86 - Sheffield City - Chapletown via Hillsborough, Foxhill, Grenoside

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Norfolk Hill, Grenoside (Sheffield)

From 20 September 2022

Emergency works on Norfolk hill by Yorkshire Water.

Service 86 Towards City via Penistone Road
Service 86 Towards Chapeltown Normal Route
Service 135 to divert via Penistone Road in both directions.



Sheffield Interchange/B3 - Chapeltown, Market Pl

Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange/B3 (B3) 21:4922:45
Sheffield Centre Flat Street/FS2 (FS2) 05:5321:5322:53
Sheffield Centre Angel Street/CG3 (CG3) 05:5521:5522:55
Sheffield Centre West Bar/West Bar Green (WB1) 05:5621:5622:56
Sheffield Centre, adj Gibraltar Street/Lambert Street 05:5621:5622:56
Shalesmoor, adj Moorfields/Allen Street 05:5721:5722:57
Shalesmoor, adj Penistone Road/Bedford Street 05:5821:5822:58
Neepsend, at Penistone Road/West Don Street 05:5821:5822:58
Hillfoot, opp Penistone Road/Bamforth Street 05:5921:5922:59
Hillfoot, adj Penistone Road/Burton Street 06:0022:0023:00
Owlerton, o/s Penistone Road/Bradfield Road 06:0122:0123:01
Owlerton, opp Penistone Road/Burnell Road 06:0222:0223:02
Owlerton, at Penistone Road/Parkside Road 06:0222:0223:02
Owlerton, at Penistone Road/Herries Road South 06:0322:0323:03
Hillsborough, nr Penistone Road North/Leppings Lane 06:0422:0423:04
Wadsley Bridge, at Penistone Road North/Clay Wheels Lane 06:0522:0523:05
Wadsley Bridge, nr Fox Hill Road/Halifax Road 06:0522:0523:05
Fox Hill Road/Baxter Drive (adj) 06:0622:0623:06
Fox Hill Road/Birley Rise Road (opp) 06:0722:0723:07
Fox Hill Crescent/Fox Hill Road (by) 06:0722:0723:07
Fox Hill Crescent/Fox Hill Drive (opp) 06:0822:0823:08
Fox Hill Crescent/Fox Hill Avenue (adj) 06:0822:0823:08
Fox Hill Crescent/Edge Well Crescent (adj) 06:0922:0923:09
Fox Hill Crescent/Fox Hill Road (nr) 06:0922:0923:09
Fox Hill Road/Wilcox Road (adj) 06:1022:1023:10
Wilcox Road/Fox Hill Road (opp) 06:1022:1023:10
Fox Hill, adj Wilcox Road/Cowper Crescent 06:1122:1123:11
Parson Cross, adj Chaucer Road/Chaucer Close 06:1222:1223:12
Parson Cross, nr Deerlands Avenue/Wordsworth Avenue 06:1422:1423:14
Parson Cross, opp Deerlands Avenue/Deerlands Mount 06:1422:1423:14
Fox Hill, at Halifax Road/Cowper Avenue 06:1422:1423:14
Fox Hill, opp Halifax Road/Holme Lane 06:1522:1523:15
Grenoside, adj Halifax Road/Salt Box Lane 06:1522:1523:15
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Blacksmith Lane 06:1622:1623:16
Grenoside, at Penistone Road/Norfolk Hill 06:1722:1723:17
Grenoside, opp Penistone Road/Greno Woods 06:1722:1723:17
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Wood Seats 06:1922:1923:19
Burncross, nr Bracken Hill/Penistone Road 06:2022:2023:20
Burncross, adj Bracken Hill/Barnes Hall Road 06:2122:2123:21
Burncross Road/Hollow Gate (adj) 06:2122:2123:21
Burncross Road/Blackburn Drive (nr) 06:2222:2223:22
Burncross Road/Blackburn Drive (adj) 06:2322:2323:23
Burncross, adj Bevan Way/Burns Drive 06:2422:2423:24
Burncross, adj Bevan Way/Stafford Way 06:2422:2423:24
Burncross, adj Bevan Way/Scott Way 06:2522:2523:25
Chapeltown, adj Hunshelf Road/Birch Avenue 06:2622:2623:26
Chapeltown, adj Hunshelf Road/Steven Crescent 06:2722:2723:27
Chapeltown, adj Burncross Road/Housley Lane 06:2722:2723:27
Chapeltown, adj Burncross Road/Greenhead Lane 06:2822:2823:28
Chapeltown, at Market Place/Lound Side 06:2922:2923:29

Chapeltown, Market Pl - Sheffield Intc

Chapeltown, at Market Place/Lound Side 21:05
Chapeltown, nr Burncross Road/Nether Ley Avenue 21:1022:40
Chapeltown, opp Burncross Road/Greenhead Lane 21:1122:41
Chapeltown, opp Hunshelf Road/Steven Crescent 21:1122:41
Chapeltown, at Hunshelf Road/Birch Avenue 21:1222:42
Burncross, nr Bevan Way/Byron Avenue 21:1322:43
Burncross, adj Bevan Way/Broad Inge Crescent 21:1422:44
Burncross, opp Bevan Way/Burns Drive 21:1522:45
Burncross Road/Blackburn Drive (opp) 21:1522:45
Burncross Road/Chapel Road (adj) 21:1622:46
Burncross, opp Bracken Hill/Hall Wood Road 21:1722:47
Burncross, at Bracken Hill/Penistone Road 21:1822:48
Grenoside, opp Penistone Road/Wood Seats 21:1822:48
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Greno Woods 21:2022:50
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Whitley Lane 21:2122:51
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Queensgate 21:2122:51
Grenoside, adj Halifax Road/Wheel Lane 21:2222:52
Fox Hill, adj Halifax Road/Wheel Lane 21:2322:53
Parson Cross, at Deerlands Avenue/Halifax Road 21:2322:53
Parson Cross, adj Deerlands Avenue/Deerlands Mount 21:2422:54
Parson Cross, adj Deerlands Avenue/Wordsworth Avenue 21:2522:55
Parson Cross, adj Chaucer Road/Halifax Road 21:2622:56
Fox Hill, nr Wilcox Road/Halifax Road 21:2722:57
Fox Hill, adj Wilcox Road/Powley Road 21:2822:58
Wilcox Road/Fox Hill Road (at) 21:2822:58
Fox Hill Road/Fox Hill Crescent (Adj) 21:2922:59
Fox Hill Crescent/Fox Hill Road (adj) 21:2922:59
Fox Hill Crescent/Edge Well Crescent (opp) 21:2922:59
Fox Hill Crescent/Fox Hill Avenue (nr) 21:3023:00
Fox Hill Crescent/Fox Hill Drive (adj) 21:3123:01
Fox Hill Road/Fox Hill Crescent (opp) 21:3123:01
Fox Hill Road/Parson Cross Road (adj) 21:3223:02
Fox Hill Road/Baxter Drive (nr) 21:3323:03
Wadsley Bridge, adj Fox Hill Road/Trafalgar Road 21:3323:03
Wadsley Bridge, nr Penistone Road North/Wardsend Road North 21:3423:04
Wadsley Bridge, opp Penistone Road North/Carwell Lane 21:3423:04
Hillsborough, nr Penistone Road North/Herries Road 21:3523:05
Owlerton, nr Penistone Road/Herries Road South 21:3623:06
Owlerton, at Penistone Road/Beulah Road 21:3723:07
Owlerton, adj Penistone Road/Lowther Road 21:3723:07
Owlerton, nr Penistone Road/Livesey Street 21:3823:08
Hillfoot, adj Penistone Road/Hobson Avenue 21:3923:09
Hillfoot, adj Penistone Road/Club Mill Road 21:4023:10
Neepsend, opp Penistone Road/West Don Street 21:4123:11
Shalesmoor, adj Penistone Road/Rutland Road 21:4223:12
Shalesmoor/Ebenezer Street (adj) 21:4323:13
Sheffield Centre, adj Gibraltar Street/Bower Spring 21:4423:14
Sheffield Centre, at West Bar/Workhouse Lane 21:4423:14
Sheffield Centre Castle Street/CG10 (CG10) 21:4523:15
Sheffield Centre, at Flat Street/Fitzalan Square 21:4723:17
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange/D3 (D3) 21:4923:19

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