 16:27
Yardley, after Church Rd 16:28
Yardley, after Harvey Road 16:29
Yardley, opp Elmcroft Rd 16:29
Yardley, opp Digbeth in the Field 16:30
Cockshut Hill, opp Ollerton Rd 16:30
Lyndon Green, adj Manor House Rd 16:31
Yardley, before Sunnymead Rd 16:32
S Yardley, before Swan Island 16:35
S Yardley, after Coventry Road 16:35
S Yardley, adj Yardley Cemetery 16:37
Stockfield, opp Mansfield Rd 16:39
Stockfield, adj Francis Rd 16:40
Stockfield, opp Elmdon Rd 16:42
Acock’s Green Sherbourne Rd (Stop AC) 16:45
Acock’s Green, opp Primary School 16:46
Acock’s Green Station Rd (Stop AE) 16:47
Acock’s Green, adj Oxford Rd 16:48
Acock’s Green, adj Lincoln Rd 16:51
Olton, opp Brookvale Rd 16:52
Olton, adj Ulverley Green Rd 16:55
Ulverley Green, adj Reservoir Rd 16:57
Ulverley Green, opp Grange Rd 16:59
Kineton Green, opp Broad Oaks Rd 17:01
Lode Heath, opp Hermitage Rd 17:07
Lode Heath School (adj) 17:07
Lode Heath, opp Rowood Drive 17:08
Lode Heath, adj Henley Crescent 17:09
Hobs Moat, after Dovehouse Lane 17:11
Hobs Moat, opp Old Lode Lane 17:11
Hobs Moat, adj Hob's Meadow 17:12
Hobs Moat, adj Ulleries Rd 17:13
Hobs Moat, adj Solihull Ice Rink 17:13
Hobs Moat, adj Melton Avenue 17:14
Hobs Moat, before Old Lode Lane 17:15
Service is available to the general public.

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