851 - Queen Mary's High School - Edgbaston

A bus service operated by The Green Bus Service


Chad Valley, opp Westfield Rd 07:00
Chad Valley, adj Harborne Academy 07:01
Harborne, after Metchley Lane 07:02
Harborne, after York St 07:04
Harborne Junction (nr) 07:05
Harborne, adj Greenfield Rd 07:05
Harborne, adj War Lane 07:07
Harborne, opp Lordswood Rd 07:07
Harts Green, opp Woodville Rd 07:08
Court Oak, opp Grosvenor Rd 07:08
Court Oak Grove (adj) 07:10
Court Oak, opp Tennal Drive 07:10
Court Oak, before West Boulevard 07:11
Court Oak Rd (opp) 07:12
Court Oak, opp Aubrey Rd 07:13
Warley Woods, after Wolverhampton Rd 07:13
Bearwood, adj Beechwood Rd 07:15
Bearwood, adj Galton Rd 07:15
Bearwood Lordswood Rd (Stop BW) 07:17
Moor Pool, opp Barnsley Rd 07:18
Moor Pool, adj Sports Ground 07:19
Rotton Park, opp Fountain Rd 07:20
Rotton Park, after George Dixon School 07:22
Rotton Park, opp Ravenshaw Rd 07:23
Rotton Park, adj Shenstone Rd 07:24
Cape Hill, after Grove Lane 07:27
Cape Hill Jun School (opp) 07:27
Cape Hill, opp Windmill Lane 07:28
Cape Hill, adj Gilbert Rd 07:28
Cape Hill, opp Edgbaston Rd 07:29
Cape Hill, adj Hadley Stadium 07:29
W Bromwich, opp Capethorn Road 07:30
Bearwood, adj Stanhope Rd 07:30
Londonderry Lee Gardens 07:33
Londonderry, after Bartleet Road 07:34
Londonderry Marion Rd 07:35
Smethwick, opp Devonshire Rd 07:35
Smethwick, adj Holly Lane Clinic 07:36
Smethwick, adj Oldbury Rd 07:37
Smethwick, before Roebuck Lane Bridge 07:38
Smethwick, opp Roebuck Lane 07:38
Smethwick, opp Bevan Way 07:39
Smethwick, opp Cambridge Rd 07:40
Europa Village Hawthorns Metro Stop (Stop HA) 07:41
Europa Village, before Albion Road 07:42
Europa Village, nr Halfords Lane 07:42
Leveretts, opp Middlemore Rd 07:43
Leveretts, before Sandwell Rd 07:44
Leveretts, adj Farcroft Rd 07:45
Leveretts, adj Friary Gardens 07:46
Leveretts, adj Stockwell Rd 07:47
Handsworth Wood, adj College Rd 07:48
Handsworth Wood, opp Hinstock Rd 07:49
Handsworth Wood Rd (adj) 07:50
Handsworth Wood, after Church Lane 07:50
Handsworth Wood, adj Selbourne Rd 07:50
Handsworth Wood, adj Devonshire Rd 07:51
Handsworth Wood, adj Somerset Rd 07:51
Handsworth Wood, adj Hamstead Hall Rd 07:52
Handsworth Wood, adj Park Hill Drive 07:53
Hamstead, adj Vernon Avenue 07:53
Hamstead, adj Beauchamp Avenue 07:54
Hamstead, opp Austin Way 07:55
Hamstead Railway Station (opp) 07:56
Gorse Farm, after Hamstead Village 07:56
Gorse Farm, opp Spouthouse Lane 07:57
Gorse Farm, opp James Rd 07:59
Newton, opp Lingfield Court 08:00
Newton, before Green Lane 08:00
Newton, opp Green Lane 08:01
Newton, adj Valley Rd 08:02
Newton, adj Heather Rd 08:03
Grove Vale, adj Monksfield Avenue 08:05
Gorse Farm, adj Red House Park 08:07
Gorse Farm, adj Pages Lane 08:07
Gorse Farm, before Scott Arms 08:08
Gorse Farm, adj Cross Lane 08:08
Gorse Farm, opp Scott Rd 08:09
Gorse Farm, adj Lochranza Croft 08:10
Gorse Farm, opp The Post House 08:11
Grove Vale, opp Chapel Lane 08:11
Grove Vale, opp Merrions Close 08:13
Yew Tree, opp Skip Lane 08:14
Gillity Village, adj Bell Inn 08:16
Gillity Village, adj Charlemont Rd 08:17
Gillity Village, before Queens Road 08:18
Gillity Village, opp Ravensdale Gardens 08:19
Delves, before Broadway 08:20
Chuckery, after Birmingham Road 08:20
Chuckery, opp Brookhouse Rd 08:22
Chuckery, opp Queen Marys Grammar School 08:25
Chuckery, adj Kerry Court 08:25
Chuckery, before Six Ways 08:27
Chuckery, after Walsall Six Ways 08:28
Chuckery Springhill Rd 08:29
Ryecroft, before Hatherton Lake 08:34
Service is available to the general public.


Ryecroft, after Hatherton Lake 15:50
Chuckery, adj Watering Trough 15:54
Chuckery, adj Pool St 15:55
Chuckery, after Six Ways 15:57
Chuckery, opp Kerry Court 15:59
Chuckery, adj Queen Marys Grammar School 16:00
Chuckery, adj Brookhouse Rd 16:03
Delves, after Broadway 16:06
Gillity Village, adj Ravensdale Gardens 16:06
Gillity Village, opp Queens Road 16:06
Gillity Village, opp Charlemont Rd 16:07
Gillity Village, opp Bell Inn 16:08
Yew Tree, adj Skip Lane 16:09
Grove Vale, adj Merrions Close 16:10
Grove Vale, adj Chapel Lane 16:11
Gorse Farm, adj Scott Rd 16:15
Gorse Farm, opp Cross Lane 16:16
Gorse Farm, after Scott Arms 16:17
Gorse Farm, opp Pages Lane 16:19
Gorse Farm, opp Red House Park 16:20
Grove Vale, opp Monksfield Avenue 16:21
Grove Vale, opp Arlen Drive 16:22
Newton, opp Heather Rd 16:25
Newton, opp Valley Rd 16:27
Newton, after Green Lane 16:30
Newton, adj Lingfield Court 16:30
Gorse Farm, adj James Rd 16:32
Gorse Farm, adj Spouthouse Lane 16:33
Gorse Farm, adj Hamstead Village 16:34
Hamstead Railway Station (adj) 16:35
Hamstead, adj Austin Way 16:36
Hamstead, opp Beauchamp Avenue 16:37
Handsworth Wood, opp Park Hill Drive 16:40
Handsworth Wood, opp Somerset Rd 16:40
Handsworth Wood, opp Devonshire Rd 16:41
Handsworth Wood, opp Selbourne Rd 16:42
Handsworth Wood, before Church Lane 16:42
Handsworth Wood, adj Hinstock Rd 16:43
Handsworth Wood, adj Grove Lane 16:44
Handsworth Wood, opp College Rd 16:44
Leveretts, opp Stockwell Rd 16:45
Leveretts, opp Friary Gardens 16:45
Leveretts, before Sandwell Rd 16:46
Leveretts, opp Farcroft Rd 16:47
Leveretts, after Sandwell Rd 16:47
Leveretts, nr Middlemore Rd 16:49
Europa Village Albion Road 16:50
Europa Village Hawthorns Metro Stop (Stop HF) 16:50
Smethwick, opp Industrial Estate 16:51
Smethwick, opp Bevan Way 16:52
Smethwick, opp Roebuck Lane 16:52
Smethwick, after Roebuck Lane Bridge 16:53
Smethwick, nr Oldbury Rd 16:54
Smethwick, opp Holly Lane Clinic 16:55
Londonderry, before Marion Rd 16:56
Londonderry, adj Hugh Rd 16:57
Londonderry, opp Bartleet Road 16:57
Londonderry, adj Lee Gardens 16:58
Bearwood, opp Stanhope Rd 17:01
Cape Hill, opp Hadley Stadium 17:02
Cape Hill, adj Edgbaston Rd 17:02
Cape Hill, opp Gilbert Rd 17:03
Cape Hill, adj Windmill Lane 17:03
Cape Hill Jun School (adj) 17:04
Cape Hill, before Grove Lane 17:05
Rotton Park, adj Dugdale St 17:05
Rotton Park Rd (after) 17:07
Rotton Park, opp Shenstone Rd 17:08
Rotton Park, adj Ravenshaw Rd 17:09
Rotton Park, adj George Dixon School 17:10
Rotton Park, adj Fountain Rd 17:11
Moor Pool, opp Sports Ground 17:12
Moor Pool, adj Barnsley Rd 17:13
Bearwood, opp Barnsley Rd 17:14
Bearwood Lordswood Rd (Stop BR) 17:15
Bearwood, opp Galton Rd 17:16
Bearwood, opp Beechwood Rd 17:16
Warley Woods, before Wolverhampton Rd 17:18
Court Oak, adj Aubrey Rd 17:18
Court Oak Rd (adj) 17:19
Court Oak, opp West Boulevard 17:20
Court Oak, adj Tennal Drive 17:20
The Court Oak 17:21
Court Oak, adj Earls Court Rd 17:22
Court Oak, adj Grosvenor Rd 17:23
Harts Green, adj Woodville Rd 17:23
Harborne, adj Lordswood Rd 17:24
Harborne, opp War Lane 17:25
Harborne, before Greenfield Rd 17:25
Harborne Junction (after) 17:27
Harborne, opp York St 17:28
Chad Valley Metchley Lane 17:30
Chad Valley Harborne Academy 17:31
Chad Valley, adj Westfield Rd 17:33
Service is available to the general public.

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