849 - Oasis Academy - Higher Blackley Vic Ave/Cecil Rd

A bus service operated by First Greater Manchester


Hollins, o/s Oasis Academy Oldham 14:45
Hollins, o/s Oasis Academy Oldham 15:00
Hollins, nr Oak Road 15:00
Hollins, opp Chapel Road 15:01
Hollinwood, nr Hawthorn Road 15:01
Hollinwood, o/s Morrisons 15:04
White Gate, opp Learning Centre 15:05
New Moston, nr Scholes Drive 15:06
New Moston, nr Broadway 15:07
New Moston Junior School (opp) 15:07
New Moston, nr Hawthorn Road 15:08
New Moston Shops (opp) 15:09
New Moston, opp Parkhurst Avenue 15:10
New Moston, opp Library 15:11
New Moston, opp Broadway 15:11
New Moston, nr The Fairway 15:12
Moston, nr St Mary's Road 15:12
Moston, nr Arden Grove 15:14
Moston, nr Tymm Street 15:15
Moston, nr Dresden Street 15:16
Moston, opp St Mary's Nursing Home 15:16
Moston, nr Kenyon Lane 15:18
Moston, opp Deanway 15:19
Moston, nr Lily Lane 15:20
Moston, o/s Ben Brierley 15:21
Moston, opp Ben Brierley 15:22
Moston, o/s Blue Bell 15:23
Moston Cemetery (opp) 15:23
Moston, nr Horncastle Road 15:25
Moston, opp Broadhurst Fields 15:25
Charlestown Road (cnr) 15:26
Charlestown, nr Moston Lane 15:27
The Charlestown (o/s) 15:28
Charlestown, opp White Moss Shops 15:29
Charlestown, opp Booth Hall Road 15:30
Charlestown Road (adj) 15:31
Charlestown, nr Hall Moss Road 15:31
Charlestown, opp Children's Centre 15:32
Charlestown, opp Mossfield Road 15:33
Charlestown, opp Kirkway 15:33
Higher Blackley, nr Newcliffe Road 15:34
Higher Blackley, opp Amesbury Road 15:34
Higher Blackley, nr Benmore Road 15:35
Blackley, nr Haverfield Road 15:36
Blackley, opp Grasdene Avenue 15:37
Blackley, opp Dam Head Medical Centre 15:38
Higher Blackley, nr Hilldale Avenue 15:38
Higher Blackley Victoria Avenue (Stop C) 15:39
Higher Blackley Rochdale Road (Stop B) 15:39
Higher Blackley, nr Hill Lane 15:40
Higher Blackley, nr Cecil Road 15:41

Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 9 April 2021

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