847 - King Edward VI Aston - Selly Oak

A bus service operated by The Green Bus Service

Selly Oak - King Edward VI Aston

Selly Oak Raddlebarn Rd (Stop SF) 06:53
Bournville, adj Acacia Rd 06:54
Bournville, opp Woodbrooke Rd 06:56
Bournville Lane (after) 06:57
Bournville, after Mary Vale Rd 06:58
Cotteridge, adj Franklin Rd 07:00
Cotteridge Pershore Rd (Stop CH) 07:02
Cotteridge Island (Stop CM) 07:03
Cotteridge, after Station Road 07:04
Wychall, before Longfellow Road 07:05
Wychall, after Stepwood Croft 07:06
Wychall, after Middleton Hall Rd 07:06
Wychall, adj Lindsey Avenue 07:07
Wychall, opp Hole Lane 07:08
Northfield, adj Woodland Rd 07:09
Northfield, adj Church Rd 07:10
Northfield, adj Bell Holloway 07:11
Northfield, opp Whitehill Lane 07:12
Northfield, adj Meadow Brook Rd 07:13
Shenley Fields, adj Wistaria Close 07:13
Shenley Fields, opp Shenley Gardens 07:14
Shenley Fields, adj Shenley Court School 07:15
Weoley Castle, adj Overfield Drive 07:18
California, opp Alwold Rd 07:19
California, before Stonehouse Lane 07:20
California Way (adj) 07:20
Harts Green, opp Quinton Rd 07:24
Harts Green, adj Wyckham Close 07:26
Harts Green, adj Fredas Grove 07:27
Harts Green, adj Fellows Lane 07:29
Harts Green, adj Milford Rd 07:30
Harborne, adj Serpentine Rd 07:32
Harborne, before Greenfield Rd 07:33
Harborne Junction (after) 07:34
Harborne, opp York St 07:36
Rotton Park, adj Deblen Drive 07:43
Rotton Park, before Stanmore Rd 07:44
Rotton Park, after George Dixon School 07:46
Rotton Park, opp Ravenshaw Rd 07:47
Rotton Park, adj Shenstone Rd 07:47
Rotton Park Rd (adj) 07:48
Rotton Park, opp Selwyn Rd 07:49
Rotton Park, opp Summerfield Park 07:50
Rotton Park Summerfield Park (Stop CH) 07:51
Winson Green, adj Heath St 07:52
Winson Green, opp Aberdeen St 07:52
Winson Green Prison (opp) 07:53
Winson Green, before Foundry Rd 07:54
Winson Green Prison (opp) 07:54
Winson Green, adj Bacchus Road 07:55
Lozells, after Soho Rd 08:00
Lozells, after Villa Cross 08:01
Lozells, adj Villa Cross 08:02
Lozells, adj Mayfield Rd 08:04
Lozells St (adj) 08:05
Newtown, adj Wheeler St 08:06
Newtown, before Six Ways Aston 08:07
Newtown, after Six Ways Aston 08:08
Newtown, opp Selston Rd 08:09
Aston, after Bevington Road 08:12
Service is available to the general public.

King Edward VI Aston - Selly Oak

Aston, before Bevington Road 15:45
Newtown, opp Selston Rd 15:47
Newtown Six Ways Aston 15:48
Newtown, before Six Ways Aston 15:50
Newtown, adj Wheeler St 15:51
Lozells St (adj) 15:52
Lozells, adj Mayfield Rd 15:54
Lozells, adj Villa Cross 15:56
Lozells, after Villa Cross 15:57
Lozells, adj King Edward School 16:00
Winson Green, opp Bacchus Road 16:04
Winson Green Prison (on) 16:05
Winson Green Prison (adj) 16:06
Winson Green, adj Aberdeen St 16:07
Winson Green, opp Heath St 16:08
Rotton Park Summerfield Park (Stop CG) 16:09
Rotton Park, adj Selwyn Rd 16:11
Rotton Park Rd (after) 16:12
Rotton Park, opp Shenstone Rd 16:13
Rotton Park, adj Ravenshaw Rd 16:13
Rotton Park, adj City Rd 16:15
Rotton Park, after Stanmore Rd 16:16
Harborne, after Metchley Lane 16:25
Harborne, after York St 16:26
Harborne Junction (nr) 16:27
Harborne, adj Greenfield Rd 16:27
Harborne, adj Albert Road 16:28
Harts Green, opp Milford Rd 16:29
Harts Green, opp Fellows Lane 16:30
Harts Green, opp Fredas Grove 16:31
Harts Green, opp Wyckham Close 16:32
Harts Green, adj Quinton Rd 16:33
California, after Stonehouse Lane 16:36
Weoley Castle, opp Overfield Drive 16:37
Woodcock Hill, adj Inglemere Grove 16:40
Shenley Fields, opp Shenley Court School 16:41
Shenley Fields, adj Shenley Gardens 16:42
Shenley Fields, opp Wistaria Close 16:43
Northfield, opp Meadow Brook Rd 16:44
Northfield, adj Whitehill Lane 16:44
Northfield Baths (adj) 16:48
Northfield, opp Church Rd 16:50
Northfield, opp Woodland Rd 16:51
Wychall, adj Hole Lane 16:53
Wychall, opp Lindsey Avenue 16:54
Wychall, before Middleton Hall Rd 16:55
Wychall, before Stepwood Croft 16:55
Wychall, opp Longfellow Road 16:56
Cotteridge Island (Stop CE) 17:01
Cotteridge Pershore Rd (Stop CG) 17:01
Cotteridge, after Franklin Rd 17:03
Bournville, adj Mary Vale Rd 17:05
Bournville Lane (adj) 17:06
Bournville, adj Woodbrooke Rd 17:07
Bournville, opp Acacia Rd 17:09
Selly Oak, after Raddlebarn Rd 17:11
Service is available to the general public.

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