852 - Burnley - Huncoat - Accrington - Blackburn - Myerscough Agricultural College

A service operated by The Burnley Bus Company


Monday to Friday, Lancs County Council days

Burnley - Myerscough Agricultural College

Queensgate Depot (opp) 07:05
Queensgate, opp Murray Street 07:05
Duke Bar, opp Newman Street 07:06
Duke Bar, opp Duke of York 07:07
Burnley, by Hallwell Street 07:08
Burnley, opp Hebrew Road 07:09
Burnley, opp Prestige Park 07:10
Burnley, o/s Ormerod Road 07:11
Burnley, opp St Peters Centre 07:12
Burnley Bus Station (Stand 5) 07:15
Burnley, opp Mechanics Institute 07:16
Burnham Gate, by Trafalgar Street 07:17
Burnley, opp Barracks Rail Station 07:18
Accrington Road, by Hameldon Approach 07:19
Accrington Road, by Hargher Street 07:19
Accrington Road, by Cog Lane 07:20
Accrington Road, by Florence Street 07:20
Accrington Road, opp Barclay Hills 07:21
Accrington Road, by Inglehurst Road 07:21
Rose Grove, opp Rail Station 07:21
Accrington Road, by Valley Gardens 07:23
Hapton, by Network 65 07:24
Hapton, opp Forge 07:24
Hapton Inn (o/s) 07:26
Hapton, by Thorneybank Ind Est 07:27
Hapton, by Burnley Road 07:28
Huncoat, by Higher Gate Road 07:30
Huncoat, opp Winterley Drive 07:30
Huncoat, by Triangle 07:31
Hillock Vale, by Whittakers Arms 07:32
Hillock Vale, by Peel Park Avenue 07:33
Hillock Vale, by Alice Street 07:33
Accrington, by Sydney Street 07:34
Accrington, opp Bradshaw Street East 07:35
Accrington Bus Station (Stand 10) 07:37
Accrington, opp Ellison Street 07:38
Accrington, opp Lister Street 07:39
Accrington, by Princess Street 07:40
Accrington, by Acorn 07:40
Accrington, by Oakbank Drive 07:41
Church, opp Bridge Street 07:42
W End, by Buttermere Drive 07:43
W End, by Community Centre 07:43
W End, by Spread Eagle Street 07:44
W End, by Percy Street 07:44
W End, opp Devon Avenue 07:44
Knuzden Brook, opp Old Mother Redcar 07:47
Knuzden Brook, by Windsor Road 07:47
Intack, by Accrington Road 07:48
Intack, by Bank Lane 07:49
Intack, by Winmarleigh Street 07:51
Blackburn, by Tesco 07:53
Higher Audley, adj Lambeth Street 07:54
Audley, by Higher Eanam 07:55
Blackburn, by Eanam Old Road 07:57
Blackburn School Stand (Stop C1) 07:59
Blackburn, by New Park Street 08:01
Blackburn, adj Montague Street 08:02
Blackburn, opp Adelaide Terrace 08:03
Blackburn, adj Saunders Road 08:04
Blackburn, opp St Silas Road 08:04
Beardwood, adj Billinge End Road 08:05
Beardwood School (o/s) 08:06
Beardwood, by Wyfordby Avenue 08:06
Beardwood, opp Eden Park 08:08
Beardwood, opp Wilton Close 08:08
Mellor, by Arley House 08:10
Mellor, opp Mire Ash Brow 08:12
Mellor Brook, opp The Windmill 08:14
Mellor Brook, by Park Road 08:14
Samlesbury, by KFC Restaurant 08:14
Samlesbury, opp BAE South Entrance 08:15
Samlesbury Hall (opp) 08:15
Samlesbury, by Nabs Head Lane 08:15
Samlesbury, by Nuraghes Restaurant 08:16
Samlesbury, opp Bukhara Restaurant 08:16
Samlesbury Hotel (opp) 08:17
Samlesbury, by Vicarage Lane 08:19
Broughton, opp St John the Baptist Church 08:30
Broughton, opp Marriott Hotel 08:31
Broughton, adj Village Centre 08:32
Broughton, by Kingsway Court 08:34
Barton, opp Animal Centre 08:35
Barton, by Station Lane 08:36
Barton, by Grange Farm 08:36
Barton Grange Hotel (opp) 08:37
Barton, opp Jepps Lane 08:38
Barton, o/s White Horse 08:39
N Planks, opp Planks Cottages 08:39
N Planks, by Primrose Cottage 08:40
Myerscough, by College 08:44

Myerscough Agricultural College - Burnley

Myerscough, by College 17:10
N Planks, opp Primrose Cottage 17:13
N Planks, by Cottages 17:13
Barton, opp White Horse 17:14
Barton, by Jepps Lane 17:15
Barton Grange Hotel (by) 17:15
Barton, opp Grange Farm 17:16
Barton, opp Station Lane 17:16
Barton, by Amimal Centre 17:18
Broughton, opp Kingsway Court 17:19
Broughton, by Village Centre 17:20
Broughton, by Marriott Hotel 17:21
Broughton, o/s St John the Baptist Church 17:22
Samlesbury, by Norman Villas 17:29
Samlesbury, adj Potter Lane 17:29
Samlesbury Hotel (o/s) 17:30
Samlesbury, by Bukhara Restaurant 17:31
Samlesbury, opp Nuraghes Restaurant 17:32
Samlesbury Hall (adj) 17:32
Samlesbury Hall Golf Centre (by) 17:32
Samlesbury, by BAE South Entrance 17:32
Samlesbury, opp KFC Restaurant 17:33
Mellor Brook, opp Park Road 17:33
Mellor Brook, by The Windmill 17:34
Mellor, by Mire Ash Brow 17:35
Mellor, opp Arley House 17:37
Beardwood, adj Wilton Close 17:38
Beardwood, by Eden Park 17:39
Beardwood, opp Wyfordby Avenue 17:39
Beardwood School (opp) 17:41
Beardwood, opp Revidge Road 17:41
Blackburn, by Granville Road 17:42
Blackburn, by Saunders Road 17:43
Blackburn, adj Adelaide Terrace 17:43
Blackburn, opp Montague Street 17:44
Blackburn, by East Park Road 17:45
Blackburn, opp Night Stand 17:48
Blackburn, adj Eanam Wharf 17:50
Audley, by Higher Eanam 17:51
Blackburn, opp Ordnance Street 17:52
Blackburn, o/s Tesco 17:53
Hole House, by Bentley Street 17:54
Intack, by Ronald Street 17:55
Intack, by Bank Lane 17:56
Intack, by Accrington Road 17:57
Knuzden Brook, opp Windsor Road 17:57
Knuzden Brook, by Old Mother Redcar 17:57
W End, by Devon Avenue 17:59
W End, opp Percy Street 17:59
Oswaldtwistle, opp Spread Eagle Street 18:00
W End, opp Community Centre 18:00
W End, opp Buttermere Drive 18:00
Church, by Bridge Street 18:01
Church, by Kirk House 18:02
Accrington, opp Acorn 18:02
Accrington, opp Princess Street 18:03
Accrington, by Lister Street 18:04
Accrington, by Ellison Street 18:05
Accrington Bus Station (Stand 5) 18:07
Accrington, by Bradshaw Street East 18:08
Accrington, by Addison Street 18:09
Hillock Vale, opp Alice Street 18:09
Hillock Vale, by Hatfield Road 18:10
Hillock Vale, o/s Whittakers Arms 18:10
Huncoat, by Bolton Avenue 18:11
Huncoat, by Spouthouse Lane 18:12
Huncoat, o/s Griffin Head 18:13
Hapton, adj Burnley Road 18:14
Hapton, opp Thorneybank Ind Est 18:15
Hapton Inn (opp) 18:15
Hapton, by Forge 18:17
Hapton, opp Network 65 18:18
Accrington Road, opp Valley Gardens 18:19
Rose Grove, by Rail Station 18:20
Accrington Road, opp Inglehurst Road 18:20
Accrington Road, by Barclay Hills 18:20
Accrington Road, opp Florence Street 18:21
Accrington Road, opp Cog Lane 18:21
Accrington Road, opp Hargher Street 18:22
Burnley, by Barracks Rail Station 18:22
Burnham Gate, by Trafalgar Street 18:24
Burnley, by Mechanics Institute 18:25
Burnley, adj Red Lion Street School Stop 18:26
Burnley, by St Peters Centre 18:27
Burnley, opp Ormerod Road 18:27
Burnley, by Prestige Park 18:28
Burnley, by Hebrew Road 18:29
Burnley, opp Hallwell Street 18:30
Duke Bar, by Duke of York 18:30
Duke Bar, by Newman Street 18:31
Queensgate, by Murray Street 18:32
Queensgate Depot (by) 18:33

Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 23 June 2021

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