85A - Biggleswade Town Service

A bus service operated by Herberts Travel

Biggleswade, at Sainsbury's 09:2511:3513:3515:4517:35
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Bury 09:2711:3713:3715:4717:37
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Gardens 09:2811:3813:3815:4817:38
Biggleswade Bus Station (Stop C) 09:3011:4013:4015:5017:40
Biggleswade Station Road (SE-bound) 13:4315:5317:42
Biggleswade Teal Road (N-bound) 13:4415:5417:43
Biggleswade, opp The Dells 09:3111:4113:4615:5617:45
Biggleswade, adj Apple Tree Close 09:3311:4313:4715:5717:46
Biggleswade, o/s Mead End Shops 09:3411:4413:4815:5817:47
Biggleswade, opp Oak Crescent 09:3411:4413:4815:5817:47
Biggleswade Academy (o/s) 09:3511:4513:4915:5917:48
Biggleswade Mead End (S-bound) 09:3611:4613:5016:0017:49
Biggleswade Holme Court Avenue (SE-bound) 09:3911:4913:5316:0317:52
Biggleswade, adj Courtlands Drive West 09:3911:4913:5316:0317:52
Biggleswade, adj Courtlands Drive East 09:3911:5013:5316:0317:52
Biggleswade Normandy Lane (E-bound) 09:4011:5113:5416:0417:53
Biggleswade Montgomery Way (S-bound) 09:4111:5113:5516:0517:54
Biggleswade, o/s Retail Park 09:4211:5313:5616:0617:55
Biggleswade, opp Dunton Lane 09:4311:5413:5616:0717:56
Biggleswade, adj Kitelands Road 09:4411:5513:5716:0817:57
Biggleswade, opp The Saxon Centre 09:4611:5713:5916:1017:59
Kings Reach, adj Ouse Way 09:4711:5814:0016:1118:00
Kings Reach, opp Apollo Gardens 09:4812:0014:0216:1318:01
Kings Reach Sullivan Court (N-bound) 09:5012:0214:0416:1518:03
Biggleswade Hospital (o/s) 09:5312:0514:0716:1918:06
Biggleswade, opp Nursery Close 09:5412:0614:0816:2018:07
Biggleswade, adj Boddington Gardens 09:5412:0714:0816:2018:07
Biggleswade, opp Glebe Road 09:5512:0814:0916:2118:08
Biggleswade, adj Hitchmead School 09:5612:0914:1016:2218:09
Biggleswade, opp Rowan Crescent 09:5612:0914:1016:2218:09
Biggleswade Hitchmead Road (NW-bound) 09:5712:1014:1116:2318:10
Biggleswade, opp Spring Close 09:5812:1114:1216:2418:11
Biggleswade Banks Road (NW-bound) 09:5812:1114:1216:2418:11
Biggleswade Banks Road North End (NW-bound) 09:5912:1214:1316:2518:12
Biggleswade Winston Crescent (SW-bound) 09:5912:1214:1316:2518:12
Biggleswade, adj Northfields 10:0112:1414:1516:2718:14
Biggleswade, opp Winston Crescent 10:0112:1414:1516:2718:14
Biggleswade, opp Gardeners Arms 10:0212:1414:1616:2718:14
Biggleswade, opp Brunswick Close 10:0312:1514:1716:2818:15
Biggleswade Birch Road (N-bound) 10:0414:18
Biggleswade Sun Street (NW-bound) 12:1616:2918:16
Biggleswade, adj Warren Close 10:0514:19
Biggleswade, adj Pine Close 10:0514:19
Biggleswade, opp Mulberry Close 10:0614:20
Biggleswade, before Wilsheres Road 10:0714:21
Biggleswade Fairfield Road (S-bound) 10:0814:22
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Bury 10:0912:1714:2416:3018:17
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Gardens 10:1012:1914:2516:3318:18
Biggleswade Bus Station (Stop C) 10:1212:2114:2716:3518:20
Biggleswade Station Road (SE-bound) 10:14
Biggleswade Teal Road (N-bound) 10:16
Biggleswade, adj Ivel Gardens 10:1712:2114:2716:35
Biggleswade, adj Ivel Bury 10:1812:2214:2816:36
Biggleswade, at Sainsbury's 10:2012:2414:3016:38

Timetable data from Herberts Travel/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 31 July 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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